Result: 2013 BDM 102 “Test” Run (BDM Km 00-50)

14 01 2013

2013 BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race “Test” Run (Km 00-Km 50)

10:00 PM-7:00 AM January 12-13, 2013

Mariveles, Bataan To Abucay, Bataan

1 Alvin Parreno 6:18:18
2 Rocky Taylan 6:19:45
3 Vincent Tanglao 6:28:49
4 Jon Borbon 6:28:57
5 Alvin Adriano 6:35:01
6 Hermie Saludes 6:53:50
7 Marc Conrad Molina 6:53:51
8 Francis Olive Trinidad 7:06:09
9 Johann Marquez 7:24:36
10 Edrick Nicdao 7:26:20
11 Ronald Robles 7:36:35
12 Ariel Mendoza 7:44:03
13 Orlando Ylaya 7:44:10
14 Jesus Roque 7:47:08
15 Wilson Barbon 8:18:41
16 Rico Azurin 8:41:16
17 Gerardine Kun (F) 8:41:16
18 Celito Jose Macachor 8:41:16
19 Katrina Sarsona (F) 8:41:16
20 Joseph Pineda 8:41:16
21 Joseph Sibal 8:41:16
22 Miko Sabado 8:41:16
23 Raymon Bodino 8:41:16
24 Jon Las Bruce 8:41:16
25 Ronald Ancheta 8:55:46

RD’s Report: 4th RIZAL DAY 32K Run

12 01 2013

I seldom write or post on my report as a Race Director in my Races but for the RIZAL DAY 32K Run, I have decided that I have to bring back such practice.

I could not believe that the 4th edition of this Fun Run in memory of the death of our National Hero, Dr Jose Rizal had passed with a number of regular runners, triathletes, and Ultrarunners. It started as a Fun Run to cap/end the year; a run to burn those calories stored from the Holiday Parties; and a run to start the season of training for the incoming Marathon Races and the Bataan Death March Races which are scheduled within the First Quarter of the incoming New Year.

The first edition was a sell-out because of the P 100.00 registration fee and it attracted 300+ runners. It will be hard for me as the Race Organizer to go back on those days with the same amount of registration fee due to obvious reasons. Anyway, I tried to give some options to runners during the latest edition to pay P 950 or P 1,000 with the P 50 going to the Fund of the two elite athletes in their training/preparation for their participation in the 2013 Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run. (Note: There were runners who paid P 950 only and opted not to have a share for the Fund of the Two Elites Athletes!)

2011 3rd RIZAL DAY RUN

2011 3rd RIZAL DAY RUN

For the past two editions, I joined the race as an Official Participant with the proper Race Bib and following the prescribed route/number of loops inside the premises of Camp Aguinaldo. Although I was in a relaxed mood and started later after the whole runners have left the starting line, joining the race was a good way to find out the problems among runners as well as problems/concerns in the different aid stations along the route.

2012 4th RIZAL DAY 32K RUN

2012 4th RIZAL DAY 32K RUN

This is the reason why I made a comment on Facebook when I posted an Event Page on this running event that runners tend to forget how to count from One to Five! Each runner has to complete at least 5 LOOPS with the 5th loop as 3/4th of the whole loop which a runner had been running for FOUR TIMES. Well, there are some who should do their assignment on ADDITION before they have to join this running event.

For the latest edition (2012), I adjusted the starting time to 4:30 AM so that the fast & faster runners will take advantage of the cooler temperature before sunrise. This solved the problem for some who could hardly count 5 loops as they enjoyed the cooler temperature. However, there are still runners who could not count properly up to 5!

Aside from the counting problem of some runners, everything was perfect! There were ample supply of water, ice, soft drinks and bite foods. I guess, this is the only running event (less than marathon distance) that serves noodles, soft drinks, biscuits, & chocolate bites along the route. Of course, most of the runners had been asking about the lechon and the beer after the race but sad to say that the Principal Sponsor for these items did not run in the said event.

On a personal note, I was able to improve my finish time as compared to my last year’s, 4:20+ hours, to 3:48:++hours and I think with such conservative result, I can say that I am back again for bigger races in the next coming new year.

On the financial side of things, I was able to raise the amount of Ten Thousand Pesos for Gerald and Marcelo as their “support for their training & pocket money” for their participation in the 2013 Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run.

