Pinoy Ultrarunners’ Pride

Three days before the conduct of the 2012 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, I made a post on this blog explaining about the significance of the said event to all the runners, specifically to ultrarunners. I specifically mentioned that we have a local Pinoy ultrarunner for the first time to participate in this event, Atty Jonnifer Lacanlale, whom I mentioned his past significant ultrarunning accomplishments on the following link.

With all the drama and the suspense along the 100-mile route, Atty Jonnifer Lacanlale and his pacer, Rick Gaston finished the race in 29:50:33 hours, barely 10 minutes before the cut-off time of 30 hours. Another Filipino living in California, Jose San Gabriel, sealed the list of Official Finishers as the last runner with barely 2 minutes before the race was closed.

I will let Atty Jonnifer Lacanlale and Rick Gaston write and tell their own story about their 2012 WS 100 experiences in their respective blogs. You can click Ultrarunning & Beyond and 365 Ultra on my Blogroll for their blogs and hoping that they will post their respective story in the next few days.

With a request posted at Facebook for anybody who could relay the good news to the media, Maria Arnie Sheila Garde, came up with a news article on the Internet which is hopefully to be printed in the local daily news. The following is the link:

Another Pinoy Ultrarunner and writer to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Haide Acuna, promised me that she will make also another news story for the said daily newspaper. This is her news story:

2012 Western States 100 will forever be remembered in the history of the event as well among ultrarunner in the world due to the following:

1. This the second coldest edition of the event. The coldest edition was in 1991.

2. The Course Record established by Geoff Roes in 2010 edition with a time of 15:07:04 was broken by the two top finishers—Timothy Olson in 14:46:46 hours and Ryan Sandes in 15:03:56 hours.

3. The Ladies’ Course Record of Ann Trason established in the 1994 edition with a time of 17:37:51 hours was broken by Ellie Greenwood with a Finish Time of 16:47:19 hours.

4. Dave Mackey, 42 years old, broke the Masters Course Record set by Tsuyoshi Kaburaki of Japan in last year’s edition (16:07:04 hours) with an impressive time of 15:53:36 hours. He finished fourth (4th) Overall in this year’s edition.

5. Six (6) runners finished below 16 hours. 316 finished; 66 runners DNFed with 382 starters. 148 Finishers got the Silver Buckle Award for finishing sub-24 hours.

6. Atty Jonnifer Lacanlale is the FIRST Local Pinoy Ultrarunner to Finish the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.

I will not be surprised if Atty Jonnifer Lacanlale will attempt to improve his finish time in the next WS 100 editions to come. His feat inspires us to fight to the end up to the last drop of our strength and will power. A character that is truly Pinoy in nature!

Mabuhay Ang Pinoy!

Pacer Rick Gaston & Atty Jon Lacanlale @ The Finish Area (Photo by Rick Gaston)

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