Recap: Training Journal (11-17 Nov 2007)

18 11 2007

Total Miles/Kms (Running)—18.125 miles/29 kms

Total Miles/Kms (X-training/Cycling)—13.125 miles/21 km

Total Miles/Kms Covered—31.25 miles/50 kms

Average Speed (Run)—6:00 – 6:15 mins/km or 9:30 – 10:00 mins/mile

Number of Speed Runs—One

Number Speed/Tempo Runs—None

Comments: I am starting to get my strength and endurance for longer distance running. If not for the rains in my place, I could have logged on more kms/miles for the week. Anyway, I was able to have more time to rest and have my muscles recovered through massage and stretching. I hope to improve more on my speed in the next weeks to come. So far, I don’t have any injuries or pain after my rest days. It was a nice week!



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