For the future of this event, I have discussed to some of my ultra running friends after the race that this event will expand to more category of distances. I will maintain the 32K event and let the runners practice more on how to count properly; a 42K distance will be added where a runner will practice how to count up to 6 loops; and a 50K ultra distance where a runner will patiently count up to 7 loops inside Camp Aguinaldo. I hope this plan will work! Of course, the registration fees will vary depending on the number of loops you want to count during the run.

So, see you this December 2013 for the 1st RIZAL DAY 50K Ultra Run! Be sure, you know how to count up to seven!

Keep on running!

(Note: I hope I can be considered as a “reputable” Race Organizer of Running Events considering that this event had lasted for almost 5 years!)

“Train As You Race”

12 01 2013

In Special Units in the military, you always hear their mantra as, “Train As You Fight”. Among elite runners, their mantra should be “Train As You Race”.

In order to have a quick look and observation on the training & preparation of Gerald Sabal and Marcelo Bautista for the 2013 Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run in Baguio City, I have to personally see for myself how their training was on-going with regards to their acclimatization to cold weather environment, altitude training, and feedback about their training program & workout. I went up to Baguio City and see the progress of their training. I had a chance to join in one of their daily workouts.

On my first day in Baguio City, I treated them to a lunch and it was there that I was able to give my instructions about their schedule of training; suggested running route in the city and its environs; and gave them their running apparel/kits and their nutrition needs, courtesy of Andre Blumberg who brought the items from Hongkong to Manila during his participation in the latest edition of the TD 100 Ultramarathon Race.

Gerald, Girlene (Wife of Gerald) & Marcelo @ Good Taste, Baguio City

Gerald, Girlene (Wife of Gerald) & Marcelo @ Good Taste, Baguio City

Gerald and Marcelo were instructed to use the Hammer Perpetuum as their source of nutritional needs during the race in order to minimize spent time in stopping in every Aid Station for their food intake. And they should be used to be taking such food mixture/supplement every time they have their daily workouts until it becomes natural for them during the actual race. I clearly explained to the two runners on how to mix the Hammer Powder with water in their hydration bottles and how the mixture is being consumed during the run.

I asked them to run with me all the way to the peak of Mount Santo Tomas on the following day and be able to start using the Hammer mixture as their food intake during the run. We started at 4:00 AM when the temperature in Baguio City was at its coldest at the Marcos Highway & entry to the Green Valley Subdivision. It was still dark and we were able to use our headlights and hand-held flashlight. The two runners were using their respective Salomon S-Lab 5-Liter Hydration Pack where one bottle is full of Hammer Mixture and the other bottle was full of water. As for me, I brought a single bottle of Simple Hydration filled with water and no gels or Power Bars.

Danin Marcelo Gerald 083

At sunrise, we were already at the peak of Mt Cabuyao and it was cold and windy. We pushed, jogged and brisk-walked, for another 4 kilometers until we reached the peak of Mount Santo Tomas. Before we reached the peak of Mt Santo Tomas, I felt all my fingers were already numbed and could hardly clench my fist because of the cold temperature. The wind had become stronger, producing a distinct loud sound within the surroundings. Marcelo told me that it is always cold and windy as one approaches the top of Mt Santo Tomas. We end up on the building structures and antennae on the peak of the mountain and we had some picture taking moments.

At The Peak Of Mt Santo Tomas (2,250 MASL)

At The Peak Of Mt Santo Tomas (2,250 MASL)

After a few minutes, we started our descent towards Mt Cabuyao but my fingers were still numbed and hard! It was an easy jog in going back to Mt Cabuyao. From Mt Cabuyao, I took some pictures of the two elite runners going down towards Marcos Highway.

My run to the peak of Mount Cabuyao and Mount Santo Tomas officially started my next season of “peak bagging” feats. It is a “short” but long 24K run but it took me 4 hours & 20 minutes for the said workout.

After the workout, I had another chance to get feedback from my runners. They told me that they like the Hammer Mixture and they did not have any stomach issues. I instructed them to use it every time they have their workout until they taper down before the event.

For one of their long runs before tapering, I told them to run the Baguio City-Ambuklao Dam-Baguio City route and be able to use the Hammer Mix during the duration of their run. They were able to follow my instruction and they were able to finish the course in 7+ hours! The feedback was that they liked the Hammer Mix and they did not have any stomach issues.

A good teamwork developed between the two runners for the three weeks that they have trained together in Baguio City. The two shared their strengths and weaknesses and I could see that both runners respect each other. Practically, both runners lived together in one place during the duration of their training.

