Pictures: Laguna Lake 200K Ultramarathon Relay

May 1-2, 2010/From Pasig City to Sta Cruz, Laguna on the 1st day and back, passing through the towns of Pagsanjan-Lumban-Mabitac-Jalajala-Tanay-Binangonan-Taytay, Rizal

The following pictures were taken on the first day of the Relay Race from Tiendesitas, Pasig City to Sucat, Muntinlupa up to Sta Rosa, Laguna-Calamba-Los Banos-Calauan-Santa Cruz, Laguna.

Team BR-Professionals With Ed "Vertek" Buenavista of the PAF-Brooks Team
Chairman Ed Manda of LLDA Led The Opening Ceremony Before The start of the Race
The Most Hardcore Runners at the Starting Line
And There They Go! 5 Runners; 5 Segments; & A Total of 100K On 1st Day
Rene Desuyo Finishing 3rd On The 1st Segment
2nd Runner Jack Espana
Nhea-ann Barcena as our Lady Runner/4th Runner
Alquin Bolivar, our 5th & last runner leaving the last transition area

 This particular Elite Team Bald Runner placed 3rd in rank after the race’s 1st day/leg was declared finished and another Elite Team Bald Runner finished 4th Place on the first day, too! My fastest team finished the 1st day leg of 100K distance in 5:45+ hours. The other Elite Team Bald Runner finished the 1st leg in 6:01+ hours.

The two teams of the Team Bald Runner-Professionals were able to finish the 1st leg within the prescribed cut-off time of 10 hours. Out of the 18 teams, 4 teams were DNFed at the end of the ist day of the race.

All the runners were provided with meals, softdrinks and lots of water during their overnight stay at the Laguna Provincial Sports Complex in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Almost all the runners slept at the said Complex.

At 8:30 PM, all the runners were already on their bed and ready to sleep as they were expected to be served with breakfast as early as 4:00 AM the following day.

It was announced that the race shall start on the second day at 5:30 AM as the race shall cover a distance of 110 kilometers to the Finish Line.

The 2nd day event was full of drama up to the Finish Line.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Pictures: Laguna Lake 200K Ultramarathon Relay

  1. iahisip

    Congratulations again to Elite Team Bald Runners!! Being in the same race w/ the best runners in the Philippines can be intimidating but nevertheless inspiring! Although the race had multiple logistical problems, it was still an enjoyable experience. The alliance and camaraderie among runners was also great to watch. I kind of miss spending the day in a cramped up vehicle. Hehe 🙂 Good job to the Manager/Driver/Support/Coach in one! Whew


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