Dream Race

I was surprised when Jael Wenceslao, one of the 1st BDM 160 Finishers, posted a picture on Facebook a portion of one of the pages of the latest edition of the Runners World Magazine Philippine Edition. Since I have not seen the actual page or have with me a copy of the said magazine, my information was based from the status posted by Jael.

BDM Ultramarathon: Dream Race

It appears that a survey was conducted by the Magazine to Pinoy Runners and the result showed that the BDM Ultramarathon ranked with the two most prestigious Marathon Races in the World—Boston & New York City Marathon.

I was overwhelmed with joy and at the same time worried that my vision to make this race as the “Comrades Ultra Marathon” in Asia is coming to reality at a faster pace as compared from my personal conservative expectations. I could not imagine how the race would look like when you have at least 500 runners or more in it. As of now, the race takes its form by increment and maintains to be a road race by invitation only.

As an expression of gratitude and a way of giving back to the community, most especially to all the endurance athletes in the country, I am offering FREE ENTRY to all PINOY FINISHERS of the 2011 KONA IRONMAN to the 2012 Edition of the BDM 102K. In addition, PINOY FINISHERS in the 2011 TNF Ultra Marathon Mont Blanc 100-Mile Run; ultra runners former PNP Director Samuel Tucay (Ret.), Fr. Robert Reyes, Cesar Guarin, Joy Roxas, and Fr Picx Picardal will be invited also for free entry in the said event.

If you think you are considered as one of the TOP 5 Pinoy Runner-Bloggers, please contact me as I might as well give you a FREE ENTRY to the 2012 BDM 102K which will be held on March 3-4, 2012.

Thanks for your support. Let us make BDM Races known throughout the world!

Bataan Death March (BDM) is in the Philippines and not in any other country!


3 thoughts on “Dream Race

  1. nerilim

    Boston and NYC marathons are like festivities. Thousands of runners, loud and big crowd, lots of food/drinks and support. BDM is more of meditating and reflection about the hardships the Phil-Am soldiers underwent.
    If I can only pick one last race before I die, it will be the BDM again.


  2. Thanks for the invitation, General. It is an honor to be invited to the 2012 BDM 102 k. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why I won’t be able to accept the invitation. I’ve been too busy with my work and I haven’t been been doing enough running lately – so, I don’t think I will be prepared to run/walk the race at a pace that will allow me to finish within the cut-off time. The rules also does not fit my style of running/walking: having a support vehicle/crew, not being allowed to leave the course to buy refreshments, etc. I prefer a solo, unsupported ultra-run/walk adventure for a cause without the pressure of a time-limit or competing with other runners. That’s why I could fulfill my dreams of running/walking across Mindanao, the Camino in Spain and across the Philippines. It is the journey, not the race, that I enjoy and find meaningful. I will still run some marathon races annually (even if I don’t enjoy it), to fulfill a promise I made to myself 30 years ago that I will do it annually until my old age. So a barefoot marathon is what I have in mind next year and then try to break 3:30 before I turn 60 yrs old. Maybe, if the invitation is still open 3-4 years from now, I might do it, but on the condition that you will allow me to run/walk without a support vehicle or crew, allow me to buy bananas and Cobra on sari-sari stores along the way, and allow me to do it for a cause (for life & peace), and allow me to finish beyond the cut-off time. So once again, thanks for the honor of inviting me.


    1. father picx, my invitation has no period of validity and you can join the race when you are capable to finish it within the prescribed cut-off time. hope to see you soon for additional info on the camino. good luck in your work.


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