I can’t consider myself as their Coach & Manager but I think I am a “facilitator” and a “father-figure” to them with regards to their training and preparation for the “Big Dance” in Hongkong. Sometimes, I would still act as a Military Commander & General to them just to stress and give importance to what I am telling them. However, the bottom line of what I’ve been telling them is all about Discipline& Being Focused to their Goal! And impressed on them the mantra, “Train As You Race”!

As these two runners are tapering for the running event and preparing for their departure to Hongkong in one week’s time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the runners, local & international, who contributed financial support to these two runners and to Andre Blumberg of Hongkong who is the Principal Sponsor for our Pinoy Elite Runners to the 2013 Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run. Thank you very much!

After 42 Years

7 01 2013

It was on April 1, 1970, April Fool’s Day, when my life completely changed and I was then about to turn to the age of 18 years old.  I entered the Philippine Military Academy, leaving my ambition to become a doctor from the University of the Philippines, to become a future officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

During the first two months of “Beast Barracks” (soldier’s training from civilian life), all of us would wake up every morning to run in formation for 5 kilometers or 30+ minutes after we have done repetitions of the “Army Dozen” Exercises. (Note: You can google “Army Dozen” Exercises to find out how the workout is done). I did not have any problems with those early morning exercise routines during the early months of my cadet hood.

However, there is a very famous running loop inside Fort Gregorio del Pilar/Philippine Military Academy Compound in Loakan, Baguio City which starts at the Sun Dial/Fountain that goes south to the Jurado Hall or swimming pool area and goes north passing through the left side of the Borromeo Field/Grandstand passing by the Kitchen of the Cadet’s Mess Hall and following the road that goes to the Gate of the Camp and then going back to Melchor Hall by passing the Nakar Hall, Chapel, PMA Hospital and then back to the Sun Dial/Fountain. We were told when we were cadets that the loop has a distance of 5 Kilometers.

When I was a “plebe” (first year cadet/fourth classman), I was a member of our Company’s Cross Country Running Team and we would run that loop every other day and that would serve as our training for the incoming Cross Country Event in our Cadet’s Intramurals. I did not have any records on how fast I could complete the loop during my cadet days. For three years as an upperclass cadet, I’ve been running on the said loop on a regular basis, at least, three times a week.

I would run through the loop almost everyday when I was already a Major when I was assigned as a Tactical Officer and a member of the Academy Staff in the mid-80s but I would not recall how fast I could run the said loop. I would neither dare to run the same loop for the second time in a single workout. I would rather choose to run longer by going out of the Gate of the Camp towards the direction going to City Proper and then back to the Camp or simply run and go back to my quarters at the Navy Base in Baguio City after office hours!

Last month, I was able to go to Baguio City to monitor the progress of the training/preparation of Marcelo & Gerald with regards to their participation in the incoming 2013 Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run. I stayed at Nakar Hall, inside PMA Compound, during the duration of my stay in Baguio City. On my first day in the camp, I tried to reminisce those days when I was a cadet and an officer assigned at the PMA by running along the 5-Kilometer Loop.

I started my run in front of the Nakar Hall and went to the direction going to the Chapel and descended towards the Officers Quarters Lane and turned right towards the road that leads to the back of the new Academy Administration Building. I went to the “Slope” and had my picture taken with Mt Santo Tomas-Mt Cabuyao Range as my background by one of the cadets who took his time and attempts to guess what PMA Class I belong. From Jurado Hall, it was an easy run to the Gate of the Camp and I did not have any walking breaks as I “attacked” the once dreaded “Cardiac Hill” where the monument of General Del Pilar is located. As I finished in front of the Nakar Hall, my Garmin Watch would register a distance of 4.88 Kilometers! I was surprised! The loop lacks some meters to make it a 5K distance even if I took an extra distance by taking the road that goes to the back of the new Administration Building.

At "The Slope" With Mts. Santo Tomas & Cabuyao As Background

At “The Slope” With Mts. Santo Tomas & Cabuyao As Background

I was not happy with the result of my run. I need to find an extra distance to make the loop as 5K distance. So, I started to run again by taking the same direction with my first loop. Before I reached Jurado Hall, I decided to go down to the PMA Shooting/Firing Range which is located behind Jurado Hall. It is a descending road all the way to the shooting range and I knew I would be forced to have my walking breaks as I go back to Jurado Hall. But on the contrary, I managed to continuously jog all the way back in front of Jurado Hall. I was breathing heavily and I was surprised of what I’ve done!

