A Glimpse Of Headlands

The following pictures were taken from Frank’s Photos at PCT Trail Runs Website (www.pctrailruns.com) and Ingrid Taylar’s Photos at www.sanfrancisco.about.com @ Marin Headlands Trails Website.

Wolf Ridge Trail
(Rocky) Road Stairs Leading to Coastal Trail
A View of the Start/Finish Area @ Vicinity Camp Cronkhite Barracks
Miwok Trail Signage
Don't Get Lost Here!
Watch Your Front & Back!!!
A View of the Vista Point & Golden Gate Bridge at SCA Trail
Coastal Trail. Hold the Wires Or Else You Will Be Thrown By Strong Winds!
"The Bridge" @ Rodeo Beach

 The Miwok 100K and Headlands Hundred-Mile Runs are the most popular mountain trail ultra runs being done on these trails at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. These are ultra trail races which are good entry-level for ultra trail runs that would qualify you for the next year’s Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.

By the way, this is Erick Gaston’s playground!!!


One thought on “A Glimpse Of Headlands

  1. Whoever tagged that sign in the first picture should be stripped naked and forced to run the trails without shoes or water. No respect for property!

    Anyway it was quite a pleasant surprise to see you and the timing was perfect. I had just pulled up to the aid station, at first I could not believe my eyes it was you. Good to have finally met you in person. Glad you enjoyed my home trails. Usually I run from San Francisco and spend 3 to 4 hours on those hills before returning home. I love this place and the trails further north to Mt. Tam where there is more tree cover and the trails become soft but filled with roots and rocks. A treat for all trail runners.


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