ST Microelectronics’ Running Clinic

 Maia Lazo is an avid runner from the ST Microelectronics. Her office is located in Calamba City and started to send me e-mail messages if I could conduct a Running Clinic in their office in time for the General Assembly of a running club in their office/plant which was created few months ago. We agreed on a schedule where the running lecture and the demonstration/practical portion will be done in one meeting/session.

The running clinic was scheduled on 28 August, Friday, at 5:30 PM as part of the General Assembly of the said running club. This was our 10th edition of our Running Clinic to a corporate company ever since we started this program.

I brought my two Coaches and top runners of the Elite Team Bald Runner as part of the running clinic team as we left Manila at 3:30 PM. A two-hour travel time was enough to anticipate the bad weather prevailing at that time and the traffic along the SLEX and we arrived at the premises of the plant on time. Another 30 minutes were devoted to security protocols imposed on us by the Security Guards/personnel of the establishment ranging from AN1H1 medical check , photo scan, ID check, and camera inspection. The security personnel did not allow to bring with us our digital cameras to the venue of the running clinic. That’s how strict and tight the security protocol of this place.

ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics

 We understand such protocols most especially to such plants/offices which have high standards in cleanliness and the sensitivity of the operations involved in the place. We did not expect that the running club members almost filled the big room which served as our venue. In my estimate, there were almost 60 runner-employees in the audience. It was really a big audience as compared to our past running clinics.

Maia Lazo acted as the Moderator & Emcee of the General Assembly and the activity started with a slideshow presentation of the pictures taken during the club’s daily runs and participation in weekend road races in Metro Manila. The highlight of the presentation was the pictures of its members who joined the Kenny Roger’s Urbanite Run at The Fort. One of the members talked to the audience about his experience during the said race. In short, these runners had fun and enjoyed the experience of joining the said race.

Running Clinic Poster
Running Clinic Poster

 Due to the limited time, I was immediately introduced and I was able to deliver my brief lecture without the aid of a Powerpoint presentation with emphasis on the Basics; “Tips”; and Principles involved in training for Running. It was followed by demonstration on the technical aspects of running with the members of the Elite Team Bald Runners as the demonstrators. Stretching Exercises; Running Drills; Running Form; Forefoot/Midfoot Strike; and Training “tips” were presented and delivered by Coaches Titus Salazar and Rey Antoque. More information were imparted to the audience during the Open Forum where we answered their written questions and concerns. Other topics discussed were about running injuries, sports nutrition, selection of running shoes; and running/training programs for the marathon and lesser distance runs.

STREAK (ST Running Club) & Elite Team Bald Runner
STREAK (ST Running Club) & Elite Team Bald Runner

The picture above only showed one-half of the audience during the running clinic as most of them left after they finished their dinner.

The running clinic and demonstration/practical exercises will surely give better training and preparation for these runners and for sure, most of them will be competitive in the races they will join in the future. For a company located outside Metro Manila to organize a running club is a good sign that running has been slowly spreading as a form of adhering to a healthy and active lifestyle. I always emphasize to my audience that the human body needs to exercise and bring out the sweat so that we can develop a stronger body that could resist diseases and illness.

To Maia Lazo and to the members of the STREAK, thank you very much for supporting my advocacies. Despite the 3-hour traffic along the SLEX on our way back to Metro Manila, our experience and sharing you our knowledge on running gave us the opportunity to know more of the active running clubs outside Metro Manila.

Mommy Milkshake 5K Run

The members of the Elite Team Bald Runner usually meet regularly in a formal meeting together with their Coaches and myself after lunch after a Road Race during Sundays. The other meeting for the week is usually held after our Thursday morning long runs (20-km+ runs). In these meetings, we discuss each member’s training and progress towards a certain race and we also discuss where the members would race, making sure that the top 3 slots will be taken by its members. In one of the meetings, we decided to run the 3rd Mommy Milkshake because it was FREE and we have one of our uniform/T-shirts colored pink/fuschia, the required color of the runner’s apparel for those joining this race.

