Champions & New Course Record Holders

Marcelo Bautista broke the course record and was awarded as the Champion in the 2nd edition of the Clark-Miyamit 50-Mile Trail Run (CM50) with a time of 11:09:28 hours, breaking the old course record by 2 hours & almost 20 minutes. On the shorter distance event, Danin Arenzana also broke the Men’s Course Record in the Clark-Miyamit 60K Trail Run with a time of 9:15:37 hours, missing at least one minute/few seconds to break the course record of 9:14 hours. Official Results are posted here.

Marcelo On The Left, Danin In Team BR Shirt

Both runners are members of the Team Bald Runner Ultra Racing. This ultrarunning event is the seventh successive win for Marcelo since April of this year. This is also Danin’s first Championship win in an ultra trail event after he won his first podium finish as 1st Runner-Up in the 1st Mt Ugo Trail Marathon (42K) last April of this year.

Marcelo Approaching The Finish Line
Danin Approaching The Finish Line

The plan for the race was for the two runners to finish strong and be able to break the existing course record. They delivered and their accomplishments were very commendable.

Congratulations to Marcelo and Danin!


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