Monday Long Run

26 11 2007

8:15-11:00 AM 26 November 2007 

After my 10K Animo Race yesterday, I planned to have my Monday Long Run to improve my running form and foot-strike on the ground with my new New Balance 902 running shoes.

I started late in the morning as I was expecting more cloudy skies brought about by Typhoon “Mina”. I left my quarters in Fort Bonifacio at 8:15 AM after 15 minutes of stretching. I started slowly on my pacing focusing on my toe-heel footstrike. From the Gate near the Libingan Road, I turned left towards the “Heritage Mile” up to C5 Highway–then back at “Heritage Mile” and then turned left towards the Gate of Libingan ng mga Bayani. I did 2 1/2 rounds around the Libingan grounds taking the outer most roads and then back to the “Heritage Mile” up to C5 Highway. From C5, I passed through the “Heritage Mile” all the way to the Libingan Road up to the Lawton Road going towards The Fort Area.

After passing Essensa, I turned right towards South of the Market & at the back of Serendra taking the road leading to the “Fully Booked” Store at the Bonifacio High Street Mall. I slowly jogged along the stores and establishments that are lined in the said Mall, peeping from one sports store to another. From the western end of the stretch, I turned right towards the MC Home Depot and then turned left towards the first branch of Jollibee at The Fort. I turned left after reaching Jollibee and jogged all the way to McDonald’s, then passing by the front street of Pacific Towers, to Essensa, then to the Main Gate of Fort Bonifacio.

I started to cool down after I entered the Main Gate of Fort Bonifacio and slowly jogged up to my quarters which is about 800-meter distance. My total time for the run is 2 hours, 35 minutes & 18 seconds. I estimate that I was able to run a distance of 23-24 kilometers. For the two hours that I’ve been running, I was having an average pace of 6:00-6:15 minutes per kilometer.

The following target objectives were attained during my long run today: I was able to sustain a continuous ball-heel footstrike for 45 minutes; I was able to continuously sustain my speed at the “Heritage Mile” all the way to the Essensa which I consider as the “Killer Last Two Miles” of the Pasig River Heritage Marathon; improved more on my running form; and develop more endurance & stamina to run for more than two hours.

Slowly, I am improving on my running form with my New Balance 902. I did not feel any pain on my quads, hamstrings, calves, and knees after running for more than two hours. My Nathan “SOB” Water Belt was helpful in this kind of long runs where I made a refill of water in one of the stores at the Bayani Road.

10K Animo Run

25 11 2007

6:00 AM 25 November 2007 (Mall of Asia) 

I wanted to test and evaluate my training so far in preparation for the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon in February 2008 by joining available road races in Metro Manila. It takes one call to my DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap staff to have me registered for the 10K Animo Run and here I am joining the said race. 


The race started at exactly 6:00 AM and I was initially at the back portion of the starting area. It took me at least 10 seconds before I crossed the starting line.                        


The race course is flat and I had to run 2x the 5K course to complete the 10K. My split time for the 5K was 27:40 minutes. I finished the 10K at 55:31 minutes with an average pace of 5:33 minutes per kilometer or 8:56 minutes per mile.


 As predicted, my training program is giving me positive results as I finished the 10K run within the 55-56 minutes range. I need to do more speed runs and tempo runs as well as my long distance runs in the coming weeks. These are the key words for better results in my future road races—strength, speed and endurance.

My ASICS Tiger “Cumulus” running shoes gave me the confidence to be versatile in my leg strides by alternately doing the “shuffle” and short bursts of toe-heel foot strikes on the asphalt road of Mall of Asia. I need to improve more on my running form.

Everything is perfect in the said race, except for one thing, “It’s the smell” of the place!!!For having my training in the mountains of Jamindan, the smell and quality of the air near the Manila Bay and the drainage system of the mall complex brought “shock and awe” to my smelling senses. I had to get out of the place immediately after I finished the race. 

Oval Track Run @ Iloilo

24 11 2007

These pictures were taken during my oval track run at the Iloilo City’s Athletic Grounds in the afternoon of 23 Nov 2007. I completed 32 laps at an average pace of 2:10-2:20 mins per lap. I finished my run with a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes. It was my first time to use my New Balance 902 running shoes. 

dsc03799.jpg         dsc03801.jpg        dsc03802.jpg

My new running shoes is very light and I need to make some adjustments with the way I run with it. It is comfortable but it has minimal arch support. It has thinner sole than my old New Balance 716. I started to feel some slight pain on my lower leg muscles after 20 laps but it disappeared after slowing my pace. The New Balance 902 will be my trainer shoes from now on.

