Mr Pompey Crisologo

This is my picture with Mr Pompey Crisologo of North Star Marketing in Laoag City taken two weeks ago. Mr Pompey Crisologo is now 72 years old and he is still wearing a running shoes while he is in his office.

He finished his first Marathon at the age of 52 with a time of 4:15 hours and improved his second Marathon with a time of 4:00 hours flat. He was the father of the North Star Run which started in 1979 and had its last rendition in 2002. He authored the North Star Run Sports Program where he conducted 5K runs in different municipalities of Ilocos Norte on a monthly basis with P 5.00 as registration fee.

In my last meeting with Mr Crisologo, he does not have any plan or intention of reviving the North Star Run. However, I told him that I am interested to revive the said 10K road race but with a different name. He approved of the idea and he is willing to help in the revival of the said race.

I told him also that I am going to revive the duathlon event during summer and he was happy to hear also such news from me. Also included will be a trail running event in Ilocos Norte.

These events are presently on the planning stage under the auspices of the Bald Runner’s Events.

5 thoughts on “Mr Pompey Crisologo

  1. fuerzaarmada

    I’m a frequent visitor of your blogsite and this is my first time to post a comment. My memories travel back 20-25 years ago upon reading this artcile of Mr. Pompeo, considered as the Father of Local Running in Ilocandia. I have also joined once in the North Star 10K Fun Run when I was in Grade 5, that was in the early 80’s, and one Biathlon (Duathlon). Both events I DNFed. The races are usually held near the scenic Paoay Lake or Currimao Port Area near the beach and my father would usually win in the age category. Now, he’s in his early 60’s and can still run short distances. When I begin working in the government here in Fort Bonifacio, I ballooned into 176lb frame with 5ft 4in height and would be diagnosed with mild hypertension. Until I started going back to life through running in 2005 and losing 54 lbs. My DNF events two decades ago in the North Star haunted me. Something in my life was lacking. And I am very much determined to experience finishing a 10K. After months and years of training, I did 5Ks, then 10Ks, 10-miler, half, then the ultimate full marathon which I already did 9 times (with 6 sub-4hrs). Though dozens of race numbers and medals adorned in our living room in our home in Lapog, Ilocos Sur, my father never had a medal for 42K and his dream was only fulfilled through me. I cried when I crossed the finish line during my first 42K in the 3rd Manila Marathon since I devoted the race to my father.Maybe this is the perfect time to thank Mr. Pompeo. Thanks for being the ambassador of good health in the region. We have discovered and produced national class runners during the North Star’s grandeur. The North Star Run will forever be cherished. I know the baldrunner is the perfect figure who could continue the legacy. With the general’s love and passion of the sport, I am very sure he can handle it well. I can also encourage my father, his group and my running buddies in the City Government of Vigan to support your planned races.Then we can have more interesting stories to tell…


  2. m8parco

    Hi BR, Its nice to see Pompey doing well. He would know my friends who would regularly travel to Ilocos for the duathlon; Bob, Jay, Jeng and Caloy. I went once and also stayed at his place overnight.

    Great guy and great sports organizer!! Please send him our best regards and let him know that we miss the North Star Duathlon!!!

    Regards Mark


  3. Finally I can post a comment. I really admire people above 50 who are still passionate about running. It’s an inspiration. Goodluck in your plans. Ilocos Norte is quite far for me to join a run. We’ll see…


  4. kingofpots

    fuerzaarmada, the North Star Run made an impact not only to the people of the Ilocos provinces but even cadets of PMA and runners from other provinces and Metro Manila. i knew this event was not a profit-oriented activity as it was the Crisologo’s family way of paying back to the people and contribution to physical fitness and good health. thanks for the support and we’ll visit you in vigan as we have other plans of conducting endurance runs in the province of Ilocos Sur. hoping to meet your father and running friends during my future visits in ilocos. thanks for the nice comment/story. keep on running!

    mark8, sure, i will extend your regards to pompey and keep on training for the events in ilocos. we’ll announce in advance about our road races soon. thanks!

    jinoe, thanks for the comment. if you take the plane and schedule your flight earlier, your expenses will be worth for the sights, scenery, food and the hospitality of the people. keep on running.


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