Official Result: 9th Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultramarathon Race

9th Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultramarathon Race

3:00 AM August 11, 2019 To 3:00 PM August 11, 2019

Start Time & Starting Area: 3:00 AM August 11, 2019 @ 7th Infantry Division Grandstand

Finish Time & Finish Area: 3:00 PM August 11, 2019 @ So. Tanguigue, Brgy Aplaya, Dingalan, Aurora

Number of Starters: 10 Runners

Number of Finishers: 10 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 100%

Runners Of The 9th Edition Of Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultra

RANK        NAME                  TIME (Hrs)

  1. Christopher Iblan (Overall Champion & New Course Record)—5:54:00
  2. Dixie Sagusay (Female Overall Champion)—9:58:15
  3. Rodrigo Abias Jr (1st Runner-Up, Male)—9:09:14
  4. Dianne Marie De Leon (1st Runner-Up, Female)—10:35:28
  5. Tereso Sy (2nd Runner-Up, Male)—10:35:29
  6. Emery Torre—10:44:30
  7. Janice Reyes (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—10:48:35
  8. Jonas Olandria—11:03:50
  9. Khristian Norland Caleon—11:08:41
  10. Anna Odessa Albaracin (Female)—11:15:41
Cris Iblan, Overall Champion & New Course Record Holder
Dixie Sagusay, Female Champion

Congratulations To All The Finishers! 


Official Results: 2017 Taklang Damulag 100-Mile & 50-Mile Endurance Races

7th Edition: Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Ultra Race

5:00 AM December 9, 2017 to 3:00 PM December 10, 2017

SOCOM Headquarters, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija)

Course Cut-Off Time: 34 Hours

Number of Starters: 17 Runners

Number of Finishers: 5 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 29.4%

2017 Takla Starters
17 Runners Started For The 100-Mile Race & 3 Runners For The 50-Mile Race

RANK            NAME                  TIME (Hrs)

  1. Thomas Combisen (Overall Champion) —30:22:45
  2. Gibo Malvar (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —33:40:37
  3. Graciáno Santos (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —33:40:38
  4. Elmar Bob Tolete ———33:41:35
  5. Badong Sietereales ——33:50:25

***Unofficial Finisher: Jovencio Luspian — 34:17:25

2017 Takla Champ
Overall Champion Thomas Combisen
2017 Takla 1st RunnerUp
Overall 1st Runner-Up Gibo Malvar
2017 Takla 2nd RunnerUp
Overall 2nd Runner-Up Graciano Santos
2017 Takla Finishers
Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Race Finishers


7th Edition: Taklang Damulag 50-Mile Endurance Ultra Race

5:00 AM to 9:00 PM December 9, 2017

SOCOM Headquarters, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija)

Course Cut-Off Time: 16 Hours

Number of Starters: 3 Runners

Number of Finishers: 3 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 100%

RANK     NAME                 TIME (Hrs)

  1. Joey Odhuno (Overall Champion) — 13:33:45
  2. JC Igos (1st Runner-Up, Overall) — 15:06:30
  3. Frederick Espinosa (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) — 15:31:54
2017 Takla 50Milers
Taklang Damulag 50-Mile Podium & Finishers

Congratulations To All The Finishers!


1st Heroes Run 2012

December 2, 2012

It is almost the end of the year 2012 and this is the only running event (outside the BR’s Events & PAU Races) that I am going to endorse in this blog.

The organizers in this running event are my “brother-in-arms”; my main supporter/sponsor when I launched my first edition of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race almost five (5) year ago; and those who have served under me when I was still in the active military service. It is fitting and proper that I have to endorse this run to everybody through this blog.

I am happy that most of the Major Branches of Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are opening their respective Command to the sports of long distance running where it is open for the public. It is a wise move where all the instrumentalities of the government and not only from the sponsorship of private corporations should be involved in grassroots development of sports.

