“GF 405 Sucks! I am Going Back To GF 305”

My old GF 305 finally laid to rest after I could not put on its power two months ago. The old GF 305 which was my first GPS runner’s watch lasted for one year and seven months.

My GF 405 was sold to me at a discounted price from a runner-friend from USA who visited the country. But it was stored in my locker as my GF 305 was still working. Later, I used it as my casual watch and tried to learn the features as I was confused with “touch” functions on its bezel.

After my GF 305 died down, I had to use the GF 405. But instead of being “user-friendly” like the GF 305, I had a hard time adjusting myself to a more “high-tech” GF 405. Finally, I have to use the GF 405 as my casual watch and use the GF 305 that my son, John, sent me when my old GF 305 was giving me some problems on the early part of this year.

I hate the GF 405 because of the following reasons:

1) It is more expensive than the GF 305.

2) I hate the sensitive bezel that the data on my watch would scroll as my sweat would drop on the watch. While running under a light rain, the data on the display would also scroll.

3) After a few months, the light (illumination) of the watch is no longer working!

4) For three (3) instances, I could not upload the data from the watch to my laptop computer. I never encountered this problem with my old GF 305. 

5) There is a maximum of 3 fields/separate data that could be seen on the watch’s display. The GF 305 has 4 fields displayed.

6) My eyes are weak as I need a reading glass and I could hardly see the data on the GF 405. The big numbers on the GF 305 display could be easily seen with my bare eyes.

I am still highly recommending the reliable GF 305 to runners who are serious on the distance, elevation, HR and time of their running workouts.

(Note: I have a friend who arrived from the US and he left me eight (8) pieces of GF 305, brand-new, for sale! Price: P 9,500 Only per piece!)

24 thoughts on ““GF 405 Sucks! I am Going Back To GF 305”

  1. Hi Sir Jovie,
    I agree in item #1.
    The bezel touch sensitivity can be adjusted to prevent it from scrolling while doing your long distance run. Another solution to that problem is to lock the bezel after starting the timer.

    And if I may add up to the list. If the GPS is OFF (before a run)- it would be very difficult to get back a GPS signal. Sigh! (I usually turn off the GPS to save on battery).



  2. runningshield

    MY Philosophy has always been “If something works don’t change it”.
    I have a 205 and a 305. And it works very well so i stick with it. I suggest just sell it at cost and buy another 305


  3. i2runner

    I agree. I have the GF405 and my dady has the GF305. The GF305 has a better satellite reception. I only bought the GF405 thinking I could wear it casually like a wristwatch, but the bezel always gets scratched so I had to buy another wristwatch. I should have bought the GF305 and another nice expensive wristwatch instead.


  4. therunningninja

    I should have bought GF305 months ago had not the budget for it screwed up after I banged a motorcycle guy and cost me php54k to shoulder his medical operation. Do you offer this in installment? hehehehehe!

    The Running Ninja


  5. I use GF405 and have had no problem with it. The bezel can be locked and the display can be modified to suit one’s need. As for satellite reception, one has to stand still for a few seconds to get it.

    As in some things in life, it is just a matter of getting used to it. Garmin did not upgrade 305 to 405 for nothing.


    1. kingofpots

      maybe, i just have a short temper that i could not adjust to the intricacies of the newer version. i am not used to “tapping” of the bezel. i am used to pushing the power & start/stop buttons. my GF 405 lights are gone and there are instances that i could not upload my data to my laptop whic never happened to my GF 305.


    1. kingofpots

      i haven’t seen the GF 310XT but i am sure the price is costly. i’ll just use the one given by my son for the next 18-20 months with the hope that the price of the 310XT will go down. thanks for the comment


  6. alaskarunner

    highaltitude, i got my 310XT just last week,love it because the data are bigger only and 20hr running time. have not yet compare it to my 405. Also i can set it to vibrate every mile.


    1. kingofpots

      one of the members of the Team BR’s-Professional Group told me that the GF 305’s battery could be replaced and he sent it to Taiwan for the repairs. i think there is a GF watch distributor at the Araneta Center.


  7. Hi jovie,

    i can understand your frustrations, i have the same problems with my GF405 initially, with the bezel sensitivity and uploading, i almost regret purchasing it, but now its working fine…

    btw, i’ll catch up with you in upcoming raod race for my “1000km-club” shirt award 🙂 .. Thanks sir..



    1. kingofpots

      my new GF 305 works fine and easier to operate than the GF 405. i am sorry, i was prepared to give your Finisher’s Shirt after the BOTAK 10-Miler at UP but i guess, i forgot all about it when i continued my run for my additional LSD. don’t worry, i’ll have your t-shirt ready.


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