My 3rd Marathon For 2009

3 07 2009

My major road races for this year started with my participation in the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race last April 5, followed by the BOTAK 42K Paa-tibayan Race last May 10, and lately, my first participation in the Los Angeles Marathon last May 25.

My finish times for the BOTAK 42K and 2009 Los Angeles Marathon were 4:35:10 hours and 4:07:33 hours, respectively. These times were far from my last year’s MILO Marathon Finals time of 3:48:32 hours.

After the Los Angeles Marathon, my training had been reduced to easy runs and tempo runs. My mileage went down and I tried to rest and recover for the month of June after reading accounts of elite athletes on how they train by following the principle of “periodization”.

Although the main objective in my participation to this Sunday’s MILO Marathon Elimination Race is for me to finish with a time of below 4 hours to be able to qualify for the MILO Marathon Finals, it will be a difficult task knowing the humid and hot weather condition in the country. Nevertheless, joining the MILO Marathon Finals in October will not be possible because of conflict in schedule for more important races to join. But at the back of my mind, the target will always be to finish in sub-4 hours in this race. 

This Sunday’s Milo Marathon will serve as a “diagnostic test” for another training program and plan for me to run another marathon race before the end of this year.

To all the MILO Marathon runners this Sunday, my Best Wishes & Good Luck to everybody!

To all the “first-timers”, “Don’t Quit”!!!!

Ready To Run A Marathon, Again!!!

Ready To Run A Marathon, Again!!!

Note: Don’t forget to have your deep-muscle massage today!!!





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3 07 2009

Sir Jovie, good luck to you along with all the runners this Sunday. There are a lot of excited runners there from the blogs. Take care and have a good weekend!

4 07 2009

good luck sir jovie.

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