For the first weekend of this month of September, there was only one road race where the members would race and it was the 3rd Mommy Milkshake Run as the next day’s race would be our 1st MASTERS 15K Run where we are the Race Event Organizer. And so, the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner and Coaches were 100% present in this run. This race was supposed to be a “test run” for me in order to find out if I can run faster and improve my average pace for such distance.

What I liked about this race was the simplicity and the “relax” mood among the runners. Almost all the runners knew each other and there were lots of conversation and “photo-ops”. The atmosphere was very relaxed and I had time to make a prelimary run around the BHS loop prior to the start of the race. Due to slight rains and cool weather, I did not notice that I was able to run a distance of 6 kilometers.

BR, Lester, Mari, Jonel Before the Halfway Mark (Photo Courtesy of The Bull Runner)
BR, Lester, Mari, Jonel Before the Halfway Mark (Photo Courtesy of The Bull Runner)

At the start of the race, I was in the company of the Hardcores led by Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and Lester. Our pace was slow on the first half of the 5K and we agreed to increase our pace on the last half. However, it appeared that we were running at an average pace of 5:13 mpk on the 1st kilometer and later increasing to 4:58 mpk. Before we reached the halfway mark, the Hardcores just increased their pace and slowly left me for good. I was already registering an average pace of 4:30 mpk on the last two kilometers but the guys infront of me kept on going fast and gaining some distance away from me. Finally, I reached the finish line with a time of 23:32 minutes with an average pace of 4:45 minutes per km. I was satisfied with the result of this run and I knew my speed and tempo runs in my workouts were leading to something.

Fuschia-Pink Shirt with Pink Bandana For Mommy Milkshake (Photo Courtesy of Ivy Macainan)
Fuschia-Pink Shirt with Pink Bandana For Mommy Milkshake (Photo Courtesy of Ivy Macainan)

Where can you find a road race without a registration fee and each runner was served with a “healthy” food (sandwiches, DOLE ripe banana, & fruit juice) after the race? And more “freebies” were given in bags to every runner! I think I got a bag full of Nivea products and bottles of mineral water. As this was my first time to join this event, I really appreciate the preparation and the dedication that the Race Organizer had to put in in this kind of event in order to promote running and its advocacy. How I wished I knew the details of what Mommy Milkshake stands for. The race was fun and we enjoyed the camaraderie among the runners.

2nd Running Clinic @ HP

This was the 2nd time that Hewlett-Packard  requested me to conduct a lecture to its employees on the basics and principle of training in running. This was the 9th occassion that the Team Bald Runner conducted a running clinic. This time, the lecture was conducted at the HP Branch at the San Miguel Corporation Properties Building in Mandaluyong last 25 August 2009 after office hours through the invitation of Celyn Trinidad of HP.

Lecture at HP, San Miguel Properties Branch
Lecture at HP, San Miguel Properties Branch

 The lecture was attended by 6-7 personnel of HP and the lecture lasted for 1 1/2 hours which was followed by an Open Forum. The questions of the participants were answered by Coach Titus Salazar and myself.

Lecture on Running Basics & Principles
Lecture on Running Basics & Principles

My personal thanks to Celyn for taking the extra effort and time in allowing us to spread our advocacy in running through our lectures/clinics.

Predicting Your Finish Time

To predict your finish time for the 10K Race using your 5K finish time, you have to multiply your 5K finish time by 2 and add 1 1/2 minutes. Example: If your 5K finish time is 25 minutes, then your predicted finish time for your 10K Race is 51:30 minutes.

To predict your finish time for the Marathon using your Half-Marathon finish time, you have to multiply your Half-Marathon finish time by 2 and add 10 minutes. Example: If your Half-Marathon finish time is 1:45:00 hours, then your predicted finish time for the Marathon is 3:40:00 hours.

To predict your finish time for the Marathon using your 10K finish time, you have to multiply your 10K finish time by 5. Example: If your 10K Race finish time is 50 minutes, then your predicted finish time for the Marathon is 4:10:00 hours

(Source: The Competitive Runner’s Handbook by Bob Glover & Shelly-lynn Florence Glover)

Race Organizer’s Report: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

Don’t be surprised again, as I am the only Race Organizer who  is doing or submitting a Race Organizer’s Report to its runner-participants and readers of this running blog. This is my 2nd Race Organizer’s Report as the 1st BDM 102 Race was the first time I made such report about my insights and observations after the conduct of such event.

