Project “Donate A Shoe” Booth @ MILO

4 07 2009

The Bald Runner’s “Project Donate A Shoe” Booth will be available at the Start/Finish Area at the vicinity of the Quirino Grandstand this coming Sunday. Donated shoes from Joe Matias of A Runners Circle Running Specialty Store in Los Angeles, California; Ultrarunners Ben Gaetos/Carmela Layson of Los Angeles, California; Mark Robinson of Nottinghamshire, England; and from the members of the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group will be distributed to runners with old, tattered, worn-out and dilapidated running shoes. It should be noted that only runners will be entertained in this activity.

At the same time, donors will be welcomed to visit the booth and the Bald Runner will be there to accept their shoe donations, to include Finisher’s T-Shirts for the Project “Donate A Shirt”.

See you at the Start/Finish Line of the MILO Marathon Eliminations this Sunday! Good luck!




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