Feb 22, 2009: Bataan 102 “Test Run”

This is the first pre-requisite for each participant for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race to undertake and complete and as such, this will be a “test run” for everybody. A “test run” in the sense that it will determine if each of the participant has the endurance, will-power, and attitude to finish a 52-kilometer distance run under the heat of the sun. For those who had been training for this ultramarathon event since last year, you will be running along the last half of the distance of the ultramarathon event on the very exact place or route of the race.

The assembly time will be at 6:30AM on 22 February 2009. The meeting place or assembly area will be at the Bataan Death March Kilometer Post # 50 located along the old National Highway in Abucay, Bataan. To be specific, the assembly area will be at the vicinity of the GAZ Xpress Gasoline Station and the Abucay Mega Market in Abucay, Bataan. If you will be coming from Balanga, Bataan, just take the old National Highway from the City Plaza and proceed towards eastern direction for about 6 kilometers and the Km 50 Post would be visible on the right side of the road. The “test run” will start at exactly 7:00AM. Why? This is estimated time that most of the runners/participants must have finished the first 50 kilometers of the race, from Mariveles to Balanga or Abucay, Bataan.

The finish line of the “test run” will be at the Old Railway Station in San Fernando, Pampanga  which is the same finish line during race day. The Bataan Death March Kilometer Post # 102 is located near the old building of the railway station and near the National Historic Institute’s Marker which is a red-painted big rock.

For those runners who have the capability to have their personal support vehicle/crew and pacers, they could bring such support with them during the “test run”. However, they are discouraged from riding to their vehicles and “leapfrog” from one place to another up to the finish line. We will adopt a “honor system” during this run. Better yet, as agreed, this will be a “group run” where the faster runners would wait for the slower runners up to the finish line. The purpose of this run is to acquaint yourself with the terrain, weather, and the actual route of the race. 

There will be road marshals on specific road turns most especially when the runners reach the towns of Lubao, Guagua, Bacolor and the City of San Fernando. Extra safety precaution will be observed by each runner while running along the route as there is a limited space along the sidewalk. Runners are encouraged to run on the left side of the road, facing the incoming traffic.

With the benevolence of some of the runner-participants, free water and sports drinks will be available along the route. If plans permit, boiled sweet (camote) potatoes and boiled bananas will be available also to all the participants along the route. However, for contingency purposes, participants are encouraged to bring with them cash as there are available convenience stores along the way.

Ladies & Gentlemen, treat this “test run” as one of our Sunday’s “runabouts”. Good luck & see you at the Assembly Area this Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Feb 22, 2009: Bataan 102 “Test Run”

  1. Hi BR and all.

    Can anyone suggest (please) the location of Bus Terminals that can get me to the Abucay? Also, how long will be the travel time to get there before 6:30am?



    • albert, there are bus terminals of bus lines in pasay city that will bring you to balanga, bataan. ask the bus lines if they will pass along the old route by entering at hermosa, bataan. this bus would bring you to abucay. at least, two hours would be the travel time by bus from manila to abucay or balanga, bataan. however, if the bus would go directly to balanga (without passing hermosa), take a jeep or tricycle from the city of balanga to abucay. see you on sunday morning.


  2. What bus lines go to Abucay? I’m also interested in carpooling early Sun morning if there is space. I’d share gas expense. I went to Subic today and passed by Abucay along the way. From SCTEX (not sure of the highway name), exit (right) at Dinalupihan, turn left on the street opposite Letran Univ. road (this is a narrow road with lots of kids), left at Petron Gas sta., then pass Abucay Church with the Bataan Death March Monument, Gaz Xpress and Mega Market is not too far from the church. I’ll be out of town and coming back early Sunday morning. I’ll be checking my emails daily. My email add is http://www.bgaetos@yahoo.com I’m currently staying at Northview2 near Batasan Pambansa (Batasan/San Mateo Rd).



  3. Hello to all joining this test run.

    Below is the address of GENESIS Transport Service Inc.

    101 Giselle Park Plaza, EDSA corner H. Taft Ave. Rotunda, Pasay City, Metro Manila

    They have buses that can bring us to Balanga or Abucay

    Pasay Terminal first trip is 1am and 1 hr interval for next trips.

    Minimum fare is Php 75.00 + Php 1.45/km

    For those who will commute or have no company, I will be at the Pasay Terminal 3am. With the hope to arrive at meeting point of test run before 6:30am.

    See you and be safe.

    Albert (run2dmoon) – 0918.979.2954


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