Q & A: TNF100 @ Sacobia, Clark

The 2008 TNF 100 in Batangas was a significant running event as this was the first race where the newly-formed Elite Team Bald Runner had participated and since then Team Bald Runner started to be known in road races as well as in trail running events in the country. Last month, I started to see and read posts of runner-bloggers about the TNF 100 @ Sacobia, Clark with the proper display of their teaser-ad poster. I really wanted to ask questions from these bloggers in their comments portion but I knew that they are unaware of the details of the event. After waiting for sometime, I was happy to see that there is a dedicated website for this event and I immediately posted some questions with the Administrator of the site.

So, these were the questions I posted in their website’s “Contact Us” page which were immediately answered by the Administrator.

I have the following questions for the solo 100K:


1) What are the prizes for the top winners? Are there age category top runners’ prizes?

TNF: We plan to give out prizes worth as follows: 1st – 30K ; 2nd –  20K ;  3rd –  10K  plus freebies  from sponsors. Top finisher gets a trophy while runners up get a medal. Both 100K solo and 100K relay are OPEN categories.

2) What do I get from the P 1,650.00 registration fee?

TNF: As of now  reg fee entitles you to a race kit with a singlet/jersey, race bib, drop bag, stub for energy drink, photo vendo, insurance and 20% discount on all TNF products (all registrants get this). 100K finishers will receive a special token. We are working on possible free or discounted accommodations within Clark prior to the race. Reg fees will be collected upon claiming of race kits, 2-weeks before race day.

3) How many Aid Stations will be available along the route? Aside from water, what other drinks and foods will be available in your Aid Stations?

TNF: We intend to have  at least  7 aid stations , aside from marshal points and roving support vehicles. We plan to have some energy drinks and fruits, although we encourage runners to be self-sustained.


4) Is there any cut-off time for the 100K solo race? Or do you have cut-off times in your checkpoints/Aid Stations?

TNF: 30 hrs will be the cut-off time for the 100K race, although we will also implement cut-off times  in Marshall points/LPs. These will be announced as soon as details are finalized.


5) Are the runners allowed with a support crew and pacers?

TNF: This is yet to be decided on.


6) Is there a possibility that the RO/RD (Race Organizer/Race Director) would arrange for a “test run” for the participants at least one month before race day in order to orient the runners?


TNF: Yes, we intend to have a series of running aid clinics to better cascade information and help participants prepare for the race. 


If the Administrator of TNF 100 is reading this post right now, I would like to make some comments about their website. The website is very nice and attractive but putting those pictures of US & International Ultra Trail Runners whom we don’t even know and met in person is giving us the impression that these runners will be joining the said event and/or TNF is using these runners as their models. May I suggest that TNF Philippines should use the pictures of the male/female top runners of the 2008 TNF 100, 2008 Mt Mayon Trail Run, latest TNF 20K Trail Run and Neville Manaois’ Pinoy Ultra Runners in order to promote our very own ultra trail runners. How about featuring the “running legs” of Isidro Vildosola or Elmer Sabal of Team Bald Runner in your Website’s Main Page? Filipino runner’s legs in TNF trail shoes & socks would be great!

If you want to know more about the 2009 TNF 100 @ Sacobia, Clark, please visit their site at www.thenorthface100.ph

5 thoughts on “Q & A: TNF100 @ Sacobia, Clark

  1. Spot on BR!! Same goes for the trails featured in the TNF posters and website. People might think the Sacobia basin looks like the French Alps or the Rockies (Mas maganda di hamak ang mga bundok sa Pilipinas!).


    • thanks, cecil. you are right! the mountains of lahar at sacobia with those green vegetations are better looking than those mountain & desert trails in the pacific-west & mid-west.


  2. Runner on the race advertisement wearing TNF hybrid vest is Michael Wolfe (TNF running team). The ad should be realistic such as the trail photo. A runner using trekking poles indicates high altitude and possibly snow conditions. Most ultras in the US do not allow trekking poles while European ultras allow their use. I sent some questions too. Don’t sign up for a race w/o getting proper description and info. A runner has to know what to prepare for a race for his/her own safety and successful finish. Even type of shoes to wear has to be considered (road or trail).


    • TNF Philippine gave me the answer that they tried to lobby to their international affiliates about featuring the pictures of local runners but such ads and websites are being dictated to them by their Central Headquarters. you are right, there is a need to ask questions for races which are being held for the first time so that the runners would be informed on what to expect during the race. the safety and welfare of the runners should be paramount consideration in every race. thanks, ben


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