It is worthy to mention the reasons why I came to organize a run for the MASTERS. The first reason was the presence of at least 15 cases of assorted beer donated by the Hardcore Runners led by Jonel aka Bugobugo85 which was supposed to be intended to be used for the participants in the GLOBE’s Run For Home 21K Race as part of one of the Water Stations but the Race Organizer did not give me a feedback after verbally asking him of the possibility of putting up a Beer Station along the route of the race. It started to play in my mind that the MASTERS runners would be the appropriate runners to drink the said beer after a race exclusively for them, I mean, for us!

The second reason was to expose a better running environment to runners devoid of vehicular traffic and pollution. The third reason was the interest of the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner to assist in the conduct of a race for the MASTERS. And the last reason, the presence of of friends and supporters who believe in our advocacy to promote running to everybody.

After getting the commitment of support from Mr Amado Castro, Jr aka Reinier6666 for the payment of the Digital Clock/Timer from PATAFA amounting to P 5,000 + P 1,000 for the operator, the race was published in my blog and the implementation of the race had started. It took me and my staff/elite Team Bald Runner to prepare all the works and coordination needed for a period of less than a month, to be exact, in 26 days!

After I posted this race in my blog, a friend of mine who remains not to be identified and a regular visitor of this blog, called me and offered an amount of P 5,000 as support for the said race and the money was used to purchase the Winners’ Medals we ordered from BERNAL Engravers, Inc.

After the BOTAK’s 10-Mile Race at UP iliman Campus, Ultrarunner Francisco Lapira, Jr aka Isko introduced to me a couple, Carrey and Eugene, and they told me that they will be donating the Gatorade Drinks for the race. Two days before the race, Carrey was kind enough to give us 75 bottles of 1.5-Liter Gatorade Drinks!

During one of our “speed” training workouts at ULTRA, Tin Ferrera, one of our students, voluntarily offered us 20 containers of 5-Gallon Mineral Water for the said race.

In one of the comments posted by runner Gregorio Ocampo in my blog, his running group, HING’s Running Club, had offered ice-tubes and beer in cans for the said race. But in reality, just before the start of the race, the whole running club brought with them lots of Ice Buko, Ice Mango, Ice Ube, Ice Cream, & Popsicle aside from the ice-tubes and beer in cans!

Friends of BR, like Randy San Miguel gave me a Cash Support of P 1,000 and runner Rayabe handed me also P 300. Guys, even if I did not mention you in my previous post in thanking the other supporters, you had been a great help in this race.

I am not being corny and cute here but I want to be transparent on how we accounted for the support and the registration fees intended for the said race.  And here were the expenses incurred:

Water Cups———————————————P   660.00

Race Bibs Material————————————      500.00

Race Bibs’ Printing————————————   1,240.00

Permanent Ink Pens———————————-       155.00

Ropes—————————————————       800.00

Tarpaulins———————————————   2,100.00

Trash Bags———————————————       400.00

Pack Meal For Race Marshals———————-    1,500.00

Certificates——————————————–       500.00

Brown Envelops————————————–       400.00

Water Pitchers—————————————-       150.00

Safety Pins———————————————       240.00

Bond Papers for Registration Forms/Route/Etc-      700.00

Gasoline————————————————       600.00

Expenses For Rehearsals/”Dry Run”—————       500.00

Taxi Fare For Clock’s Operator———————-      400.00

TOTAL EXPENSES————————————P 10,845.00

From our Cash Collections from Donors/Supporters and Registration Fees, Mr Castro’s contribution went to PATAFA’s Timer & Operator and the P 5,000 donation from a friend was used for the Medals. We had a collection of P 12,100 from Registration Fees and other Cash Donations. By the way, the registration fee for this race was P 100.00 without any singlet.

