Beer, Ice Cream, Rhum & Coke; Vodka; Banana; & Gatorade!

6 09 2009

It was raining and there were lots of water in the different Aid Stations but it was proven by the MASTERS runners that all the things that I mentioned in the title of this post could easily mix in their stomachs and gave them enough fuel to recover their tired legs and bodies immediately after running a distance of 15 kilometers!

Let me take this opportunity to thank the following MASTERS-SPONSORS and friends who supported this event:

1) Mr Amado Castro, Jr aka Reinier 6666 who paid for the rent of clock/timer from PATAFA

2)  An Avid Visitor of this Blog whose contribution was used in the purchase of the Medals for the Winners.

3) Carrie and Eugene who donated 75 bottles of Gatorade (1.5 Liters). My thanks to Ultrarunner Francisco Lapira, Jr for introducing me to this wonderful couple.

4) The Hardcore Runners led by Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo85, Lester, & Jay Lee and to the rest of the members who served as the “Bartenders” (Mark B & Charlie C) who donated 15+ cases of Beer (Pale Pilsen & Light) with Red Horse Beer; Vodka; Rhum & Coke.

5) Jan Imperio who donated 400 pieces of ripe Lacatan Bananas. Bards Bathan aka Banana Running; Arthur Manalo; and Arman Fernando aka Pinoy Mafiosi also donated two (2) cases of beer each.

6) HING’S Running Club (Mr Hing, Samson, Greg Ocampo & other frunners rom Hing’s Ice Company) for donating 7 boxes of Beer in Cans; Lots of Tube Ice in 4 Big Ice Chests; Lots of Ice Buko, Ice Ube, Ice Mango & Popsicle

7) Tin Ferrera of Right Sources/PH7PLUS Water who donated 20 plastic containers of 5-gallon (each) of mineral water.

8) Brig. Gen Felipe Tabas, Jr, Camp Commander of Camp Aguinaldo for allowing us to use the camp and its services. (MP, Ambulance, Public Address System, Grandstand, & Chaplain Services).

9) Maj Rodrigo Turno, Chief of the GHQ Special Services for the coordination among the units inside Camp; to the Marshals, Race Guides & Transportation Services inside Camp.

10) Lorna Balancio, Roger Balicat, & the GHQ Post Commissary Staff for the Water, Gatorade, & Sports Drinks

11) Members of the Elite Team Bald Runner & Coaches who acted as Pacers, Race/Route Marshals, Water Aid Personnel, Finish Area personnel & Wrist Band Distributors.

12) Staff of the Bald Runner’s Events who received lots of calls from runners and processed each runner’s race packet.

13) Members of Team Bald Runner-Professional Group (BroJ & Baby, Jerry Karundeng aka High Altitude) who volunteered as Race Officials & Photographers. 

To all the finishers, we will be sending your respective Certificate of Finish through the Mail.

We will have another MASTERS 10K Run soon!!! Any sponsors?




16 responses

6 09 2009

congratulations for an “all thrills’ run sir jovie. beer is on the hardcores for the next masters.hopefully, a saturday sunset run.

6 09 2009

Hi BR!

Congrats for the successful event today (rain, notwithstanding)! Good turn out of participants and peaceful route (no patintero with vehicles). Everyone had a great time!

Til the next event…

Ray Abenojar

6 09 2009

congratulation to all runners and participants!!!!!…i was really preparing for this events but unfortunately 2 days before the race i was downed by flu and heavy cough…. well thats life … better luck next time..hopefully next time .. i can be able to run…. i really missed those beer…. sir

6 09 2009

BR Congratulations! It was a great race. Love love love the route. Even the weather cooperated. not exactly sure what drinks the HCs were handing at the turnaround point … couldnt trust their grins haha.

See you all the next Masters!

6 09 2009

congratulations, jovie for a smooth, well-organized, no-frills race. the rains provided an extra steeplechase challenge at the back of the camp. nice meeting you!

6 09 2009

Congratulations Sir! It was actually a group effort – from all five of us. Rest assured that the NandN group will continue to support your events in the future (just ask Isko what NandN means 🙂

– Carrey

6 09 2009

no frills, all thrills…

I’ll send you the pics, asap!

7 09 2009

Congratulations Sir Jovie for a great race! It was our pleasure of serving the runners and giving back to the Team BR. The photos will be available ASAP. As soon as I’m qualified to join, i will register, hahahaha. Until the next Masters!

7 09 2009

Congratulations BR! It was a race free from any commercialism and concentrated purely on running! The route is the cleanest and safest within the city proper. After the race, at around 8am I do not how I mixed the ice buko and the beer never done that before, but, I guess it is the company! Thank you to all again.

7 09 2009
Beer, Ice Cream, Rhum & Coke; Vodka; Banana; & Gatorade! « Bald Runner | Bald live today

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7 09 2009

Congrats Sir Jovie! I didn’t know it was possible to have so much fun after a race. The beer was a great idea however, kulang sa pulutan. So for the next Masters, I am changing my donation from bananas to barbecue. Cheers!

7 09 2009

Congrats for a successful race! I hope to be able to join soooonnn…meantime, will continue to support.

8 09 2009

Br kami ulit sa uulitin ha? 🙂 Congrats, you got the best competitors as well.

8 09 2009

Was it a party or race with all the booze and food galore? 🙂

I’ll join next year when I turn 40.

8 09 2009

both!…it was a running event in two parts—1st part was the serious race & the 2nd part was the beer & ice cream party!! of course, we welcome you next year!

12 09 2009
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