“I am running the 32nd MILO Marathon”

Two months ago, the “Hardcore Group” came up with the idea to run the 32nd National MILO Marathon Finals as “bandits” as a way of redeeming themselves for not being able to attain their respective goals during the Metro Manila MILO Elimination Race last August 2008. Some of them did qualify but most of them joined the marathon race to gain experience being their first marathon.

After some exchanges of comments among bloggers, I suggested if there is a way that Mr Rudy Biscocho could accommodate us, the “hardcore group, as “qualifiers” through the efforts of my staff/coaches, we could join the MILO Marathon. After continouos requests to the race organizers, they finally decided to disapprove our request but gave me the privilege to run as a “qualifier”. However, the group had earlier registered themselves to run the 10K race but actually they will be running the 42K race. These runners will be running as “bandits” and this shows how “hardcore and crazy” these people are. I know these “bandits” will be making me as their “target to beat” during the race. Guys, I am sure you will beat me because you are 10-20+ years younger than me!!! However, if I beat you, you have to donate your running shoes for my project! Ha!ha!ha!


This marathon will be my third (3rd) one for this year and my 13th marathon in my running career. I will consider this race as my “specific-endurance test” to find out if my shift to running on the oval track and introduction to speed training have positive results on my marathon performance.

Race strategy? I am going to run an even-pace race of 5:30-6:00 mins/km but if I still have the strength on the last 10K, I might end up having a negative split for the race. The overall goal is to improve my finish time from my San Francisco Marathon and going for a sub-4 hours would be a miracle!!!

After this race, my training will be geared towards my training with the “Hardcore Group” and other marathon finishers for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race on April 5, 2009.


To those who will be running the marathon race tomorrow, Good luck and enjoy the race!!! After the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, I will be doing this…


Yes, President of the “Hardcore Group”!!! Ha!ha!ha! Since I copied this act from Jonel aka Bugobugo85, I will designate him as my “Campaign Manager”. Cast your votes and vote wisely!


10 thoughts on ““I am running the 32nd MILO Marathon”

  1. rayabe

    Hi BR!

    Goodluck! May your feet be light and the winds carry you safely to your destination!

    How about running for a seat in the Lower House as a Party List Representative?


  2. kinderdorf

    Lakay, Good Luck! Too bad the other members of the Hardcore Group got bumped off. I am sure that they are not the only ones who will run the 42k as bandits (assuming that they will run as bandits). Anyway, have fun guys and God be with you.


  3. rununlimited

    Hey Sir Jovie, I’m glad you will run the milo42 together with the hardcores. Good luck Sir Chief, and see you at the finish line. Run well, run safe.


  4. foreignrunner

    Our group is getting bigger and bigger. Is there another word for us, let me explain. Bandits are classified as runners who dont pay for a race and join them and use the aid given by the race organisers eg. water etc. Well, we paid for the 10km so in a way we paid more than enough to use the water sations. We dont mind not having official results so I am sure there should be different names for us. I also dont want to talk down the bandits for tomorrow as I believe coming from another country the milo races were not explained propperly as I did not know we have to qualify for the final by competing within a time period and therefore I ran the 10km in the previous milo race in Manila earlier this year. TO ALL YOUR BANDITS, ENJOY THE MARATHON AND YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN OUR GROUP TOMORROW.


  5. kingofpots

    rayabe, thanks! that will be an impossible dream!

    wayne, thanks. please pray for the runners of team bald runner.

    lakay ipe, lots of runners are impatient and would like to experience running a marathon without the necessary training and preparation. anyway, the hardcore group will run as part of the training for the bataan 102K

    vener, see you at the finish line and i’ll be at the project donate a shoe booth.

    philip, instead of bandits, we can ourselves as “fun runners”.

    foobar, please see me at the project donate a shoe booth after your run. i am sure i will be there waiting for your arrival. good luck!


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