ST Microelectronics’ Running Clinic

12 09 2009

 Maia Lazo is an avid runner from the ST Microelectronics. Her office is located in Calamba City and started to send me e-mail messages if I could conduct a Running Clinic in their office in time for the General Assembly of a running club in their office/plant which was created few months ago. We agreed on a schedule where the running lecture and the demonstration/practical portion will be done in one meeting/session.

The running clinic was scheduled on 28 August, Friday, at 5:30 PM as part of the General Assembly of the said running club. This was our 10th edition of our Running Clinic to a corporate company ever since we started this program.

I brought my two Coaches and top runners of the Elite Team Bald Runner as part of the running clinic team as we left Manila at 3:30 PM. A two-hour travel time was enough to anticipate the bad weather prevailing at that time and the traffic along the SLEX and we arrived at the premises of the plant on time. Another 30 minutes were devoted to security protocols imposed on us by the Security Guards/personnel of the establishment ranging from AN1H1 medical check , photo scan, ID check, and camera inspection. The security personnel did not allow to bring with us our digital cameras to the venue of the running clinic. That’s how strict and tight the security protocol of this place.

ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

 We understand such protocols most especially to such plants/offices which have high standards in cleanliness and the sensitivity of the operations involved in the place. We did not expect that the running club members almost filled the big room which served as our venue. In my estimate, there were almost 60 runner-employees in the audience. It was really a big audience as compared to our past running clinics.

Maia Lazo acted as the Moderator & Emcee of the General Assembly and the activity started with a slideshow presentation of the pictures taken during the club’s daily runs and participation in weekend road races in Metro Manila. The highlight of the presentation was the pictures of its members who joined the Kenny Roger’s Urbanite Run at The Fort. One of the members talked to the audience about his experience during the said race. In short, these runners had fun and enjoyed the experience of joining the said race.

Running Clinic Poster

Running Clinic Poster

 Due to the limited time, I was immediately introduced and I was able to deliver my brief lecture without the aid of a Powerpoint presentation with emphasis on the Basics; “Tips”; and Principles involved in training for Running. It was followed by demonstration on the technical aspects of running with the members of the Elite Team Bald Runners as the demonstrators. Stretching Exercises; Running Drills; Running Form; Forefoot/Midfoot Strike; and Training “tips” were presented and delivered by Coaches Titus Salazar and Rey Antoque. More information were imparted to the audience during the Open Forum where we answered their written questions and concerns. Other topics discussed were about running injuries, sports nutrition, selection of running shoes; and running/training programs for the marathon and lesser distance runs.

STREAK (ST Running Club) & Elite Team Bald Runner

STREAK (ST Running Club) & Elite Team Bald Runner

The picture above only showed one-half of the audience during the running clinic as most of them left after they finished their dinner.

The running clinic and demonstration/practical exercises will surely give better training and preparation for these runners and for sure, most of them will be competitive in the races they will join in the future. For a company located outside Metro Manila to organize a running club is a good sign that running has been slowly spreading as a form of adhering to a healthy and active lifestyle. I always emphasize to my audience that the human body needs to exercise and bring out the sweat so that we can develop a stronger body that could resist diseases and illness.

To Maia Lazo and to the members of the STREAK, thank you very much for supporting my advocacies. Despite the 3-hour traffic along the SLEX on our way back to Metro Manila, our experience and sharing you our knowledge on running gave us the opportunity to know more of the active running clubs outside Metro Manila.



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14 09 2009

You’re the one we should thank, Sir Jovie! We gained a lot of helpful tips from your clinic and you left us craving for more. All the best to your team and we look forward to “running” into you in one of the races 😀

15 09 2009

maia, i am glad your running club is enjoying the fun in joining the weekend road races. stay away from injuries by following the basic principles in running. regards and good luck!

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