Guidelines: 2nd BDM 50K “Test Run”

Runners who are intending to run and participate in the 2nd BDM 102 on March 6-7 are highly encouraged to join the 2nd BDM 50K “test run”. For those who can not make it in this “test run” on 23 January 2010 (Saturday), it is their personal responsibility to conduct a “walk-through” or “test run” on their own before race day.

One of the glaring lessons learned during the conduct of the 1st BDM 102 was for the runners to know the exact route of the race especially on the first 50 kilometers of the race where everybody was running under darkness. Some of the leading runners were not able to accurately went through some roads that led to the other kilometer post markings of the Bataan Death March’s original route. And some did not mind going inside the towns of Limay and Orion and instead ran along the Roman National Highway, shaving off considerable distance from the race.

In order to be fair to everybody and accurately run through the exact route of the BDM, the “test run” will be conducted from Km #0 in Mariveles, Bataan up to Km #50 in Abucay, Bataan on January 23, 2010. The assembly time will be at 6:00 AM at the Bataan Death March Shrine in Mariveles, Bataan. The test run will immediately start at 6:30 AM.

It is in this “test run” that the new rules and regulations will be tested and applied and it is a must for the participants to bring their respective support vehicle and for them to run on the left side of the road, facing the incoming traffic. There will be no pacers and runners shall run on a single file on the edge of the road. If runners would be able to bring their support crew, it would be better.
Runners in this “test run” are not allowed to display banners and tarpaulins of their respective corporate sponsors. However, I will allow the runners to display the banners or tarpaulins of their respective running clubs or groups. The running groups with names of products are strictly not allowed.

Due to the unavailability of ambulance or medical personnel to assist in this run, the runners are advised to bring appropriate FIRST AID KITS in case of any injuries or emergencies during the run.
Km Post #7 & Vicinity
After the start of the run, the drivers of support vehicles are advised to immediately proceed to the vicinity of Kilometer Post #7 where there is an ample space where the vehicles would park and wait for their runners. Support vehicles will be advised NOT to “leapfrog” from Kilometer Post #1 to Kilometer Post #7 because of the lack of road shoulders most especially from Km Post #3 to Km Post #7. With this situation, the runners are also advised to bring their hydration belt with them on the first 7 kilometers of the route.
Km Post #14. Turn Right Towards Brgy Mountain View, Cabcaben
The first critical intersection or Y-road is at Kilometer Post #14 that goes inside Barangay Mountain View, Balantasan, Cabcaben, Bataan. All the runners should turn right on this road and be able to reach Km Post #16 as runners would go back to the main highway.
Km Post # 31. Road from Poblacion Limay, Bataan


The second intersection is at Kilometer Post #23 where the runners must turn right towards the Limay’s National Power Corporation and Limay’s Poblacion. Runners must be able to run again along the main highway after reaching Kilometer Post #31.

The third and last critical intersection is at Kilometer Post #32 where all the runners must turn right again towards the Municipality of Pilar. On this road, the runners would be able to reach Balanga and Abucay. The Finish Area is at the vicinity of Kilometer Post #50 near the Abucay Public Market.

All these critical instersections will be properly marked with yellow-colored ribbons.

Runners are also advised to be careful and completely stop and observe the incoming traffic on both sides of the road/highway before crossing the highway and towards these intersections along the route.

After running through this part of the route (Km #0 to Km #50), the runners would be able to memorize and be confident to run through these intersections even during darkness which will be the actual situation during the race.

From Km Post #50, while they are on their way back to Manila, they could travel along the rest of the route up to the Finish Line at Km Post #102 in San Fernando, Pampanga. The route inside the Poblacion of Guagua, Pampanga is recommended to be seen by the runners. ( A Pit Stop to taste Razon’s Halo-Halo in Guagua would be a nice treat to the runners’ tired leg muscles!!!)
The local runners who will join their first BDM 102 race are highly encouraged to join this “test run”, moreso, to those who will be running their first ultra distance.
A Race Bib will be issued to each runner before the start of the “test run” and it should be displayed visibly infront of their shirt or shorts. Although this is not a formal race, every runner will have a registered finish time for the “test run”.
See you at Km Post #0 on the early morning of January 23. Good luck to everybody.
(Note: Please leave a comment if you intend to join the “test run” so that we can prepare the number of Race Bibs)

38 thoughts on “Guidelines: 2nd BDM 50K “Test Run”

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  2. miraclecello

    BR, your group may want to submit a list of the participants to the Mariveles police. It’s standard trailhead practice for mountain climbers so there is proper accounting should a rescue be needed later on. This BDM activity also involves a certain level of risk.


  3. jigzsaw

    sir, i’ll join the test run. 1 question, i have a friend who wants to join too for the test run only, he’s not registered on the actual bdm 102km. can he join the test run? he just want to try to run an ultra. tnx.

    please reserve me #358 if available. also want this number to be my official number on the actual race if you grant. tnx sir.


  4. albu040

    Hi sir,

    I will join the test run on January 23.
    I haven’t received any e-mail of the registration form yet.

    Thank you sir.

    Alvin Adriano


  5. ripley22

    for overseas runners, we would like to know if we are in the main race… otherwise, no point to take part in the test run… we would also need to know how to get to the philippines, how to arrange for accommodations, etc… does anyone knows?


    1. kingofpots

      for overseas runners, there is no need to join the test run. please arrange your travel to the philippines thru your travel agent or travel agency. be sure to arrange also your support vehicle with car rental agencies.


  6. eagleinvictus

    Greetings BR!

    These individuals will join the test run

    1. Junar Layug
    2. Allen Gaspar
    3. Mark Hernandez
    4. Blas Tiangco
    5. Christian Oting
    6. Ronnel Go
    7. Angel Henson
    8. John Paul Bautista



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