Buff: How To Look “Cool” In A 42K Race

7 07 2009

Buff Headwear @ MILO 42K Elimination Race/July 5, 2009: Part 2

It is the brand of a piece of cloth being used by ultra trail runners and runners/athletes participating in multi-stage races in the desert and snow.

I bought two of this which are made of High UV ray protection “Coolmax” material and could be used in tropical countries like ours. In the MILO 42K Elimination Race, I used the blue colored Buff for testing in this particular race, thereby, replacing the bandanas and the bandana with crystals to cool off my nape. I used the Buff as depicted in the following pictures:

As a Headband to prevent my sweat flowing to my Eyes!

As a Headband to prevent my sweat flowing to my Eyes!

As A Runner's Cap...

As A Runner's Cap...

As A Bandana to Cool Off My Nape

As A Bandana to Cool Off My Nape

It can be used also as a baclava, ala-ninja cover to the face, a pirate’s cap, ear muff, hairband, wrist wrap and a bonnet. If I am not mistaken, I saw Albert Salazar aka Run2dmoon and Jael Wenceslao of Team Baldrunner-Professional Group wearing this kind of headgear in their marathon races and “runabouts” in Metro Manila.

I bought the said item at REI Store in Monrovia/Arcadia, California for $ 28.95 + tax.

Unfortunately, this Buff did not make me faster in this particular 42K race. But certainly, I look “cool & hip” using it.




5 responses

7 07 2009

Really cool, sir jovie!

7 07 2009

They are quite nice. I wear mine as a scarf and occasionally I will pull it up to my mouth ala bandito style to trap my breath and warm my face. Great for cold morning starts or cool, windy hills. Off the trail I will sometimes wear it as a scarf underneath a zipped up jacket, invisible but it keeps the cold air from getting in from the top. I have one by my bedside that I use as a blindfold because I prefer to sleep in total darkness.

The only thing about Buff is that it’s hard to trap ice with it, I would go with a bandana in a hot race like the recent edition of Western States and you can’t really use it as an emergency compression bandage like you would a bandana.

8 07 2009

Mine is a cheap armando caruso buff (70-80 pesos) available at most department stores (men’s section). It has no UV protection. My main purpose of the buff is for my unruly hair (i don’t like wearing cap so maybe i should just shaved my hair…ala BR,Bugobugo,Ralph, Isko and a growing list of runners) hmmm running makes you loose hair..hahah
Also, in case of emergency call (of nature) you can use the buff to cover your face (do your thing), wipe and throw! hahah

8 07 2009

So that’s the thing I saw when I saw you just when you were making one of those “transformations” near Heritage Park as it started to rain really hard. I thought that was quite a nice move, turning it into a cap! I have a very unruly hair so what I do is get a haircut before a marathon or a half as I’m not used to wearing a cap. I don’t see myself shaving my head so maybe I’ll try Buff next time…

8 07 2009

Hi, Sir.

The one that I wore during our runabout isn’t special enough to have UV protection, hehe. But I wear it just to stave off the sun a bit – mabilis akong umitim kasi! Sa bike shop ko nabili yun.

I haven’t tried it during a marathon, but maybe I should – especially when the sun is out. To protect my nape… Hm…

Btw, Sir, kailan ang next runabout? Nakaka-miss na siya, hehe. =P

Also, I have shoes here that I wish to donate again to your cause – see you at the Buddy Run of Robinson’s Supermarket this Sunday at the Fort, Sir?

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