The bottomline? We earned P 1,195.00 on the said race. Good enough to support the training for the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner. We were able to save for any payment for the permit to use a running venue; we did not pay any fee to the road marshals & security/safety to our vehicles; we did not pay for the rent of a generator & Public Address System; no paid EMCEES and entertainers; no paid ambulance; and no insurance fees! A lot of savings as compared doing a race in other venues!

But what is most important are the “intangibles” that we earned in this race. We earned a lot of friendships; a lot of fun; a lot of stories; a lot of experiences; and a lot of opportunities for our future endeavors. And most of all, we earned the reputation of not postponing our scheduled race even in the middle of an inclement weather. And of course, the beer will always be there with the support of the Hardcores and BDM 102 ultrarunners!

Now, let me challenge those other Race Organizers to open their accounts and show to the running community where our registration fees are going and how much they are earning from the races we join.

Results: 1st MASTERS 15K Run







Camp General Emilio Agunaldo
1 Rodolfo Tacadino B080 1:02:20 Overall Champion/Male
2 Peter Kennedy D002 1:02:29 1st Runner-up/Male
3 Guillermo Apilado B061 1:06:21 2nd Runner-up/Male
4 Arnold Dimasugid B070 1:06:37 Champion Category B/Male
5 Robert Estrella C124 1:06:48 Champion Category C/Male
6 Cupid Dimafiles B062 1:07:43 1st Runner-up Category B/Male
7 Alfredo Ocampo B068 1:08:03 2nd Runner-up Category B/Male
8 Hermogenes Valdez C110 1:08:34 1st Runner-up Category C/Male
9 Maximo Ulanday B063 1:08:35  
10 Graciano Santos A003 1:09:34 Champion Category A/Male
11 Alipio Narciso C102 1:09:48 2nd Runner-up Category C/Male
12 Bobit Manzano B076 1:10:00  
13 Eldefonso Bantan C120 1:10:22  
14 Ananias Blanco A031 1:10:36 1st Runner-up Category A/Male
15 Eddie Radaza A027 1:10:53 2nd Runner-up Category A/Male
16 Jan Imperio A028 1:11:21  
17 Chad Davis A009 1:11:37  
18 Mila Paje B063 1:11:54 Overall Champion/Female
19 Jonel Mendoza B045 1:12:37  
20 Genevive Dela Peña A003 1:13:11 1st Runner-up/Female
21 Merlyn Lumagbas A004 1:13:28 2nd Runner-up/Male
22 Sabas Felecio B079 1:14:37  
23 Victor Ting E003 1:15:07 Champion Category E/Male
24 Noel Miano C109 1:15:29  
25 Vergelio Leona A018 1:15:41  
26 Roberto Aguila B060 1:15:51  
27 Willie Suarez E005 1:16:00 1st Runner-up Category E/Male
28 Manuel Oyaw C119 1:16:05  
29 Albert Henson A029 1:16:40  
30 Carlos Santiago B065 1:16:51 Champion Category B/Female
31 Virginia Baltatzar B061 1:17:20  
32 Eduardo Martinez A004 1:17:58  