If not for an ultra running event which I organized to be held on the same day (Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Run), I would be in this running event to join the participants for the Half-Marathon Race. However, I know that this event will be a success and it will be held annually as a way to open the camp to the public and at the same time, for the public to get to know more of the Philippine Army’s Officers, Enlisted Personnel, and Civilian Employees.

Aside from being the cheapest running event nowadays as shown from the listed registration fees, this running event will give some “surprises” for all the finishers making it as one of the significant running events for the year for everybody.

If you want to know more about your Philippine Army, you have to join this running event and experience what is like to run and finish the race with your soldiers and defenders of the Republic!

Mabuhay ang Hukbong Katihan Ng Pilipinas!


While most of the people who have something to share to the victims of the Flooding In Metro Manila are busy helping in the relief operations, I made my “very private and personal” experience to share the collections of slightly used running shoes and finishers’ shirts sent through Balikbayan Boxes from my ultrarunning friend, Benjamin Gaetos of Los Angeles, California to the Officers and Men of the Special Forces Regiment of the Philippine Army who are based in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City.

These soldiers had been helping me in the conduct of the First 100-Mile Ultra Trail Run in the country dubbed as the “Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Run” and the “Taklang Damulag 50-Mile/50K Trail Runs & Half-Marathon Races”.

More than 50 pairs of running shoes and more than the same number of Finisher’s Shirts were received by First Lieutenant Tony Abay, Commander of the Soecial Forces Regiment School and his men in a simple ceremony.

It was a very simple event but it was memorable to everybody.

1st Lieutenant Tony Abay Receiving The Shoes & Shirts
Explaining To The Soldiers About The Quality Of The Shirts
Telling The Soldiers That Helping Them Is My First Priority

Thanks to Benjamin Gaetos for his untiring efforts to pack and send these shoes through Balikbayan Boxes from Los Angeles, California! My snappy salute to you and to the rest of your ultrarunning friends out there in California, USA!

Taklang Damulag 50K/50M (TD 50/50) Ultra Trail Run & Half-Marathon

In connection with the celebration of the 50th Founding Anniversary of the Special Forces Regiment of the Philippine Army in June of this year, the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) & Bald Runner’s Events had scheduled the conduct of three (3) trail races inside Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on June 2, 2012.

These races will serve as a “recon or test run” for those who are intending to join in this year’s 2nd edition of the Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run which is scheduled on December 15, 2012.

The following are the details of the races:

Date of Race: June 2, 2012

Place of Assembly and Starting Area: Infront of the SOCOM Headquarters, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City

Assembly Time for 50K & 50M Races: 3:30 AM June 2, 2012

Assembly Time For 21K Run: 4:30 AM June 2, 2012

Gunstart For 50K & 50-Mile Runs: 4:00 AM

Gunstart For Half-Marathon: 5:00 AM

Cut-Off Time For 50-Mile Run: 16 Hours

Cut-Off Time For 50K Run: 10 Hours

Cut-Off Time For 21K: 4 Hours

Registration Fee For 50-Mile Run: P 2,000.00

Registration Fee For 50K Run: P 1,500.00

Registration Fee For 21K Run: P 1,000.00

***Included in the Registration Fee: Dinner & Accommodation Inside Fort Magsaysay on Friday night, June 1, 2012.

Registration Period: May 2, 2012 to June 1, 2012

Registration Center/Area: ARC Running Store OR Deposit the Registration Fee at BPI Savings Account #0296-0673-22 in favor of Jovenal Narcise OR at the Dinner/CLP & Race Briefing on or about 6:30 PM of June 1, 2012 at the SOCOM Headquarters. (Note: Please bring your validated deposit slip to the CLP/Race Briefing)

Good luck & see you at the starting line!

It Is Done & I am Free!

