A Comment From RunDmoon

RunDmoon is one of the regular readers and “commentor” in this blog and I met him during the Adidas KOTR Run somewhere at Km-11 post during the race. He greeted me and we exchanged a brief conversation. While running, he told me that “I look so tall in my pictures but I look more handsome in person”. I just laughed and said “Thanks”. I tried keep in pace with him and two other runners but they were on a blistering pace and I just simply maintained my pace. However, he made a parting words of joining the Bataan Death March 102K next year.

He made the following comment on my post where I PRed last Sunday’s Milo National Finals Marathon: 

Hi BR. Can i request a post? I always notice from your posted pics that you are wearing a rolled scarf on you neck. Is that your anting-anting (amulet)? Also, you are wearing cycling shorts in most of your runs. Are there benefits of wearing a tight shorts? Are you trying to make a running fashion statement?

BTW, i’ve reached 999km today. I started Sep 29, 2008. Thanks for the inspiring people to run.

I will answer the first question about the rolled scarf or “bandana” on my neck. When I witnessed the start among the elite runners of the 2008 Badwater Ultramarathon Race last July, I observed that most of the ultramarathoners were wearing such scarfs on their neck. These scarfs are special scarf where a runner would roll into them pieces of “dry ice” that would keep him/her cool during the run/race with 110-125 degrees Farenheit heat along the desert. This was the “secret” of the early ultramarathoners in the early edition of the said ultramarathon race. Some of the ultra runners would simply tie the bandana on their necks to protect their nape from the heat of the sun. Others would simply tie around their head or forehead to catch the sweat dripping from their head. As for me, the rolled bandana/scarf is used as a “catcher” and “absorber” of my sweat from head, making the whole scarf as my “neck cooler” during road races. However, in my past posts, I suggested that those runners intending to run the Bataan Death March 102K would also use such bandana in their runs (training or races) to show support for the said ultramarathon event.

On your question about my running shorts. I am having a “chafing” problem when I use the regular running shorts (with side slits & at least 2 inches inseam) and lately, I only use this kind of running shorts during my training workouts. However, when I use this kind of shorts, I saw to it to apply petroleum jelly or Body Glide on my groin area or inner side of my upper legs. When I run on trails, I use the trail shorts (with pockets and longer inseams with at least 5 inches long). However, I usually use a BIKE compression shorts as my underwear. While I was in the US running those trails in Bulldog and Mt Wilson, I observed that there was a pain (not severe) on my left hamstrings and I tried to look for the famous CW-X compression shorts which has some positive testimonials from runners and triathletes with problems on their hamstrings. Not been able to buy one which is fitted to my size and for my needs while I was in the US, I tried to look for my old BIKE compression shorts which I bought in the early 90s and I was able to locate them and presently using them with my trail shorts. Since my arrival from the US last September, I prefer to use the biking/compression shorts rather than the regular running shorts because of the “chafing” problem; I feel like an “elite” athlete when I am wearing such during races where I can lift my knees higher and thinks that I am “aerodynamically” efficient when wearing it; the compression shorts absorbs more of my sweat rather than my sweat going down to my socks and shoes; it can keep a bottled water or Propel tucked in on my back; the tight feeling the shorts gives to my butt and upper leg muscles gives me the confidence of not having any problems of pain or cramps; and lastly, I wear a compression shorts if I feel I could break a PR for the said race. 

Fashion statement? Following one of Machiavelli’s Laws of Power, “Court Attention At All Cost”, I am a believer/follower of this law. Dress up properly and approriately to gain respect and attention…and let your appearance do the talking.

Congratulations for being one of the finishers of the “1,000-Km Club”. You will be the 7th runner to be awarded the Finisher’s T-shirt from the Bald Runner. That was an incredible feat on your part to finish the distance in two months! I am sure you are truly preparing for the Bataan 102K Ultramarathon! Just leave a comment where I could possibly award your prize with the proper photo-ops. 

The Bald Runner is always here to be of service to the running community and to everybody. Keep on running and run faster!


4 thoughts on “A Comment From RunDmoon

  1. foreignrunner

    The first time I read about your 1000km club almost 5 months ago I decided to see how long it will take me. Well if all goes to plan I will reach this goal just before next weeks training at Ultra. This is if I do my 2hr long run on Sunday. Thanks for being inspiring to other runners. See you next week


  2. rayabe

    Hello BR!

    My brother recently gave me a (headband-like) product called Hydroband (Marketforce, Inc. – Indianapolis, IN). The label says “100% cotton (elastic 56% polyester 44% rubber)” and has “Crystal polymers-completely non-toxic”. It also claims: “Remains cool all day, Absorbs sweat, Ideal for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts”. The directions say that the band should be soaked in cool water for 35-40mins before use. I’m using it on the Runnex event tomorrow and give you a comment after. See you again soon!


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