I am A Boston Marathon Qualifier!

11 11 2017

Finally, I earned my #Legit Boston Qualifier at the age of 65 years old at the 2017 Revel Canyon City Marathon Race with an official time of 3:46:06 hours. My BQ time for my age is 4:10 hours.

My New PR since I retired from the military service & as the Bald Runner.

Boston, here I come in April 2019!

Bonus: I won the First Place in my Age Category Group (65-69 years old) out 16 Finishers.


2017 Revel BQ BLOG

2017 Revel Canyon City Marathon Race

Aside from being a Senior Citizen, I am the ONLY General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

2017 Revel Marathon BLOG

The ONLY General Of The Armed Forces Of The Philippines (AFP) As BM Qualifier



11 responses

11 11 2017

Sir Jovs,
Very Impressive! It is a big dream for a marathoner to qualify for the holy grail of marathon, the Boston Marathon.
Hope to qualify again and see you in 2019.
Gerald T.

13 11 2017

Thank you very much, Gerald. Hope to see you there!

11 11 2017
Joe Saley

Way to go BR! Congratulations for qualifying Boston. That was an impressive time. With all your training & races, you sure deserve to go to Boston. Very, very good job. So proud of you.

13 11 2017

You were in my mind while I was running this race. Thank you for the inspiration!

11 11 2017
Urban Ultra

Congratulations Sir Jovie. Your persistence and determination is paying off.

13 11 2017

Thank you very much, Andre. I will be sending you a longer message in your e-mail.

16 11 2017
Roelle Punsalan

Congrats Sir Jovie!

18 11 2017

congrats po

22 11 2017
Matt Tizzard


21 01 2018

I’m on the quest for a BQ myself. Congrats!

18 03 2018
Alexandre Fagundes

Hey, congrats!

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