The picture below may not be the exact brand or apperance that the P & G Runners were using during last Sunday’s MILO 42K Elimination Race. However, I would like to show to my readers how this kind of spray looks like. I really don’t know if such spray is already available in the country. If you happen to see one, buy one and try to spray on your cramping legs during your long runs or marathon/ultramarathon race. Good luck!

These are small sprays but very effective!
These are small sprays but very effective!

5 thoughts on “My Air SALONPAS Spray

  1. miraclecello

    I often physios running on to the pitch and treating football players (who run 8-12 kilometres during a match, except if you are the goalkeeper) with cold spray applied on their calves, shins, knees, back even. These are supposed to apply to all sorts of minor sport-related injuries — contusions, sprains, strains, etc.


  2. runnerforchrist

    I have one but not that type. Mine is a roll-on, and yes very effective. Now Every time I look to that stuff, that reminds me that’ Volunteering is a service to everyone.’..
    God bless.


  3. runningshield

    i want 1 !!!
    i need 1 !!!
    I have to get1!!!!
    now that i have a bad injury iam desperate. pls let me know if we can have it in the Phil. thank you Regards


  4. Hi Sir Jovie,

    thanks for this post. Its only from you where I heard about this Salonpas spray. I wonder if an Omega pain killer in a spray bottle would have the same effect?


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