Recap: Training Journal (18-24 Nov 2007)

24 11 2007

Total Distance: 37.625 miles/60.2 kilometers

Average Pace: 9:40-9:55 mins per mile/5:45-5:55 mins per kilometer

Predicted Time for 10K Run: 56:00 – 58:00 minutes

Predicted Time to Finish Marathon At This time: 4:30:00

Comments: I’ve increased my running mileage this week for about 20% from my previous week’s run and hope to sustain this in order to strengthen my leg muscles and my cardiovascular capability. I’ve started to do my gym workouts to tone my muscles and anticipate/prevent injuries on my leg muscles, tendons, and my knees. I’ll have do more speed runs and speed “drills” at the oval in the coming weeks. For having a nice run and injury-free week, I am going to treat myself with a Movie today and a round of Golf tomorrow afternoon!

Training Journal (18-24 Nov 2007)

24 11 2007

18 Nov 2007 (Sunday)—Ran 7 X 2-mile route at 2: 20: 00; Pace at 6:15 minutes per km or 10:00 minutes per mile. Total Distance: 14 miles or 22.4 kms.

19 Nov 2007 (Monday)—Rest/No Runs

20 Nov 2007 (Tuesday)—1st Yasso 800s..4 X 800 with 400-800 meters intervals along the 2-mile route in Jamindan. Time: 3:49/3:45/3:46/3:52. Total Distance: 4.375 miles or 7 kms

21 Nov 2007 (Wednesday)—Long Slow Distance run with Speed Tempo runs at Libingan ng mga Bayani & Heritage Park. Time: 1 hour & 48 minutes. Total Distance: 17-18 kms or 11.25 miles.

22 Nov 2007 (Thursday)—Workout at the Gym. Quadriceps workout.

23 Nov 2007 (Friday)—Oval Track run at the Iloilo City Oval Athletic Grounds using my new New Balance 902. Ran 32 laps at an average of 2:15 mins per lap. Time Duration: 1 hour & 15 minutes. Total Distance: 8 miles/12.8 kilometers.

            Swedish Body Massage at Riviera Spa in Iloilo City after Dinner.

24 Nov 2007 (Saturday)—Rest & Watch a Movie!

Gym Workout

24 11 2007

If ever I am in Manila for a meeting/consultation or on official business, I always see to it to visit my Gym everyday. Last Thursday morning, I had my “fastest” gym workout in my entire life which I finished in one hour.

I did lots of dumdbell exercises–bicep curls, tricep extensions, and other exercises I could think of with the dumdbells, from 10 lbs to 20 lbs. I did also the Lateral and Vertical Pulls with the Universal Dynamic Machine doing as much as 3 sets in 15 reps per set at 75-90 lbs for my back muscles.

But the main purpose of my workout was to strengthen my quadriceps. I did Leg Extensions with Flex Fitness Machine with the following variable weights:

        3 sets X 15 reps @ 30 lbs

        3 sets X 15 reps @ 45 lbs

        5 sets X 15 reps @ 60 lbs

I always believe that strengthening the quadriceps will always make the knees better in shape and injury-free.

I did also Bench Press for my arms and chest muscles with the Smith Machine with 50 lbs weight at 3 sets X 10 repetitions.

I finished my workout with Leg Press to strengthen my hamstrings and buttocks’ muscles with 90 lbs weight at 3 sets X 10 repetitions.

My cool down exercise was abdominal crunches on top of a rubber ball at 3 sets X 20 repetitions.

Due to my kids’ membership with Gold’s Gym Los Angeles, they enrolled me as a member when I visited them last December 2003. I just extended my membership with the Gold’s Gym in the country when I arrived back from Los Angeles in January 2004.

I do my workouts at Gold’s Gym Glorietta. I am not building bigger muscles for my body but I just wanted my muscles to be toned and more active by using lighter weights with higher number of repetitions.

The “Heritage” Mile

24 11 2007

Last Wednesday morning, between 7:00 AM-9:00 AM, I had my run from my quarters in Fort Bonifacio to the Libingan ng mga Bayani grounds. I finished 2 rounds of the outer circle/outer roads of the cemetery and went out passing infront of the Heritage Park towards C-5 Road. From C-5 Road, I made my speed run up to the Bayani Road (Ft Bonifacio Gate near the Chapel). I call this stretch as the “Heritage” Mile! This is the place where I totally walked during the 2005 Pasig River Heritage Marathon which took me almost 20 to 30 minutes. I made two sets of running through this stretch from C-5 using the bermuda covered lawn of the park just to remove the “ghost” of the past. It took me at least 8 minutes to run the distance.

From the “Heritage” Mile, I went back to the Libingan grounds and ran another 1 1/2 rounds and then returned to the streets of Paoville (Officers’ Quarters area) and back to my quarters. My whole running time was 1 hour & 48 minutes. I estimate that I was able to run about 17 to 18 kilometers or 11.25 miles.

Comment: I was annoyed and irritated by the sunblock lotion I placed on my face. The lotion got mixed with my sweat and it entered to my eyes. The irritation on my both eyes practically made me blind during the first round at the Libingan. I had to stop at the outpost and asked for bath soap and water from the soldiers/guard to wash my face. I got a lesson from this experience, not to use sunblock again!

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