Final Instructions: RIZAL DAY RUN

1. Assembly Time is 5:00 AM and the Gun Start is 5:30 AM. Assembly Area is at the Grandstand of Camp Aguinaldo.

2. There will be two Aid Stations along the 7K-loop, at the vicinity 3K & 6K. Aid Stations will serve Water & Gatorade. Bite Foods like Cookies, Crackers, Choco Bites, and Fresh Fruits will be served starting on the 3rd Loop. Please do not throw your litter along the route. There will be trash bags/cans placed within the vicinity of each Water Station.

3. Members of the Elite Team Bald Runner will act as PACERS for the leading runner/s. Elmer Sabal will be the PACER for the leading Male Runner/s while Reynaldo De Los Reyes will be the PACER for the leading Female Runner/s.

3. There will be marshals/BR elite athletes who will be giving wrist bands to every runner along the route. Every finisher must have four (4) wrist bands visibly seen or worn on their arm as he/she crosses the finish line. Any runner with the lacking number of wrist bands will not be entitled to be given a Finisher’s Medal & Certificate.

4. Parking Areas are available at the sides of the Grandstand; infront & vicinity of the AFPCOC (Officers Club); and at the St Ignatius Cathedral. Make sure that your valuables are not displayed in your car. Secure your things and make sure that your car is locked. There had been no reports of “bukas-kotse” inside Camp Aguinaldo in the past but there is always the possibility of “first time”! Remember that suspects in “bukas-kotse” in past races are also runners!

5. If you are arriving at Camp Aguinaldo before 5:00 AM, you must enter at Gate #1 along Santolan/Boni Serrano Avenue as it is the only gate open 24 hours. Gate #3 along EDSA and other gates open at 5:00 AM. Just tell the MP Guards that you are participating the RIZAL DAY Run organized by General Narcise (Retired). (Note: The MP guards do not know the Bald Runner!!!)

6. Comfort Rooms are available at the back of the Grandstand and at the Daza Park, in-between Km #3 & Km #4.

7. The 32K route will entail 4 loops of the course (7K-loop) plus 2/3 of the 5th loop. Road Marshals will be positioned on critical crossroads to make sure that each runner will not get lost on the 5th loop. It is guaranteed that the distance will entail 32K + 500-600 meters. I personally measured the whole course with my GF 305.

8. Baggage Counter will be available at the Public Address System Booth located at the Grandstand.

9. Be vigilant during your run as the road is shared with vehicles. Although the traffic of vehicles inside the camp early in the morning and during holidays is very light, always look on your sides before crossing the road. Stay away from dogs at the EMs Barrio!

10. My staff, athletes and I are overwhelmed with the support and attendance of runners to this race. This race was intended for serious runners left behind in Manila during the Holiday vacation and who will be joining the Cebu Marathon, Condura Marathon and the 2nd BDM 102 as we planned for a maximum of 150 runners. As of this writing, we have already accepted 350 runner-participants. Thanks to all those who registered for this run.

11. There are only 168 Finisher’s Medals made by “Bernal Engravers” before their workers went on vacation for the holidays. So, for those who will not get their Finisher’s Medal after the race, they will get their respective medal during the first road race of January 2010. 

12. If I will not have any chance to thank those “runners & friends” who supported this race, let me take this opportunity to thank the following: Bugobugo85 & Team Hardcore; HINGS Running Club; Reinier Pacific; Tintin aka Timothy/Right Sources; Carrey; Eugene & Isko; Jinoe, Quennie & peeps; Brig Gen Felipe Tabas Jr & GHQ & HSC/Camp Aguinaldo; volunteers; and the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner.

13. See you at the Starting Line. Take it easy and have fun! Happy New Year to Everybody!


3 thoughts on “Final Instructions: RIZAL DAY RUN

  1. Maxrunner

    350 runners is indeed more than 100% of the original target, support is overwhelming and one of the underlying reasons being that this is a fantastic way to greet the new year with a 32K distance run (no pressures) enjoying it with beer and best of all with the company of friends who share the same passion.

    Wish i was there to join in the celebration, however i still send my advance congratulations and well wishes for the new year to the BR, Team Baldrunner, Team Hardcore, Takbo.PH, Bards, Jaymie, Marga, Team T2, all bloggers and to the rest of the running community.


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