33 Tetsuro Tanaka G001 1:18:49 Champion Category G/Male
34 Willie Guevara D012 1:19:38  Champion Category D/Male
35 Meshelle Villanueva A036 1:20:24 Champion Category A/Female
36 Florentino Lacha C126 1:21:08  
37 Samson Ocampo B069 1:21:35  
38 Rommel Mangabat A035 1:21:56  
39 Norio Tanaka E008 1:21:59 2nd Runner-up Category E/Male
40 Robert Ong D003 1:22:29 1st Runner-up Category D/Male
41 Raymund Abenojar A005 1:23:06  
42 Fernando Tubay A039 1:23:30  
43 Felizardo Sardenia A037 1:23:34  
44 John Lee B059 1:23:40  
45 Edgardo Caubang D013 1:24:05 2nd Runner-up Category D/Male
46 Robinson Andre C108 1:24:59  
47 Grimaldo Anicito B058 1:25:10  
48 Jose  Sabino B053 1:25:13  
49 Jay Cu Unjieng B088 1:25:35  
50 Amelito Manlangit A001 1:25:36  
51 Natasha Davis B054 1:26:58 1st Runner-up Category B/Female
52 Cezar Gallardo D006 1:27:13  
53 Bernadette Bathan A018 1:27:13 2nd Runner-Up Category A/Female
54 Gil Brazil C104 1:27:47  
55 Wilson Alcantara B083 1:27:52  
56 Everson Go Tian A016 1:28:03  
57 Haydee Ann Chamorro B053 1:28:15 2nd Runner-up Category B/Female
58 Louie Balondo A038 1:28:38  
59 Cesar Abarientos B073 1:31:39  
60 Gil Ocampo E006 1:31:40  
61 Elaine Araneta B062 1:32:29 Female
62 Enrique Bendicho C115 1:32:40  
63 Florencio De Mesa C112 1:34:04  
64 Nerio Caupayan B082 1:34:08  
65 Nestor Morasa B052 1:35:19  
66 Lilibeth Nicdao B057 1:35:21 Female
67 Valentin Hope Puti-An A017 1:36:26  
68 Emer Go Tian C114 1:36:37  
69 Felipe Dumpit C105 1:36:56  
70 Melissa Nafarette B052 1:36:57 Female
71 Lito Quintero A020 1:38:06  
72 Alex Araneta B078 1:39:07  
73 Allyn Go Tian C103 1:40:20 Champion Category C/Female
74 Samuel Narcise D010 1:40:34  
75 Cristina Cunanan A007 1:41:42 2nd Runner-up Category A/Female
76 Ronald Manaois B084 1:43:15  
77 Albert Gutierez A033 1:44:41  
78 Anson Go Tian D003 1:45:07 Champion Category D/Female
79 Gerardine Kun B056 1:46:03 Female
80 Elmer Malolos B066 1:46:28  
81 Norberto Mortel A013 1:46:28  
82 Janison Go Tian C104 1:47:20 1st Runner-up Category C/Female
83 Marian San Juan A001 1:47:37 Female
84 Frederico Canillas C122 1:47:37  
85 Peter Ang C127 1:50:00  
86 Marilyn Aguilor C106 1:50:23 2nd Runner-up Category C/Female
87 Emerita Naz D004 1:50:24 1st Runner-up Category D/Female
88 Kim O Connel F060 1:51:23 Champion Category F/Female
89 Robuto Bernabe E007 1:51:25  
90 Cezar Evangelista D004 1:52:11  
91 Billy San Juan F020 1:53:43  
92 Eligio Cruz B051 1:57:15  
93 Amado Castro, Jr D058 1:59:45  
94 Ivy Macainan B060 2:00:42  
95 Babeth Narcise E001 2:01:06 Champion Category E/Female
96 Angelica Cruz C109 2:02:49 Female
97 Yolanda Crouch C108 2:02:51 Female

