Result: 1st BR’s Laoag BEER Mile

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s BEER Mile held in Laoag City at the Provincial Oval Track & Athletic Ground o/a 8:00 AM August 12, 2012.

RANK N   A   M   E T   I  M  E
1 Roger Nartatez 9:19
2 Jhoneley Ballesteros 9:37
3 Numeriano Dela Cruz 13:10
4 Vernal Verlim 14:35
5 Steve Paul Dumlao 15:52
6 Ace Guerrero 17:20
7 Chester Puno 18:12
8 Kenken Sacro 19:30
9 Herdy Yumul 20:12
10 Jorge Guerrero 21:17
11 Tom Baniwas 24:17
12 Aaron Dondoyano 30:40
13 Sandy Matias 30:41
Ilocano Beer Mile Runners
Official Finishers Of The 1st Laoag City BR’s BEER Mile

Congratulations To All The Participants & Finishers!

One thought on “Result: 1st BR’s Laoag BEER Mile

  1. Lol ‘Bald Runners’ Beer mile run. Perhaps Beermile should be a novelty event at the national open that way we would get more people to watch a bunch of drunks run around the stadium. Also throw in Mascot races (people dressed as UST Tiger, Cherifer etc) to add to the novelty of the event.


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