Bataan 102 Race Route

Schematic Drawing of the Bataan Death March Route
Schematic Drawing of the Bataan Death March Route
The Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race will start inside the Bataan Death March Park where the Kilometer # 00 is located. All the participants will run along the cemented and asphalted National Highway towards the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. The first 3 kilometers will be flat as the road starts its ascending or uphill part towards the peak of the mountain. Runners will experience running along a winding uphill road for the next 4 kilometers until the road reaches its peak at Km # 7+. The runners are advised to wear and put on their headlights or flashlights on this winding road as there are no sidewalks along this road. However, once the runners would have cleared the mountain road, the highway will be wider with wide sidewalks on both sides of the road.
As one of our Major Sponsors in this race, all PETRON Gasoline Stations’ Comfort Rooms will be open for everybody in case of personal necessities while running along the route of the race.
At Km Post # 23, runners will take the right turn towards the town of Limay and Orion before going back to the Roman Highway.  
At Km Post # 32, runners will again take the right turn towards the town of Pilar and City of Balanga. At the City Proper of Balanga, Km Post # 44 is located at the City Park but it is located along the street one block away (parallel) from the old National Highway where you are running. Don’t go to the said street where Km Post # 44 is located, just continue running towards Abucay along the road where you are. Km Post # 50 should be near the Gaz Xpress Gasoline Station & Abucay Mega Market.
As runners leave Hermosa, Km Post # 67 will be at the intersection of the road going to Hermosa Poblacion and the Roman Highway. Km Post # 68 is located at the World War II Monument & Park in Dinalupihan where the road going to Subic Bay Freeport intersects with the National Highway.
From the Dinalupihan Crossing, runners will be running along the National Highway for almost 15 kilometers. Runners are advised to take extra precaution while running along this segment of the race route due to the presence of fast moving vehicles. Km Post # 82 could be seen at the vicinity of the Lubao Bridge and after passing this bridge, Km Post # 83 would be at the intersection of the National Highway and the road going to Guagua. Turn right towards Guagua until you reach the Poblacion. Runners must skip going around the park in Guagua as all runners could immediately turn left to a road that connects to the road that goes to Bacolor. Poblacion Guagua is where Km Post # 90 is located.
If you see a Gasoline Station on your left where the first Original “Razon” Restaurant/Eatery is located, a runner has still 11 kilometers to go before the finish line. The restaurant takes only 5 minutes to prepare for your Palabok & their famous Halo-Halo
before you can proceed with your last segment of the race. I suggest you taste or eat these recommended orders from the said restaurant during the race!
After some short bridges and sights of lahar/open fields on both sides along the way, the road will be flat with the remaining kilometer posts visible on the right side of the road until you reach a blue-colored km post which indicates Km # 101 & located infront of a factory. Few meters ahead is towards the Provincial Capitol and infront of the Pampanga Provincial Capitol, there is a small alley on the left side of the road and the runner must turn left towards this road. 60-70 meters from the turning point is the Finish Line of the Race. 
Good luck to the participants. See you this Sunday morning in Abucay, Bataan.

5 thoughts on “Bataan 102 Race Route

  1. workaholicrunner

    Perhaps you can get the Bataan Memorial Death March marathon in New Mexico to try to advertise this race in the future. If the marathoners in New Mexico enjoy running a marathon with full army fatigues and a 35pound backpack, perhaps they will like relishing the “real thing” in the searing heat of tropical Southeast Asia.


    1. kingofpots

      wr, “build ’em and they will come”. this ultra race is just the beginning and hope that this will be known worldwide. thanks for the suggestion and we’ll do it.


  2. workaholicrunner


    I will definitely try to advertise it to anyone I know including my grandfather who is a veteran of the real Death March in 1942 and is now hanging out in Pangasinan. If the race gets big in the future, perhaps the few remaining veterans of the Death March shoul get a special invitation to watch the finish of the race and award the trophies to the winners.


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