Beer, Ice Cream, Rhum & Coke; Vodka; Banana; & Gatorade!

It was raining and there were lots of water in the different Aid Stations but it was proven by the MASTERS runners that all the things that I mentioned in the title of this post could easily mix in their stomachs and gave them enough fuel to recover their tired legs and bodies immediately after running a distance of 15 kilometers!

Let me take this opportunity to thank the following MASTERS-SPONSORS and friends who supported this event:

1) Mr Amado Castro, Jr aka Reinier 6666 who paid for the rent of clock/timer from PATAFA

2)  An Avid Visitor of this Blog whose contribution was used in the purchase of the Medals for the Winners.

3) Carrie and Eugene who donated 75 bottles of Gatorade (1.5 Liters). My thanks to Ultrarunner Francisco Lapira, Jr for introducing me to this wonderful couple.

4) The Hardcore Runners led by Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo85, Lester, & Jay Lee and to the rest of the members who served as the “Bartenders” (Mark B & Charlie C) who donated 15+ cases of Beer (Pale Pilsen & Light) with Red Horse Beer; Vodka; Rhum & Coke.

5) Jan Imperio who donated 400 pieces of ripe Lacatan Bananas. Bards Bathan aka Banana Running; Arthur Manalo; and Arman Fernando aka Pinoy Mafiosi also donated two (2) cases of beer each.

6) HING’S Running Club (Mr Hing, Samson, Greg Ocampo & other frunners rom Hing’s Ice Company) for donating 7 boxes of Beer in Cans; Lots of Tube Ice in 4 Big Ice Chests; Lots of Ice Buko, Ice Ube, Ice Mango & Popsicle

7) Tin Ferrera of Right Sources/PH7PLUS Water who donated 20 plastic containers of 5-gallon (each) of mineral water.

8) Brig. Gen Felipe Tabas, Jr, Camp Commander of Camp Aguinaldo for allowing us to use the camp and its services. (MP, Ambulance, Public Address System, Grandstand, & Chaplain Services).

9) Maj Rodrigo Turno, Chief of the GHQ Special Services for the coordination among the units inside Camp; to the Marshals, Race Guides & Transportation Services inside Camp.

10) Lorna Balancio, Roger Balicat, & the GHQ Post Commissary Staff for the Water, Gatorade, & Sports Drinks

11) Members of the Elite Team Bald Runner & Coaches who acted as Pacers, Race/Route Marshals, Water Aid Personnel, Finish Area personnel & Wrist Band Distributors.

12) Staff of the Bald Runner’s Events who received lots of calls from runners and processed each runner’s race packet.

13) Members of Team Bald Runner-Professional Group (BroJ & Baby, Jerry Karundeng aka High Altitude) who volunteered as Race Officials & Photographers. 

To all the finishers, we will be sending your respective Certificate of Finish through the Mail.

We will have another MASTERS 10K Run soon!!! Any sponsors?

Medals @ 1st MASTERS 15K Run

The 1st MASTERS 15K Run was conceptualized as a simple and modest road race among the 35+ years old female and 40+ years old male runners. I consider this as a competitive race and there will be lots of fun, I mean, cold beer after the race.

We prepared Medals for the Top 3 Male and Female Overall Finishers. And another set of medals for the Top 3 in the different Age Categories for the Male and Female. The medals were made by AB BERNAL Engraver Inc., the same company that made the Finisher’s Medals for the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race. 

Top 3 Overall Medal (Bigger) & Top 3 In Every Age Category Medal (Smaller)
Top 3 Overall Medal (Bigger) & Top 3 In Every Age Category Medal (Smaller)
On The Back of the Medals
On The Back of the Medals

To all the MASTERS, Good Luck and See You at the Starting Line!

Rey Antoque: The “Old Warrior”

Rey Antoque is presently one of the Coaches of the Elite Team Bald Runner. His credentials as a runner speak for itself. He had been with the Elite Team for the past ten (10) months. What I like with him is that he started to train hard for the Marathon Race at the age of 33 years old, an old age for an elite runner for the Marathon distance.

His performance in Marathon Races in the 1990’s and early 2000’s speaks well of his focused training, dedication, perseverance, and determination.

On his first competition on Marathon Road Racing, Rey placed No. 4 in the 1990 Pilipinas International Marathon with a time of 2:24:06 hours which was considered at that time as the fastest time for a Filipino in a marathon race held in the country. He was 33 years old.

After one year of training for the Marathon distance, he placed #3 Overalll in the 9th PAL Manila International Marathon in 1991 at the age 0f 34 years old.

In 1992, the following year, he won as Champion in the 16th MILO Marathon with a time of 2:28:47 hours at the age of 35 years old. At that time, he won a Cash Prize of P 60,000.

Picture Depicts The Intensity of Rey's Race & Finish
Picture Depicts The Intensity of Rey's Race & Finish

In 1993, he was the 1st Top Filipino and 2nd Overall in the Pilipinas International Marathon where a Belgian runner won as Champion. Rey Antoque improved his time at 2:27:32 hours.

In 1994, he was the Champion in the 12th PAL Manila International Marathon on March 13, 1994 with a time of 2:28:24 hours. He was able to beat and overtook the younger Guiseppe Veletti of Italy who was then 25 years old on the last kilometers of the race. Antoque was then 36 years old.

