Mommy Milkshake 5K Run

12 09 2009

The members of the Elite Team Bald Runner usually meet regularly in a formal meeting together with their Coaches and myself after lunch after a Road Race during Sundays. The other meeting for the week is usually held after our Thursday morning long runs (20-km+ runs). In these meetings, we discuss each member’s training and progress towards a certain race and we also discuss where the members would race, making sure that the top 3 slots will be taken by its members. In one of the meetings, we decided to run the 3rd Mommy Milkshake because it was FREE and we have one of our uniform/T-shirts colored pink/fuschia, the required color of the runner’s apparel for those joining this race.

For the first weekend of this month of September, there was only one road race where the members would race and it was the 3rd Mommy Milkshake Run as the next day’s race would be our 1st MASTERS 15K Run where we are the Race Event Organizer. And so, the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner and Coaches were 100% present in this run. This race was supposed to be a “test run” for me in order to find out if I can run faster and improve my average pace for such distance.

What I liked about this race was the simplicity and the “relax” mood among the runners. Almost all the runners knew each other and there were lots of conversation and “photo-ops”. The atmosphere was very relaxed and I had time to make a prelimary run around the BHS loop prior to the start of the race. Due to slight rains and cool weather, I did not notice that I was able to run a distance of 6 kilometers.

BR, Lester, Mari, Jonel Before the Halfway Mark (Photo Courtesy of The Bull Runner)

BR, Lester, Mari, Jonel Before the Halfway Mark (Photo Courtesy of The Bull Runner)

At the start of the race, I was in the company of the Hardcores led by Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and Lester. Our pace was slow on the first half of the 5K and we agreed to increase our pace on the last half. However, it appeared that we were running at an average pace of 5:13 mpk on the 1st kilometer and later increasing to 4:58 mpk. Before we reached the halfway mark, the Hardcores just increased their pace and slowly left me for good. I was already registering an average pace of 4:30 mpk on the last two kilometers but the guys infront of me kept on going fast and gaining some distance away from me. Finally, I reached the finish line with a time of 23:32 minutes with an average pace of 4:45 minutes per km. I was satisfied with the result of this run and I knew my speed and tempo runs in my workouts were leading to something.

Fuschia-Pink Shirt with Pink Bandana For Mommy Milkshake (Photo Courtesy of Ivy Macainan)

Fuschia-Pink Shirt with Pink Bandana For Mommy Milkshake (Photo Courtesy of Ivy Macainan)

Where can you find a road race without a registration fee and each runner was served with a “healthy” food (sandwiches, DOLE ripe banana, & fruit juice) after the race? And more “freebies” were given in bags to every runner! I think I got a bag full of Nivea products and bottles of mineral water. As this was my first time to join this event, I really appreciate the preparation and the dedication that the Race Organizer had to put in in this kind of event in order to promote running and its advocacy. How I wished I knew the details of what Mommy Milkshake stands for. The race was fun and we enjoyed the camaraderie among the runners.




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