Friday Trash Run

5 02 2014

Starting last Friday, Danin (my training partner) and I had put in our training schedule some time to spend cleaning the rivers/streams along our trail running route and pick-up/collect the trashes that we see scattered along the trail.

From the start of our 26.2K-loop, we started picking up trashes we saw on the trail until we reached where we started. We also cleaned the streams from dried twigs, branches and leaves.

Pool Cleaning Along The Trail

Pool Cleaning Along The Trail

It made our running workout slower but what we did during the said workout was all worth it. If there is a simple thing to do for the good of the environment, picking up of trashes along the trails is a “no brainer” for a trail runner to do. It may not have an immediate result or impact on the environment but the thought of maintaining cleanliness in the environment has a personal satisfaction for me and Danin.

I did not expect that the trash we collected ended up in two plastic bags which we brought as our garbage bags. As we were going back to where we started, Danin thought of tying the bags on his backpack. One can see from the picture of Danin how big are the volumes of the two garbage bags full of trash!

Danin Running With The Bags Of Trash

Danin Running With The Bags Of Trash

Two Bags Full Of Trash!

Two Bags Full Of Trash!

From the contents of the garbage bags, most of them are non-biodegradables—plastics, water bottles, soda cans, junk food plastic bags, candy wrappers, cigarette packs, and plastic bags.

The Collected Trash

The Collected Trash

Danin and I will be doing this “exercise” once a week along the trails in my playground.

I hope this personal effort to save the environment will have its “spread” effect to the other trail runners and trekkers of our mountains.




8 responses

5 02 2014
Joe Saley

Very good job BR & Danin. Hope that other runners are mindful of the environment and help keep it clean. You are to be commended for all your efforts. Way to go.

5 02 2014

thank you, joe!

5 02 2014
Brian Tan Seng

Salute to you sir!

5 02 2014

thanks, brian! i think this is the least we can do whenever we are in the mountain trails.

5 02 2014

It’s a great thing you are doing there.
Would be even better if you didn’t have to do it, if other were more conscious and pick up after themselves.
Kudos to you!

6 02 2014
Hapers Luc

good work!!

8 02 2014

I’ve always wanted to do something this, but never got around to it. Great job actually acting on great intentions!!

1 07 2014

RESPECT for both of you! It is all about active conscience that governs our sense of right and wrongdoing. Thanks for sharing, I am sure this will be a great help 🙂

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