What is the problem with some of the people watching movies in movie theaters? They go to the movies to eat their snacks; tinker with their cellphones; do some conversation and talking with their friends while the movie is playing; or worst, they are there to simply sleep.

In terms of watching movies in movie theaters, I am a “purist”. The bonus for me is that I am free to watch any movies within the city/place where I reside in Metro Manila being a Senior Citizen. I don’t bring any food or drinks inside the theater. I just simply relax on my seat and concentrate my sight and hearing on the screen and enjoy the movie. I guess, this defines what is a “purist” for somebody who would watch a movie.

I am not a camper who goes out to the mountains and spend a day or two on its peak and my understanding is that one goes to the mountain to enjoy the outdoors and spend some time with nature—-breath some clean air; enjoy the challenge of carrying one’s pack/tent and provisions on top of the mountain; dip oneself to a water pool; enjoy the beauty of sunrise, nighttime, and sunset; enjoy the scenery; and to simply enjoy the simplicity of being away from the city. I could say that a camper is “purist” if he or she does all these and simply enjoy the beauty of nature and the serenity of being alone in the mountains.

For an ultra trail runner to where I am drifting to be identified, I simply go the nearest mountain and follow its trails by running or hiking. Equipped with reliable trail shoes and hydration vest/bottles, I could run to where the trails would lead me and after one hour of running, I would retrace back to where I’ve started and my running workout for the day is done. I think this is the “purist” way that I can describe in trail running.

I Love The Mountains!
I Love The Mountains!

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