Sunday’s Long Slow Distance Run

18 11 2007

18 November 2007

For not running for the past three days, I planned to have my long slow distance (LSD) run for Sunday. I felt the three-day rest I imposed to myself made me nervous and uneasy, thinking that the mileage I have ran for the past days would be meaningless and gone to waste. For the past weeks, I’ve been trying to test and evaluate my body if I could still run the Marathon despite the short preparations and training adjustments I have to make while I am doing my job with my unit or command. This is the reason why I came up with a Training Journal so that I can review and evaluate my training progress. But the 3-day rest since Thursday is telling me that my body could no longer take the beating of a Marathon, more so that I am getting older since I concentrated on training and finishing my yearly marathons in the ’80s & ’90s. But my mind would tell me otherwise..I wanted to run some more!

Finally, last night I’ve decided to run even if Sunday is supposed to be a rest day but those three days had made me restless, uncomfortable and uneasy. It seems my body is asking for more beating on the road and for more practice runs. I prepared my grey Accel shorts, white t-shirt, socks and my New Balance running shoes. I slept early last night just to be sure I have at least seven hours of sleep. I had my alarm clock set at 4:30 AM and intend to have my run at exactly 5:00 AM after a short stretching session.

As scheduled, I started my run at 5:00 AM with a small flashlight on my right hand as the surrounding was still dark. I conditioned my mind that this practice run is a long, slow distance run and had to control my pace. After running for almost one kilometer, it started to rain! I made a wrong decision not to wear my Fort Ilocandia Golf Club baseball cap! The rain started to hit/drop on my bald head and the feeling was refreshing. I kept on running while the rain was on and off. On my second kilometer, my sweat started to mix with the rain and my whole t-shirt was damp.

I made my run along the 2-mile route that I have measured inside the camp. Practically, the course is a hill practice route. I prepositioned a number of bottled water at the starting line where I can take a drink every after a round of the route. My first round’s time was 18:48 mins and I had to slow down as I wanted my pace to be slower. I guess, I started to run faster when I felt the rain falling on my head! At least, I wanted to have an average pace of 20 mins per round (2 miles) or 10 mins per mile pace. So, for the next rounds I have to slow down.

I really wanted to test my body how it feels when I run continuously for two hours, not thinking of the distance I could cover for the duration of my run. Slowly and consistently, I was able to finish and stop my run for the morning after completing seven (7) rounds of my 2-mile route. If not for the Sunday Mass which is scheduled at 8:00 AM this morning, I could have run more and test my body at how much time lapsed and how far is the distance that I could cover before I hit my “wall”. I stopped at 7:20 AM and did my stretching exercises after the run. For two hours and twenty minutes, I was still strong and wanted to run some more. But my schedule with God, the Creator for at least one hour per week in our Chapel has the most priority to attend to during Sundays.

For this morning, I was able to run 14 miles or 22.4 kilometers for a time of 2:20:00. This is the longest run I’ve made since I started to train again for the Marathon or be serious again in joining the road races in Manila. I was running at an average pace of 6:15 mins per kilometer or 10:00 mins per mile which was very comfortable and easy for me.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel any pain or any injuries on my feet and legs. I got some rashes on my groin area because of the wet running shorts that always got stucked to the inner portion of my thighs. The rubbing of the wet shorts to my inner thigh made my skin sore. I should had applied more body lotion/oil on my groin area. Anyway, the rashes will be gone in a few days.

Positively thinking, I can conclude that I can still run the Marathon within the four-hour range/sub-five hours if I joined a Marathon Race today! I can feel I am on the right track for my preparations and training for my next Marathon in February 2008. My previous increasing and graduated long runs for the past weeks; hill training runs in Jamindan; regular massage; sleep; and the latest 3-day rest contributed in today’s training accomplishment.

This calls for a celebration..I will drink a glass of Robert Mondavi’s Cabarnet Sauvignon before going to bed tonight!!!



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