Marathon & Beyond

15 08 2008

On my first week here in the United States (last July 12-19), I visited the new Barnes & Noble Store at the new Americana Mall in Glendale and bought the magazine-book, “Marathon & Beyond”. It is being published bimonthly and I was able to buy the July/August issue which costs me $ 6.95+tax.

It was my first time to see such running magazine in a book form. It was worth buying. The articles are very informative for beginners and advance runners as they are focused to marathon and ultramarathon races.

I realized later that the magazine has a website at At the website, the article about Ryan Hall’s Training and transformation into a Marathoner and ultimately becoming the top athlete in the US Olympic Marathon Team in the 2008 Beijing is offered free and I am highly recommending for the runners to read. There are other articles in the Editor’s Choice portion where lots of information, tips and experiences from marathon & ultramarathon runners could be easily accessed as a source of inspiration and motivation to other runners. These articles were published in the past copies of the said magazine-book.

Happy Reading & Happy Running!



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