“Back To The Slope” #3 (2nd Week)

1. This is my second week of my training cycle. I am still with my base training after slowly recovering from a chronic muscle tear injury on my peroneus-calf muscle (left leg).

2. After experimenting on using Adidas’ Climacool & Adizero Racing Shoes in my past Marathon Races (MILO Finals, SIM, & Pasig River), I am going back to my dependable and more stable ASICS Gel Shoes. Since I started this training cycle, I’ve been using my ASICS Kayano-14 and Kanbarra-4. For my light and recovery runs at the oval track, I use my NIKE Lunaracer. The ASICS provide me with better stability and comfort during my base training.                                                                                                                          

ASICS Gel-Kanbarra 4
ASICS Gel-Kayano 14

3. I was able to run a total of 61 kilometers for the week. The following was my daily workout for the 2nd week:

Dec 21 (Monday)—-8K easy run at the ULTRA Oval Track with an average pace of 6:48 mins per km
Dec 22 (Tuesday)—-8.5K easy run with 100-meter faster pace every lap at the oval track at an average pace of 6:23 mins per km
Dec 23 (Wednesday)—-10K easy run at the BHS Loop with an average pace of 7:22 mins per km
Dec 24 (Thursday)—-8.5K easy run at The Fort with an average pace of 6:47 mins per km
Dec 25 (Friday)—-13K easy run at The Fort & McKinley Hill with an average pace of 6:28 mins per km
Dec 26 (Saturday)—-13K easy run at the UP Diliman Loop with an average pace of 6:22 mins per km
Dec 27 (Sunday)—-Rest
4. I made sure to do my warm-up/cool-down and stretching exercises before and after my runs. All of these daily workouts were done early in the morning (starting at 5:30 AM and ending at 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM). For this week, I did a lot of “high-knees”, bounding steps, and faster stair runs for my strengthening drills. For my daily nutrition after workout, I have to eat within 30 minutes to one hour. My meal consists of steamed rice & two pieces of fried egss, lots of fresh ripe bananas, and one serving of hot MILO “3-in-1 For Adults” Drinks!
5. One drill that I introduced for this week is what athletes call as “burpees” or in the military, it is called “squat thrust”. It is an exercise that combines “squats” and “push-ups”. I did 20 repetitions. It can be shown on the following pictures, step-by-step:
First, Stand Erect with Feet Apart or Together
Bring Down the Whole Body & Place Hands Infront of Your Feet
Thrust Your Legs Backwards & Do Push-Up
Thrust Your Legs Forward & Stand Erect To Complete 1 Repetition

There are so many variants of this exercise. However, the steps I’ve mentioned (squat thrust + push-up) is the basic “burpee” exercise. You can jump upwards or leap forward once you bring your body back to the starting position for a higher intensity drill.

Lesson #3: Rule of Thumb In Increasing Mileage—10% of your previous week’s total mileage. Abruptly increasing your weekly mileage to more than 10% of your previous week’s mileage will result to overtraining and/or the possibility of a running-related injury.

Note: If you are a beginner or serious runner, you have to maintain a Runner’s Diary or Log where you can write your distance, time, heart’s pulse rate, weight, and other data related to your running workout. I suggest also that you try to sign in with www.dailymile.com and try to be motivated with your friends who have registered in the said site.


4 thoughts on ““Back To The Slope” #3 (2nd Week)

  1. mondp

    Nice to know that youre back in the groove sir. I enjoy reading your post specially the drills I even practice it as my core stability training.


  2. sidrks

    ooohhh burpees.. Thanks for sharing this sir jovie! I remember my badminton trainings before. This is a very good exercise. I think what’s added in the burpee vs the military squat thrust is the star jump after you stand up again. More power sir! Happy Holidays!


  3. eightdreams

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    Bid Start : $118 : The proceed will be donated to Bataan Death March Ultramarathon Funds
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