I continued my run to the Gate of the Camp and then completing my second loop in front of the Nakar Hall. I got what I wanted as I registered a 5K distance for my 2nd loop plus some hundreds of meters as bonus. I ran an extra one kilometer plus some extra meters for my cool-down run to complete a distance of 12 kilometers as my total mileage for the day.

I have proven three (3) important things in this run. First, the PMA 5K Loop is not accurate as I found later that it was measured on those days by the kilometer reading/odometer of one of the vehicles of the Command. Second, it was my first time to experience running two loops inside PMA in a relax mode where I registered a time of 1:20+ hours for the 12K workout. Third, I may not be as fast as I was a cadet or a Major on this loop but I could be as strong and even a smarter runner at the age of 60 years old!

Hopefully, I would be back again to the hallowed grounds of my Alma Mater every year to run more 5K loops and be able to reminisce those days of cadethood and service to the country.

Result: 2013 BDM 160 Test Run

5 01 2013

2013 BDM 160 Test Run

5:00 PM December 22, 2012-5:00 AM December 23, 2012

BDM Km Post #102 (San Fernando, Pampanga) To Capas National Shrine, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

Distance: 58 Kilometers

Cut-Off Time: 12 Hours

1 510 Lao Ojerio 6:28:56
2 518 Jerome Bautista 6:33:44
3 511 Simon Pavel Miranda 6:34:47
4 516 Ferdie Cabiling 7:13:55
5 515 Junn Besana 7:14:23
6 528 Henry Laron 7:27:37
7 508 Bobby Go 7:50:48
8 662 Allan Paul Vargas 8:17:37
9 512 Bob Castilla 8:38:52
10 505 Joe Ben Salitre 8:39:00
11 509 Jay De Jesus 8:59:00
12 506 Orlando Ylaya 8:59:01
13 513 Roger Villareal 9:23:30
14 514 Francisco Tuvera 9:23:41
15 502 Marx Villamora 9:48:56
16 503 Edgardo Delas Alas Jr 9:48:58
17 504 Johnny Tarroza 9:49:09
18 583 Ernesto Badong 9:56:06
19 890 Ruben Fajardo Jr 9:56:12
20 517 Ronaldo Robles 10:24:37
21 519 Bong Leano 10:24:46
22 555 Jinky Yray (F) 10:52:22
23 556 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 10:52:31
24 557 Chari Sevilla (F) 10:52:31
25 520 Carmeli Ortega (F) 11:21:56
26 521 Nelson Val Caro 11:21:57

Blog’s 2012 In Review By WordPress

4 01 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 320,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 6 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