10:30 AM 15 May 2008 @ Jamindan & 7:00 PM @ Iloilo Airport

I woke up at 3:00 AM to prepare and board the only PAL flight to Roxas City from Manila for the day together with the General Officer who will replace me as the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and the Party of the Newly-Installed Commanding General of the Philippine Army. The plane left Manila at 5:30 AM and arrived in Roxas City as scheduled at 6:30 AM. After a brief breakfast and change to our Battle Dress Army Uniform, we were on our way to Camp Peralta in Jamindan, Capiz which one hour and 15 minutes ride from Roxas City.

After Arrival Honors for the Commanding General of the Philipine Army was given, we had a brief talk in my office where the Incoming Commander of the 3ID, PA, the Commanding General of the PA, and myself signed the result of the audit & inspection of the financial resources of the command made by the Internal Auditor of the Philippine Army. The result of the inspection showed that I am turning-over an amount of almost 1.7 Million Pesos to the Incoming Commander as part of the unspent financial resources of the Command up to the end of the 2nd Quarter of this year.

The turn-over of command ceremony started at 9:45 AM and it was finished at 10:30 AM. I was awarded the third highest award of the AFP for the accomplishments that my Command had done during my tenure as the Commander for one year and two months. In my farewell speech, I paid tribute and thanks to my commanders & soldiers who successfully dismantled two (2) Guerrilla Fronts and downgraded another two (2) Guerrilla Fronts of the CPP/NPA in the provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Aklan, and Negros Occidental during my stint as the Commander of the Division and the Command is on the right track and on schedule to finally clear all the remaining six (6) Guerrilla Fronts in Negros & Panay Islands before the mid-part of 2010. Noteworthy among the accomplishments is the cementing of a road that connects the Camp to the Provincial Road from Jamindan which was neglected for the past 21 years and the return of about 8 Million Pesos to the Finance Center of the Philippines which represents pay and allowances of “ghosts” or unfilled CAFGU quotas in my Area of Responsibility.

Before the ceremony/program ended the CG, PA gave me a memento of a replica & mini-statue of  a “Bald Lapu-lapu”, the symbol of a “warrior” in the Visayas (which looks like me!) and a Command Plaque. My Assistant Division Commander gave me a painting of our Grotto in the Camp with Mother Mary overlooking the whole camp. The Division Sargeant Major gave me a one-foot statue of “Bald Runner”. The Officers, Enlisted Men, and Civilian Employees gave me a framed blown-up picture of “Bald Runner” while running the Runnex@25 at the UP Campus with their signatures written on the borders of the picture. But what made me laughed and elated was a painting/charcoal caricature of myself while I was a cadet at the PMA with my head full of hairs and a Chuck Taylor/ELPO Rubber shoes and Bald Runner with my sunglasses, Nike Pro Running Kit & ASICS Running Shoes, running side by side! To all the members of “Team Spearhead Division”. thank you very much for all the gifts. I will treasure all these gifts!

Finally, before I left the Camp, I was given a full military departure honors with a 13-Gun Salute (for a Major General) and after the ceremony, I was given a mounted Gun/Cannon Shell that was fired first. After posing my last group picture with all the Officers and Men of the 3rd Infantry Division, I was already on my way to Iloilo City to board the last PAL flight back to Manila.

After 33 years and 3 months of military service with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and 4 years at the Philippine Military Academy, a total of 37 years & 3 months, I am going back to civilian life once again!

At last, I am done with my military service and I am already free!


Tomorrow, I will run 20 kilometers early in the morning to celebrate my 56th Birthday!

My Last Visit To My Men

Whenever a Commander visits his units or commands under him, there is a “protocol” to be followed as part of the customs and traditions of the military service. The “protocol” consists of the following: (1) arrival honors; (2) introduction of the officers and key soldiers of the command; (3) presentation of briefing to the Commander on the prevailing situation in the area; (4) snacks or lunch while having  an informal talks with the officers and ranking soldiers; (5) giving of souvenirs/gifts/mementos to me; (6) talk to the men and get feedback from the soldiers; and (7) departure honors.

