Run 4 Others (R4O) & Operation Smile

2 03 2009

Last year, I posted an article about a group called, “Run For Others” (R4O) which had an objective of raising money to provide 10,000 pairs of rubber/running shoes to the same number of kids in the country for the year 2008. I was impressed of the cause of the group and I was not surprised that such objective would be fulfilled knowing that the group is composed of well-known executives of the corporate world in the country. I also have the same “cause” but due to some limitations, I started my own Project “Donate A Shoes” which had accepted almost 300 “used” running shoes from local runners and runners from the United States and United Kingdom and these donated shoes were given to local runners who can not part ways with their “old & tattered” running shoes. Moreso, I would like to express my thanks to the members of this group who continuously had been supporting my Project “Donate A Shoe”.

For this year, R4O had embarked again with a noble cause with successful results. A group of 21 Executive-Runners participated in last month’s Standard Chartered Hongkong International Marathon and was able to raise an amount of almost P 600,000 to support their Project “Operation Smile”, a project that will make 21 kids with cleft deformities to be transformed and operated and be able to smile just like the rest of us.

Congratulations and More Power To the Members of the R4O Group!

Letter Of Thanks & R4O Members Who Finished 2009 SC Hongkong Marathon

Letter Of Thanks & R4O Members Who Finished The 2009 SC Hongkong Marathon



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