More Pictures; Violations of Rules @ BDM 50K Test Run & Reminders

1. On D-Day, all the Support Vehicles will proceed at vicinity Km Post #7 to wait for their respective runners once they drop off at the Starting Area at Km Post #00.

2. All runners should maintain a single file along the route of the race. This rule was violated on the first 7 kilometers of the route.

3. Runners are not allowed to approach their support vehicle, except when they want to rest. Their support crew should be able to hand in their needs while they are on the left side of the road. Proper coordination between the runner and his/her support crew spells a lot of difference in an ultra race like the BDM.

4. It is no longer allowed to leave the route to eat and buy drinks in convenience stores and fastfood restaurants during the race. Advise your support crew to buy the needed food or items and let him/her give you along the way. Better yet, plan ahead for your hydration and food intake and have these items stocked in your support vehicle. However, in case of emergency, like going to the restroom, this will be an exemption.

5. The race on D-Day will start at exactly 12:00 Midnight of Saturday, March 6, 2010.

6. Each runner shall be responsible to provide its own first aid kit, headlight, flashlight, reflectorized vest, and extra batteries during the race. The use of reflectorized vest and flashlight/headlight is highly recommended on the first 5 hours of the race as it will be dark along the way.

7. Train your bowel movement for the early part of the race as most of the gasoline service stations and restaurants will still be closed. We don’t have the luxury to deploy portalets along the route. Better yet, take some immodium/diatab tablets before the start of the race.

8. We intend to have an Aid Station at Kilometer Post #50 where we will serve hot arroz caldo, hot noodle soup and boiled sweet potato/banana/eggs exclusively for the runners. The halfway mark will serve also as the only “drop bag” area along the route.

9. We don’t intend to impose any proper attire for the race. Runner can use his/her prefered apparel for the race. The Race Organizer will not be giving race shirt or singlet for the event. Make sure that the race bib will be displayed visible on the front of the runner’s shirt or shorts. Runner will not be penalized for running without a shirt, provided that his race bib is pinned on the front part of his shorts.

10. It is suggested that runner can use light-colored or white shirt during the race as these colors don’t absorb so much heat from the sun. Provide yourself also with lots of sponge which can be soaked to cold water and used as sprinkler of cold water to your head and body. Better yet, get a bottle sprayer which you can fill with cold water and have your support crew use it to spray you with water while you are running. This is not a joke, from time to time, spray or pour cold water on your core & groin areas, too!

11. For further advise and tips in order to finish the BDM 102, please refer to my previous posts on my experience about this race. Browse also the blogs of Bugobugo85, run2dmoon, runnerforchrist, and other runner-bloggers.

12. Remember, your main objective in this race is to be able to finish within the 18-hour cut-off time and enjoy the experience.

Good luck and Have Fun!!!

7 thoughts on “More Pictures; Violations of Rules @ BDM 50K Test Run & Reminders

  1. Aside from the ultramarathon runners, I wish the best of luck to you & team Bald Runner in organizing this very big & memorable event! 😀 I could just imagine the time & effort needed to set up this kind of race.


    1. kingofpots

      we don’t get rich in this kind of ultrarunning event but due to our love and passion in running, this has to be done to remember our heroes. if there is comrades marathon in africa, we should be prouder to have a BDM 102 in asia.


  2. kingofpots be clear about the start time, the assembly time will be 11:00 PM of saturday, March 6 and the start time will be 00:00 of sunday, march 7. end of the race will be at 6:00 PM of sunday, march 7.


  3. limsg

    wow.. i’m excited for all the participants of the 2nd BDM 102. Good luck everyone and be safe. i hope i can join this next year. gotta start training now. 🙂


  4. runnerforchrist

    Thanks for the plug. Rest assured that in my own little way, I’ll share whatever I knew so that I can be of a ‘help’ for those newbies in ultra-running.
    I’ll devote the entire month of February in writing about ultra-marathon in my blog (with the exception of Condura recap). Since, this 2nd edition BDM will be my 5th Ultra-marathons, I have at least a little knowledge and experience to share, hoping it could be ‘helpful and beneficial’ to all concerned.
    Above all…PRAY and enjoy. 😀


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