Update: Project Donate A Shirt #1

I missed to post this picture last week after the Rush To Mizuno 15K Run. Miake Acedilla, the lady on my right, donated her Finisher’s T-shirt of the Mizuno Run to the Project Donate A Shirt. The lady on my left is her running friend/buddy, Pam. Thanks, Miake!


4 thoughts on “Update: Project Donate A Shirt #1

  1. spotmiake

    I really love it when I’m appreciated for donating 2 pairs of shoes but alas, I just don’t want to discredit Ms. Vangie Mangulabnan. I just donated my finisher’s shirt from the first Mizuno race at your booth. Yup, that charming person on your right BR is Miake Acedilla with my friend, Pam. Nice seeing you yesterday evening doing your practice run at boni high street. See you around.



  2. Opps, hi BR, Vanjee is a friend of mine. She asked me to donate her shoes but was not at the Mizuno run. She will hopefully begin running soon … with of course a lot of bullying from me. hehehe


  3. kingofpots

    miake, i made the corrections last night. thanks for the information. it was nice seeing you with pam last wednesday evening at the BHS loop. nice run!

    bards, capt espejo and i are very sorry for the mistake. anyway, i had my post corrected immediately. thanks for the info and my best regards to vangie. i hope you will encourage her to start running. good luck on your long runs!


  4. spotmiake

    you’re welcome. good thing you waved at us first last week at BHS coz i barely recognized you without my glasses. it was nice to see again. just read your recent blog for the ultramarathon. enjoy and good luck at badwater!


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