Fargo Street & Los Angeles Pinoy Ultra Runners

Ben Gaetos aka “benwah” made a comment on this blog giving me encouraging words and tips on my preparations for my first 50K ultra trail run next Saturday in the Malibu Creek State Park. Benwah is an accomplished ultramarathon runner together with Carmela Layson and E-Rod aka “Habang Tumatakbo”, successfully finishing almost all the popular ultra trail runs in California. Lately, Carmela Layson won in her age category as Female Champion in the Mt Disappointment 80K/80M Trail Run last 09 August 2008 at the Angeles National Forest/San Gabriel Mountains where Jorge Pacheco (Champion of 2008 Badwater) won as the Champion in the 80-Mile race.

These three Pinoy Ultramarathon runners living in the Los Angeles area will be running the famous Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Trail Run which will be held on 13 September 2008.

Benwah mentioned to me about Fargo Street and I knew it as I usually pass the end of this street whenever I have my runs to the Silverlake Water Reservoir. So, yesterday, I purposely went to this street and run through it. I left the house at 11:23 AM, about noon time, and made my run towards the said street. The 3-kilometer distance of the street from the house served as my warm-up run.

Once I hit the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Fargo Street, I started to run through the said street and it is described as a 32 degrees grade uphill road which is about 100 meters in length and there is another uphill climb from the end of the road as I had to go back to where I started. As registered in my GF 305, I gained an average of 65 meters in going up the said road with an average pace of 8:15 minutes per kilometer. I tried my best not to stop jogging/running up and down the road. I went through the said road for four (4) times and my workout with the said road made my legs really tired plus the fact that I was running on the said road at noontime with the heat of the sun as its highest temperature of about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a nice hill workout and I promise to myself to come back again to his street for more hill workouts.

After running on this road, I proceeded to Silverlake Water Reservoir for more mileage under the heat of the sun, carrying with me my E-50 TNF Hand-held Water Jug. I had two rounds around the Silverlake Water Reservoir with only two other male runners. After refilling my water jug at the park at the side of the Water Reservoir, I took the Silverlake Boulevard and reached Sunset Boulevard, went an uphill run towards Alvarado. Got my water jug refilled at Echo Park and went on with my running. Later, I was already along Beverly Boulevard going to Downtown, Los Angeles for more uphill runs.

I finished my run in 2:49:24 hours, covering a distance of 21.15 kilometers. It was a slow run with more hills but I am happy that I was able to endure running under the intense heat of the sun. It is really summer here in Los Angeles!

2 thoughts on “Fargo Street & Los Angeles Pinoy Ultra Runners

  1. you flatter me, br, but i’m not quite up to the 100-mile distance yet. i’m still getting used to 50 miles. but if i qualify at my next 50m, i’ll apply for next year’s western states 100.

    btw, it was great meeting you this afternoon at the karno book signing.


  2. kingofpots

    eric, my respect and salute to you and to the other pinoy ultra runners (ben & carmela) who have gone to another level of running. i hope to be joining you soon!..actually, it was my 3rd time to see Dean K and he really inspires a lot through his books and because of him I am doing my first ultra this weekend. it was nice having a brief chat & seeing you, too!


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