Since this visit was my last visit to the units under me and I had been regularly visiting them for the past one year and two months, I entirely changed the “protocol” and shortened the activities. I directed the commanders of the units I was scheduled to visit to remove/dispense with the arrival and departure honors; there will be no briefings; and lesser preparation in food (only native chicken tinola & pinakbet/vegetables) to be served; and no gifts to be given to me. Instead, I told them to prepare to have a group picture with me before I leave their respective camps.

So, the “drill” to my visits consisted of introduction to the officers and key enlisted personnel; talk to the men & feedback from the men; a brief inspection of the facilities (I usually visit their bathrooms/comfort rooms to gauge the degree of cleanliness & orderliness of the unit); lunch/snacks; and picture-taking with the officers & men (with headgear and without a headgear!). It is in my Talk To The Men that I tell the soldiers the accomplishments and gains they had done during my stint as their Commander in our fight against insurgency in the area and personally thank them for their efforts and unstinted support to accomplish our mission in the area. Lastly, I challenge them to do some more and support the programs of the government and maintain the highest degree of discipline that makes the individual soldier distinct from other institutions of the government.

The following were some of the pictures taken during my last visit to my units in Panay & Negros Islands:

Before leaving the camp where I visited my troops, I see to it that there is always a group picture with them, with headgear and without headgear! These are my officers and men in Panay Island stationed in Dingle, Iloilo.

Sometimes, I asked to be briefed by looking at the pictures displayed as one enters the office of a command. The pictures show the activities being conducted by the soldiers to solve the problem of insurgency in the area, from combat operations to civic-military operations and development programs. Yes, the members of the Philippine Army are ACHIEVERS! 

One of “Talk To The Men” sessions during my last visit. I was talking with my men in Tanjay, Negros Oriental.

The Battalion Commander usually introduces his officers and key enlisted personnel immediately after my arrival in the camp.

 Another “Talk To The Men” with the Officers and Men of one of the Battalions deployed in Siaton, negros Oriental. This Battalion was instrumental in the clearing of the whole Bohol Province from the insurgents.

These are the young officers and soldiers who cleared Bohol Province and had been in Negros Oriental for the past one month and they are on the right track to clear another guerrilla front by the end of June 2008. 

These are the officers who are leading our Philippine Army troops in Negros Occidental. The officer in black beret is the Commanding Officer of the Scout Ranger Battalion operating in the Central Part of Negros Island.

Another “Talk To The Men” to the Officers & Men deployed in Central & Northern Parts of Negros Occidental. 

I am the “slimmest” and the “youngest-looking” among my officers and soldiers! Ha! Ha! Ha! 

On The Road

Practically, I was on the sea and on the road of Negros Island the whole day yesterday. It was a very tiring day for me travelling from Iloilo City by fastcraft to Bacolod City after breakfast and travelling all the way to Tanjay, Negros Oriental, crossing the Mabinay Mountains, and finally reaching the Municipality of Siaton, Negros Oriental where my farthest Battalion in southern Negros is located.

I visited a Brigade Headquarters in Tanjay and had lunch and had a chance to talk to my officers and men, bidding them farewell from the service. In Siaton, I was able to talk to the officers and men of a Battalion for more than 30 minutes, congratulating them for a job well done in dismantling the Guerrilla Front of the insurgents in Bohol Province and encouraging them to do the same for the province of Negros Oriental before the end of this year. Due to their diligence and patience to work with the local government officials, tourism is now thriving and in progress in Bohol surpassing the tourism in Cebu. I can categorically say that tourists are now safe in Bohol. Bohol is one of the best destinations for tourists.

From Siaton back to Bacolod City was a long trip. Departing from Siaton at 3:30PM, and after a dinner-stop at Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, we were able to reach Bacolod City at 11:00PM.

There was no run for the day and it was a tiring one for travelling by land almost the whole day.

I immediately went to bed and planned to have an early morning run tomorrow in Bacolod City.