Picture Clipping: BDM 102

In last Sunday’s edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Dec 20, 2009), the runner-participants in the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race who posed in a picture taken before the race were featured in a picture posted at the “Sportswatch” section of the said newspaper.

The picture below consists of the 82 “new brave warriors” who started the race from Km #0 in Mariveles, Bataan last April 5, 2009 and finished at Km #102 in San Fernando, Pampanga. Out of the 82 starters (with 8 foreign runners), 63 runners finished the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

News Picture Clip on the 2009 BDM 102

 As of today, there are 167 runner-applicants for the 2nd edition of the BDM 102 which will be held on 6-7 March 2010. In addition, I have reserved 40 slots for the AFP-PNP runners who will join the race.

For the details of registration and rules & regulations for the 2nd edition, please visit www.bataan102.blogspot.com. Applicants for this race should leave a comment at the Bataan 102 Page of this blog by stating their name, age, date of birth, e-mail address, contact number, and last marathon race finished. Last day of application is January 5, 2010.

To the runner-applicants, good luck on your training!


One thought on “Picture Clipping: BDM 102

  1. oneyeartotri

    Sir BR, seems the PR for this activity is all-out! I even heard a radio advertisement about the event! Seems its going to be another great event! Good luck to you and all the participants of the BDM102!!



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