Result: 4th RIZAL Day 32K Run

3 01 2013

4th RIZAL Day 32K Run/Camp Aguinaldo/4:30 AM December 30, 2012

RANK BIB # N   A     M   E T I M E 
1 544 Jerry Adap (Champion) 2:37:46
2 516 Alfred Delos Reyes (1st Runner-Up) 2:39:54
3 596 Jerome Bautista (2nd Runner-Up) 2:40:10
4 595 Jose Randy Duenas 2:41:55
5 563 Jon Las Bruce 2:46:43
6 801 Graciano Santos 2:50:13
7 421 Cesar De Guzman 2:50:18
8 614 Arvin Galus 2:50:36
9 425 Roy Fuentes 2:50:45
10 429 Mark Rodica 2:54:00
11 892 Benedict Balaba 2:56:35
12 627 Jan Imperio 2:56:38
13 700 Junrox Roque 2:58:14
14 587 Philip Le Roux 2:58:23
15 444 Ronnel Go 2:59:25
16 528 Roberto Delos Santos 2:59:50
17 521 Mark Terrado 2:59:55
18 522 Mark Hernandez 3:01:43
19 410 Bob Castilla 3:08:24
20 558 Vergilio Bellen Jr 3:08:47
21 553 Jose Rico Gonzales 3:08:56
22 407 Randy Miranda 3:09:01
23 419 Camilla Brooks (Female Champion) 3:09:12
24 526 Vallen Co (1st Runner-Up, Female) 3:09:45
25 449 Noel Arellano 3:11:46
26 559 Carlito Buenaventura 3:12:04
27 543 Percival Dictado 3:14:09
28 551 Ruben Pascual 3:14:14
29 509 Angelo Maravilla 3:18:10
30 510 Wesley Noel Orana 3:18:11
31 575 Tommy Tan 3:19:00
32 403 Miguelito Capio 3:19:25
33 441 Kristian Mark Ison 3:19:43
34 406 Raffy Gabotero 3:19:54
35 792 JB Balaba 3:20:02
36 585 Ernesto Badong 3:20:13
37 576 Larry Daliwag 3:20:21
38 900 Sandy Alentajan 3:22:58
39 505 Zaldy Santillan 3:23:22
40 828 Henry Laron 3:24:27
41 540 Zen Cagulangan 3:25:14
42 420 Abel Ngo 3:28:56
43 514 Alwyn Sy 3:29:30
44 616 Alvin Adriano 3:30:04
45 422 Argie Lubon 3:30:12
46 626 Michael Flores 3:30:40
47 615 Fritze Andre Espinosa 3:31:29
48 800 Carl Balagot 3:32:56
49 523 Tin Ferrera (2nd Runner-Up, Female) 3:33:39
50 524 Ejercito Suyo 3:33:53
51 341 Macky Chamorro 3:34:00
52 342 Haydee Ann Chamorro (F) 3:34:01
53 513   3:34:18
54 508 Mavic Buada (F) 3:35:40
55 416 Tess Leono (F) 3:35:52
56 471 Natalie Ng (F) 3:36:33
57 614 Arvin Gales 3:37:15
58 561 Angie Lacaba (F) 3:37:17
59 578 Arnie Almero 3:37:40
60 607 Mark Anthony Delumen 3:38:57
61 423 Den Saluta 3:39:05
62 591 Jerry Adriano 3:39:20
63 541 Peter Ng 3:39:50
64 438 Roberto Dela Cruz 3:39:58
65 567 Jess Laxamana 3:40:09
66 573 Alexander Cruz 3:40:10
67 568 Lino Nicolas 3:40:11
68 506 Gia Estrella (F) 3:40:56
69 529 Joseph Sibal 3:41:08
70 602 Melchor Danes 3:42:08
71 427 Mark Chico 3:43:33
72 507 Michelle Angela Maravilla (F) 3:43:51
73 580 Kharl Ocampo 3:44:02
74 467 Jennylee Malijan (F) 3:44:12
75 439 Peterson Ong 3:44:18
76 435 Louie Rosales 3:44:19
77 606 Benny Jabanes 3:44:27
78 611 Glenn Joseph Protacio 3:44:45
79 636 Reagan Mollero 3:45:22
80 555 Vans Quiza 3:46:08
81 430 Abet Ocampo (F) 3:46:18
82 530 Johann Marquez 3:47:59
83 500 Ben Silva 3:48:27
84 692 Nicolai Pinto 3:48:38
85 517 Bald Runner 3:48:44
86 621 Jason Sison 3:48:49
87 542 Rolly De Juan 3:49:33
88 584 Henry Marchan 3:49:42
89 468 Michael Delarmente 3:50:02
90 539 Rodell Mendoza 3:50:57
91 432 Jaylord Ballao 3:51:44
92 537 Ricardo Mallari 3:52:01
93 409 Darryl Panado 3:53:16
94 462 Michael Lafuente 3:53:44
95 608 Yniguez Ysmael Uy 3:54:19
96 624 Caryll Ferrer (F) 3:54:23
97 623 Mark Jayson Antonio 3:54:24
98 442 Adel Torres 3:54:49
99 592 Celito Jose Macachor 3:55:58
100 515 Francisco Mallillin Jr 3:56:10
