Top Ten: Statements During The 2008 Beijing Olympics/Part #1

The following are the top ten (10) statements made by our Filipino Olympians and our Sports Officials during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games/on the first 3-4 days of competition:

10.  “Nagulat ako sa galing ng mga kalaban ko. Ganito pala ang Olympic Games. My score is a disaster in these Games. I could have done better but I lack experience competing against the veterans, some of whom are in their fourth or fifth Olympics.” (C’mon, Eric, you’ve been exposed to World Championships in Practical Shooting since you were still 19 years old! You are already a veteran in shooting!)

9. “Babalik ako at sisiguraduhin kung tatalunin ko silang lahat pagbalik ko” (That’s the attitude, but attitude alone does not win a Gold Medal in Olympics!)

8. “Bata pa siya. Pupwede pa siya ng tatlong Olympic Games at sisiguraduhin kong makakabalik siya sa susunod na Olympic Games. Huwag lang siyang mag-aasawa” (Why don’t you give some of your “pork barrel” fund to this young athlete for her training?)

7. “He did a magnificent performance to break the SE Asian and RP national record in the 200-meter butterfly” (Did he break the Asian Games record? C’mon, shut your mouth! You need to reduce your weight!)

6. “Filipino-American tanker James Walsh went down in history as the first Southeast Asian to go under the psychological two-minute barrier in the 200-meter butterfly”. (So what? Did he break the Asian Games record? Our athletes will be remembered as “flops” in the 2008 Beijing Olympics!)

5. “Lifter Hidilyn Diaz smashed her own national record Monday in a pair of resounding Philippine performances on the fourth day of the Beijing Olympics here”. ( No comment! I have to shut my mouth!)

4. “Hindi ko pa nakikita yung (I haven’t seen the) Ghanian, Bahala na ang mga coaches ko sa akin (My coaches know what to do with me).” (I am sorry, but your coaches are blind as they don’t even know the capability of your opponent. You should “know your enemy” for you to win!)

3. “I will have to start preparations early, like two to three years before the next Olympics” (By that time, you will be old and there will be big changes in your eyesight/vision and reflexes. It would be better for you to volunteer your services to the younger shooters as a coach or a sponsor)

2.  “It was his chance to see Kobe Bryant and the rest of the NBA superstars. I guess the President didn’t want to disappoint him.” (Was he able to take a picture with Kobe Bryant? LA is the best place to see him)

1. “May magagaling ba sa kanila? (Are they good?)”.“Kung makaka (If they can win) gold, why not?” (Just be ready for the P 4.5M as a cash reward from the PSC which is in the law, right?)

More statements to come! Happy running this Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten: Statements During The 2008 Beijing Olympics/Part #1

  1. So far the performance is dissappointing and the POC like to sugar coat them with records not yet worthy for an Olympic medal. I saw that boxing match live and it was heartbreaking. All hype about our delegate but came out looking unexperienced. Im keeping my fingers crossed on the Taekwondo athletes.


  2. Instead of just giving incentives, the POC and its NSAs should ensure that training is adequately funded. Incentives when one gets a medal can be easily sourced thru private channels. The so called mandatory amount given by the government for incentives should just be used for training. Not months before but at least 4 years before the next event. Of course, all that money should be properly spent.

    I was surprised to find out that our lone archery athlete had to pay for his own when he competed in the olympic qualifiers in china. It was due to the funds getting delayed. How much does it cost to send one athlete to china and compete?


  3. jinoe, it is so sad that our sports experts do not know whom our athletes will be competing with. we are weak in our sports research department. what we know are only our neighbor aseans, not even asians! i am still hoping that our taekwando team will make it but the “radar” in olympic medal predictions does not create any “hit” to our team. very sad!

    mark, that’s my point! training should be fund-intensive and rewards will come later…funds delayed? “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. our PSC & POC has lots of funds! as i said, none of our “investigative journalists” had ventured on the financial activities and support to our athletes by the PSC & POC & not even one of our olympic athletes had spoken to the media how they are being financially supported by the NSAs, POC, and PSC. based from my instincts/impression, each of the US-based pinoy olympic athletes has an allocation of at least 20K DOLLARS for the 2008 beijing olympics alone…and some of our local pinoy olympic athletes had to dig to their own pockets because of delayed funds? maybe we could ask tanamor or diaz how much did they receive as financial support for their training & expenses at the beijing olympics.


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