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22 05 2009

These are the things that I do whenever I am on vacation/break in Los Angeles, California. Shopping will come later. Ha!Ha!Ha!

On my first day in the City of Los Angeles, the first thing that I did was to visit the “Barnes & Noble” Bookstore. From our place, such bookstore is located at Americana Shopping Complex at Brand St, Glendale, California. I bought two books on running, namely: “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami and  “Daniel’s Running Formula” by Jack Daniels, PhD. I bought another book about Website Creation and Design.

Murakami's Book

Murakami's Book

This Guy Is Fast At His Age of 57

This Guy Is Fast In Marathon At His Age of 57

VO2Max; VDOT; Lactate Threshold & Altitude Training Book

VO2Max; VDOT; Lactate Threshold & Altitude Training Book

I finished reading Murakami’s book in two days with some breaks in between. After reading the book, I conclude that I could write a book about running, too! He wrote the book when he was 57 years old and I just turned 57 years old last Sunday. Hmmm, I think this is a good idea!

On my second day, I watched the movie “Angels & Demons” at the Americana Cinemas and then ate at Red Robbin with their Grilled Chicken Hamburger (It was big!). And later at 6:00 PM, I had a 3-loop run at the Silverlake Reservoir which is equivalent to 10.2 Kms (one loop is 3.4 kms). Before my run, I dropped by the Hydration Station of Joe Matias aka The Running Shoe Guru and owner of the A Runners Circle (ARC) Store at the park within the Lake and we had a lengthy conversation. It was a chance to personally thank him for the Balikbayan Box with donated used shoes he sent to me to the Philippines.

Hydration Station & Joe Matias aka The Running Shoe Guru/ARC

Hydration Station & Joe Matias aka The Running Shoe Guru/ARC

Runners I Met Along The Road Would Smile At My Team BR Shirt

Runners I Met Along The Road Would Smile At My Team BR Shirt

I did also some cooking! Have you tasted and tried a Sinigang Beef with Broccoli? Well, I cooked it. It tastes good according to my kids! Nothing was left from this particular food that I cooked for dinner! Next time, I’ll post the pictures of the food I prepare during my cooking adventures!

This morning, I did another 10-Km run around the Echo Park Lake which I did in 55 minutes. It is a slow to moderate run as I tried to concentrate on the number of strides/steps I make in every minute. I forced myself to run 180 steps per minute or count at least 90 steps every time my left foot strikes the ground. As I was doing this, I observed that I was registering an everage pace within the range of 4:50-5:15 minutes per kilometer. I was able to sustain such stride frequency within the middle 5-km portion of my workout. For a change, it was a nice mantra to be counting 1 up to 90 while running. 

Guys, till next post and good luck again to the TNF 100 Solo & Relay runners who are on their way to Clark Freeport today.




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22 05 2009


I bought the Jack Daniels book and I really like it. The Vdot seems perfectly logical to me since not all of us can go to the Lab and have our actual VO2 Max calculated.

Regards Mark & Tiffin

22 05 2009

No wonder your MIA!

Have fun Sir Jovie. If you need a running buddy, send me a ticket and I’ll fly there 🙂

22 05 2009

Ah BR you are here in the US. Heat without the humidity in SoCal. They will be missing you back in PI while you are here recharging your spiritual and physical batteries.

How long are you on vacation? So I have shirts and jackets from races I would like to donate. New and ones that have only been worn once or twice. Can I donate these to you? I give clothes to the Salvation Army but I don’t donate race gear, especially ones earned in ultras. I give them away to other runners or family.

22 05 2009

I’m a big fan of Haruki Murakami! Can’t wait to read that book. But I’m definitely more excited to read YOUR own running book. Good luck!
Oh, by the way, thanks for inspiring me to make a record of my runs. After gathering notes, I found out that I have accumulated a total of 1,490 km as of May 17, 2009.

22 05 2009

have a great vacation.

22 05 2009

Sir jovie, sna matuloy yung book! Personally, I wanna hear stories abt running nun mga 80s and 90s… before blogging, GPS, Tech shirts, sport bars etc… Goodluck!

23 05 2009

Have fun on your vacation Jovie. BTW, the City Of Los Angeles Marathon is on Monday and my running friend here in SF, Greg Brown will be running his 177th career marathon. He’s shooting for 200!

Murakami’s book is great. I recently purchased it and didn’t want to really take a break from it. Yes, it’s that good!

Take care and have a good safe weekend!

23 05 2009

hi tio,

i would say go for your book! who was it who said that in order to ensure immortality one has to sire a son, plant a tree and write a book? ngayon pa lang magpapareserve na ako ng kopya hehe. cool runnings!


23 05 2009

Have a wonderful vacation sir jovie!

23 05 2009

Hope you enjoy your vacation..can I have that book xerox here?heheheh

The Running Ninja

23 05 2009

Time to get that garmin foot pod. I bought mine because of Jack Daniels (the coach and not the bottle) 🙂

Br, get the latest model.

For vdot (previosly posted), here’s the link

We hardcore runners would love to taste that sinigang! ehem ehem

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