Final Instructions: 2nd PAU Run (P2P 65K)

1. All runners are advised to review the final instructions for the 1st PAU 50K Run which was held in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. The same rules and regulations will be implimented in this race.

2. Instead of Race Marshals along the route, there will be painted signs in white on the paved road to direct the runners. They are located either on the right or left edge of the road which will indicate the directions the runners will follow. These are printed with waterproof paint.

Watchout For This Sign

3. Runners are advised to take extra precaution in approaching the Kapurpurawan Rock formation. It would be wise to just walk along the sharp rocks & corals before reaching the turn-around point where one of my staff will be handing the 2nd string-necklace. Be safe on this portion and take time to select your footing on these flat but sharp-edge rocks. Runners can climb up to the white rock formation for their photo-ops.

Stairs Leading To The Kapurpurawan Rocks
Recommended Place For Photo-Ops

4. There are no fees to pay when entering each of these tourist spots along the route.

5. There will be no Aid Station at the Parking Area/Turn-Around point of the Burgos Lighthouse. Instead, the Aid Station will be positioned at the Km #20 point. One of my staff/Marshals will be positioned at the Parking Area to hand each runner the 1st string-necklace.

6. For those who have not yet redeemed or received their Race Packets, my staff will be at the La Elliana Hotel in Laoag City from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM to give your Race Packet or settle your reserved slots. We would like to settle all administrative concerns and clarifications from the runners at this period. On D-Day before the race, we will simply start the race.

7. As in previous races, we would like to be consistent on the start of the race. We will start on or before 5:00 AM on Sunday in front of the Pasuquin Municipal Hall. There will be no VIP to grace the occassion. The VIPs are the brave runners at the Starting Line of this race!

8. The distance of the race is expected not to be accurate. All runners are warned that the race distance might reach up to 68-69 kilometers. After passing the Pagudpud Boundary Arch, prepare for a winding uphill climb up to the Poblacion of Pagudpud and the last 3-4 kilometers to the finish line will be flat.  

9. Have a safe trip and good luck to all the runners and their support crew.