Guiseppe Veletti of Italy & Rey Antoque
Guiseppe Veletti of Italy & Rey Antoque

In 1995, the following year, he was able to defend his title as the Champion in the 13th PAL Manila International Marathon on March 12, 1995 beating again a younger Lucio Danza of Italy (28 years old) who was with Guiseppe Veletti. He registered a time of 2:28:02 hours at the age of 37 years old. He won P 100,000 as the Champion and additional prize of P 50,000 for being the Top Filipino Finisher.

Women's Champion Praskovia Gregorenko of Russia Gives Rey a Buss
Women's Champion Praskovia Gregorenko of Russia Gives Rey a Buss

On July 30, 1995, he was the Champion in the 1995 SIJORI (Singapore-Johor Bahru-Riad) International Marathon Race held in Johor, Malaysia with a time  of 2:33:16 hours. He won a prize of RM 10,000.

Malaysian Newspaper With Rey Antoque in the SIJORI Marathon
Malaysian Newspaper With Rey Antoque in the SIJORI Marathon

In November 20, 1994, he was the Champion in the 5th 10-Mile YAKULT Run with a time of 1:03:15 hours.

In 1996, he was the Champion in the 9th Annual PUMA Half-Marathon with a time of 1:08:46 hours.

In 2004, he won the Gold Medal in the 5,000-meter and 10,000-meter runs in the ASIAN MASTERS Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rey Antoque, 54 years old @ BOTAK's 1-Street Mile Run
Rey Antoque, 54 years old @ BOTAK's 1-Street Mile Run

He shared some of his “training secrets” of which I am going to divulge in this post.

He trains and prepares the whole year only for ONE Marathon Race Event.

He spends and stays in Baguio City at least 6 months during his training. Kennon and Naguilian Roads were his training routes.

He applied what he learned from a Kenyan elite runner—running three (3) times with a distance of 5,000 meters in 15 minutes with 3-5 minutes of rest/interval in between repetitions in his speed workouts at the oval track. I did this speed workout once (in 23 minutes) and I had to rest & recover for two days!

He runs twice a day, morning & afternoon, reaching up to 200+ kilometers mileage per week. His long run workouts exceeded the marathon distance!

He is a disciple of Arthur Lydiard.

(Note: News Clippings Courtesy of Rey Antoque’s Files & Memorabilias)

“GF 405 Sucks! I am Going Back To GF 305”

My old GF 305 finally laid to rest after I could not put on its power two months ago. The old GF 305 which was my first GPS runner’s watch lasted for one year and seven months.

My GF 405 was sold to me at a discounted price from a runner-friend from USA who visited the country. But it was stored in my locker as my GF 305 was still working. Later, I used it as my casual watch and tried to learn the features as I was confused with “touch” functions on its bezel.

After my GF 305 died down, I had to use the GF 405. But instead of being “user-friendly” like the GF 305, I had a hard time adjusting myself to a more “high-tech” GF 405. Finally, I have to use the GF 405 as my casual watch and use the GF 305 that my son, John, sent me when my old GF 305 was giving me some problems on the early part of this year.

I hate the GF 405 because of the following reasons:

1) It is more expensive than the GF 305.

2) I hate the sensitive bezel that the data on my watch would scroll as my sweat would drop on the watch. While running under a light rain, the data on the display would also scroll.

3) After a few months, the light (illumination) of the watch is no longer working!

4) For three (3) instances, I could not upload the data from the watch to my laptop computer. I never encountered this problem with my old GF 305. 

5) There is a maximum of 3 fields/separate data that could be seen on the watch’s display. The GF 305 has 4 fields displayed.

6) My eyes are weak as I need a reading glass and I could hardly see the data on the GF 405. The big numbers on the GF 305 display could be easily seen with my bare eyes.

I am still highly recommending the reliable GF 305 to runners who are serious on the distance, elevation, HR and time of their running workouts.

(Note: I have a friend who arrived from the US and he left me eight (8) pieces of GF 305, brand-new, for sale! Price: P 9,500 Only per piece!)