“Count The Number of Hours, Not The Number Of Kilometers You Ran”

For the first tme, I went to UP Diliman as an audience not as a participant in a weekend road race organized by Coach Rio. Instead of joining the race, I decided to have my long run and enjoy watching the runners in the said race. I arrived at the campus when the 10K race was about to start. Before my long run, I stationed myself at the finish line and watched the runners as they finished the race. I was happy to see that all the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner won in their respective races. Moreso, the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group had also improved their finish times and earned their respectve PR best times. Congratulations to the members Team Bald Runner!

After personally greeting and congratulating the winners and other members of Team Bald Runner, I started my long run together with those runners who will be participating in the Bataan 102K. Enrico from the Power Runners led the runners around the UP Diliman Campus and we ran an easy average pace of 6:50 to 7:00 minutes per kilometer for about a hour. Atty Raffy Abenina and Jun Lapira of Camanava Runners were with us during the run and they provided some suggestions in the conduct of Bataan 102K. Thanks, guys for your nice inputs.

After an hour of running, I had to drop by at my Aid Station to drink water and brought my TNF Hand-held Water Bottle with me in the resumption of my run. My other companions decided to stop their runs and I went alone tracing the route of the 10K race. After running for about 7 kilometers of the route, I was able to link with Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and Nico who decided later to end their long run. As I stopped at my Aid Station for electrolyte drinks, I resumed again my run around the Academic Oval. After drinking Gatorade, I integrated a 10-minute walk during my workout and resumed my running again. I closely monitored my average pace after running for almost two hours, making sure to run at least 7:00 minutes per kilometer with the heat of the sun. It was already 10:00AM already but I kept on pushing myself to run under the heat of the sun making sure to drink my water every time I reached my Aid Staton. I was surprised to see that I was runnng at an average pace of 6:35 minutes per kilometer! I had to slow down and bring my pace to a slower speed.

It was already 10:30AM when I stopped my run. I was on the run and with a brief walking session for 3 hours. My average pace for the whole duration was 6:47 minutes per kilometer. Coach Ferdie was still at the campus waiting for me and he was able to give me the much-needed stretching after my long run.

Lessons Learned: Using the TNF Hand-held Water Bottle (filled with water) and my Nathan Water Belt filled with electrolyte drinks during the last 50K of Bataan 102K will be a nice move on my part to fight the effects of the sun’s and pavement’s heat during the race. This was the same hydration strategy I used during my first ultra trail running race at the Bulldog 50K last year. The next days and weeks will be devoted for more hours on the road (by running & walkng) to withstand the effects of the sun’s heat and schedule at least 2-3 weeks for tapering before the race day.

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