Pictures With My Marathon Kids

I am posting the pictures of my “marathon kids” who had been consistently joining the annual Los Angeles Marathon.

Today is the 28th Birthday of my daughter, Jovelle. This picture was taken after we arrived home from the Finish Line of the 1st City of Angels Half- Marathon held in Los Angeles last 04 December 2006. She is presentlty a Realtor at Prudential Realty Corp. You can visit her blogsite at if you are interested in looking for a realty property in the Los Angeles area and knowing more about Los Angeles. He is a member of the LA Roadrunners Club and finished three consecutive LA Marathon Races. She graduated at UC Irvine, AB English in 2001.


My son is also a passionate marathoner and a basketball player. After three years as a Paralegal in one of the Law Firms in Downtown Los Angeles , he decided to pursue his studies at the College Of Law. Presently, he is a second year student at Chapman University in Orange County. He graduated at UC Los Angeles, AB Political Science in 2000. He turned 29 years old last 31 August. He is a member of the LA Roadrunners Club and finished four consecutive Los Angeles Marathon Races.


That’s me, standing beside my daughter and son, the Bald Runner!

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