Results: 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon

18 08 2008

I was not able to watch the start of the 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon yesterday as I was with my family outside the Los Angeles area. However, I was able to catch up with the last five (5) miles of the race on TV.

As usual, an unseeded and not-so popular woman marathon runner to win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Constantina Tomescu-Dita from Romania, a 38-year old mother to a 13-year old son, won the 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon in 2:26:44 hours. Her latest achievements before the 2008 Olympic Games were the following: she won the bronze medal at the 2005 World Championship Women’s Marathon; Women’s Champion in the 2004 Chicago Marathon; and 3rd placer in the 2007 London Marathon (Women’s Category).

She is now considered as the oldest Marathon Champion in the history of the Olympic Games.

The following is the complete results of the 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon.



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20 08 2008

I heard that Deena Kastor broke a toe and had to quit at the 5k mark. I was hoping she will place or Paula Radcliffe but Paula finished 23rd lang daw.

The entire marathon is available at for viewing unfortunately it will not allow you to view if you live outside the US. It detects your IP.

21 08 2008

runpinayrun, NBC here in the US sucks! they only feature their athletes and sports where the US is sure to win because of TV ratings. i put more time reading the news from blogs, internet news and from the printed paper of los angeles times.

21 08 2008

The marathon covergae was actually slightly better since NBC showed a lot of footage of non-American athletes. No doubt this was partly due to Deena dropping out in mile 3 and Magdalena drpping out in mile 12. had deena been in contention, you can bet that the cameras would be on her throughout the race.

In the 10,000 meter run, the coverage was all Shalane, all the time.

21 08 2008

workaholicrunner, you are right in your comment but for me, i would like to see the tennis, badminton, table tennis, hockey, softball, taekwando, wrestling, judo, boxing or maybe sailing & equestrian but i haven’t seen such sports featured at NBC for the past week and days. well, everything in TV is all about ratings. thanks for the visit & comment.

21 08 2008


NBC is showing those events (tennis, badminton, table tennis, softball, weightlifting, equestrian, boxing, etc.) in its sister stations. I could not find them at first but they were in my satellite at channels 750 to 760. Not everyone has these sister stations though. Nakatago! These are the channels you may want to check out for the other Olympic sports.

Telemundo (Spanish language channel)
NBC Soccer Channel
NBC Basketball Channel

Mahirap talaga hanapin. Masuwerte lang ako at nakita ko noong 2nd day ng Olympics. Ito ang coverage schedule nila:

22 08 2008

workaholic, thanks for the information. i got the channels already. i just visited your blog. nice blog. keep on running!

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