14K Evening Run @ Silverlake

8:30 PM 22 May 2009 @ Silverlake Reservoir

Silverlake Reservoir is a good 10-minute ride from my place and I had a run with my daughter after dinner. My daughter, Jovelle, had been running a lot in preparation for the Los Angeles Marathon on Monday. We started our run at 8:30PM with a prevailing temperature of about 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold basing from my running weather standards in the Philippines but it was a nice weather for a run.

My warm-up run was about one kilometer with a pace of 6:30 minutes per kilometer and later increased my pace. I did not have any stretching anymore before I steadily increased my pace during the run. There were a few people along the running route and I only count about three people who are running and the rest of about four couples were walking with their dogs. There are portions of the route that are not lighted but the lights from the street posts would illuminate a portion of the running area.

Because of the nice and ideal weather for running, I started to sweat after running two loops of the route, which is equivalent to 7 kilometers. But once I perspired, it was a continous perspiration mixed with the cold air around. How I wished I could run some more but I did not want that my daughter would be waiting for me while her sweat and wet running attire would dry up.

I did four loops which registered in my GF 305 with a distance of 14 kilometers. I had a time of 1:23:45 hours. It was a slow run but I am happy that I could easily increase my pace during the run. I did some “fartleks” along the route as 3/4 of the whole loop is a dirt road. However, due to my slow warm-up run at the start and a slow cool-down run before I stopped the run, I was able to register an average pace of 6:00 minutes per kilometer. After the run, I did some stretching and waited for my daughter who did 3 loops for her running workout. I hope to have two more runs as my active recovery runs with a duration of 30 minutes each workout before the Los Angeles Marathon.

Running with a cold weather situation is a good activity to end the day.

One thought on “14K Evening Run @ Silverlake

  1. I start my weekly runs between 7-8 in the evening, after work, so I can relate to your post. Just my opinion but I think this is the best time of the year for California. When you can start so late and still have some light out. Good luck on the marathon.


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