“Stuff White People Like”: The Book

This is the first book published as a result of a blog taken from Wordpress. The blog appeared on WordPress sometime in February 2008 and in a few days it became the most visited site and I was one of the regular visitors of this site on its early days up to this time. It was surprising that in two weeks, the blog had 2 million + hits! Each post would register a minimum of 400 + comments from readers.

In May 2008, I read a post in one of the blogsites that the writer, Christian Lander, got a contract with the Random House Publishing to publish a book out of his posts in his blog. Thus, in the middle of July, copies of this book were available in the bookstores everywhere in the United States.

I found out that my daughter is also a regular visitor of the blogsite and she mentioned to me that she will be attending a book signing of the said book in a bookstore in Los Angeles. I requested her to get one copy for me and let the author sign it.

And so the following pictures would attest that I have a copy of the said book.

The book is in paperback edition and it has more pictures in it as compared with what is being seen in the blog.

A picture of the dedication written by the author on the book my daughter bought for me. (He made a wrong spelling on the word triathlon!) My daughter mentioned to the author that I am a regular visitor of his blog and that I am blogger, too! The author also acknowledged his closest friend and one of the contributors of his posts, a Filipino, by the name of Myles Valentin.

Picture of Christian Lander, my daughter and her friends during the book signing of the book, Stuff White People Like. Number 11 Stuff in his book is—Asian Girls!

The author lives in Los Angeles and rides on a bike!…while his wife drives a Toyota Prius!

Visit his blog at www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

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