101 888 Ellen Solosod (F) 3:57:37
102 777 Ipe Mascarenas 3:57:39
103 431 Margarita Matibag (F) 3:59:08
104 534 Cliff Ivan Roda 4:01:31
105 457 Mark Conrad Molina 4:02:51
106 590 Geraldine Kun (F) 4:04:31
107 451 Arlo Monsato 4:05:16
108 556 Arvin Vincent Palomar 4:05:38
109 306   4:05:45
110 311 Leah Jingco (F) 4:05:55
111 577 Jerry Escolta 4:05:58
112 461 Jody Jacinto 4:05:59
113 464 Russell Hernandez 4:06:11
114 466 Mark Anthony Real 4:06:12
115 417 Yolly Barja (F) 4:06:21
116 412 Rogelio Palma 4:06:21
117 564 Karlene Sebastian (F) 4:06:40
118 565 Calvin John Escandor 4:06:41
119 533 Arceli Naval (F) 4:07:11
120 637 Chansiu Ping 4:07:43
121 597 Angela Racoma (F) 4:09:07
122 453 Danica Linda Mancenido (F) 4:09:08
123 518 Martin Kare 4:09:30
124 583 Jonah Rivera 4:09:52
125 711 Manny Ocampo 4:11:04
126 535 Ronald Sugapong 4:12:55
127 538 Noel Villoso 4:12:56
128 504 Ma. Theresa Pascual (F) 4:13:02
129 428 Milette Rances (F) 4:15:08
130 448 Ryan Ramos 4:17:14
131 605 Jeffrey Furigay 4:17:43
132 400 Teresa Generoso (F) 4:18:01
133 511 Katrina Constantino (F) 4:19:13
134 569 Toto Velmonte 4:19:52
135 570 Quito San Agustin 4:19:53
136 460 Ron Caringal 4:19:54
137 598 Stephanie Hefti (F) 4:21:04
138 572 Allenstein Co 4:21:06
139 459 Gerson Yuson 4:21:24
140 519 Marites Templado (F) 4:21:51
141 481 Kathleen Fresnido (F) 4:21:52
142 426 Donald Ausa 4:22:04
143 463 Elwar Jun Valdez 4:22:17
144 613 Gigay Gochianco (F) 4:22:37
145 452 Jun Ramos 4:22:49
146 440 Mye Ramos (F) 4:22:59
147 413 Llooyd Chuah 4:23:09
148 593 Joy Morano (F) 4:23:52
149 447 Hector Padrigo 4:24:14
150 450 Juvy Solabo (F) 4:24:15
151 458 Dionimar Maldo 4:24:16
152 594 Manuel Morano Jr 4:25:16
153 586 Macky Delima 4:27:56
154 620 Adrian Florendo 4:29:20
155 411 Mark Lloyd Gallardo 4:30:28
156 456 Linton Lim 4:30:34
157 545 Jordee Queddeng 4:31:28
158 434 Reynato Mercado 4:31:30
159 589 Lucas Lorenz 4:32:14
160 557 Richelle Perez (F) 4:33:39
161 603 Bong Sumicad 4:35:50
162 566 Noel Malco 4:36:49
163 491 Yang Yang Ng 4:38:02
164 502 Au Cruz (F) 4:38:15
165 546 Oscar Cosme 4:38:38
166 581 Nap Ocampo 4:39:22
167 554 Shirleen Sharma (F) 4:42:12
168 612 Fernando Labrador 4:42:40
169 437 Wilson John Barbon 4:42:50
170 526 Marvin Pangan 4:43:12
171 560 Ryan Mamaril 4:43:42
172 550 Vanessa Chan (F) 4:45:34
173 527 Efren Martinez 4:46:21
174 331 Vince Cruz 4:46:35
175 532 Ven Capili 4:47:20
176 405 Joseph Ligot 4:48:10
177 548 Dennis Que Pe 4:50:36
178 549 Jennifer Que Pe (F) 4:50:49
179 609 Roselyn Crizaldo (F) 4:51:01
180 446 Jennifer Bayani (F) 4:51:17
181 635 Rona Saludes (F) 4:52:14
182 619 Hermie Saludes 4:52:34
183 629 Kerwin Ng 4:53:46
184 628 Francis Pua 4:53:47
185 622 Leo Malagar 4:56:53
186 408 Carmeli Ortega (F) 4:57:09
187 433 Potch Redillas Manatlao 4:58:17
188 436 Ma. Theresa Villanueva (F) 5:00:19
189 610 Justin Josef Gomez 5:01:31
190 579 Nikko Peralta 5:02:20
191 503 Sherillyn Raga (F) 5:02:22
192 617 Mary Ng (F) 5:03:38
193 588 Lyra Rosario (F) 5:07:28
194 445 Raul Punzal 5:09:24
195 599 Jeyson De Ocampo 5:11:27
196 547 Joy Cayabyab (F) 5:25:14
197 582 Paul Pajo 5:25:56
198 414 Aladin Cordero 5:51:56
199 415 Carrie Cordero (F) 5:51:57
200 625 Glenda Jose (F) 5:55:46

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