DelQ’s Balikbayan Box

DelQ was one of my first readers of this blog living in the United States as he happens to be my “kababayan” from the Ilocos Region. He is a native of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, the birthplace of former President Ferdinand Marcos, and migrated in the United States and he is now a US citizen living in Walnut, California. He had his vacation/visit to the Philippines last June and he joined the Araw ng Maynila Half-Marathon and we had a chance to have a brief conversation and photo-ops after the race. On the night of that Sunday, he was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles. I really appreciate his endurance as he was able to insert in his short vacation to run a Half-Marathon. Upon his arrival back to California, we had some exchange of e-mails and he was kind enough to invite me during his running club’s weekend trail runs while I was having my vacation California. But due to my schedule during weekends with my family, my scheduled practice run with him and his group did not push through. Nevertheless, he promised me to help me in my Project Donate A Shoe.

Yesterday noon, Captain Ferdie Espejo informed me that a Balikbayan Box was delivered to our office and the sender is DelQ . I personally supervised the opening of the box and on top of the contents is a letter from him. The following is his letter to me:

October 2008

Hi, BR! Congratulations in your running adventures. I’m still a regular visitor of your blogs and although I don’t leave comments, I really admire your views especially what we all love to do—run!

My apology for not sending the shoes for your project sooner. My running club, Southern California Roadrunners of Walnut, was supportive and donated quite a few of their good “used” shoes. I tried to fit as much as I could in the box. I was able to wash some of them. I also included some new and “not-so-used” shirts.

Good luck in your forthcoming races especially the “big one”. Great job Manong Jovie!

Del Quevedo (DelQ)


Sorry that we were not able to run together in L.A. Well, there’s always next time…God bless.


Balikbayan Box from DelQ delivered at Bald Runner’s Events Office


Capt Ferdie Espejo opening the box.


The letter of DelQ was placed on top of the contents of the box which were neatly packed


Tbe Balikbayan Box contained 28 pairs of running shoes—14 pairs of ASICS; 9 pairs of NIKE; 2 pairs of ADIDAS; 1 pair of BROOKS; 1 pair of MIZUNO; and 1 pair of New Balance. It also contained 14 pieces of Finisher’s T-shirts and almost brand-new sports shirts.

These “used” shoes will be displayed at the Project Donate A Shoe booth at the Starting/Finish Area of this Sunday’s MILO National Finals Marathon and the Finisher’s T-shirts will be donated to the families of a Gawad Kalinga community.

Thank you very much, DelQ. Please extend my sincerest thanks to the members of the Southern California Roadrunners Club of Walnut, California. I hope we will be able to run together during my next visit in Los Angeles next year.

Happy Thanksgiving Day and advance Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


12 thoughts on “DelQ’s Balikbayan Box

  1. kingofpots

    KR, thanks. this is just a start of so many “pledges” i got from my friends from the USA and i really appreciate their passion and commitment to help others. i just hope my “booth” will not be “bumped-off” again! hahaha! anyway, we’ll just be around.


  2. sfrunner

    Sir Jovie….asteeg! I agree that your booth ought to be around and can’t understand why it shouldn’t.

    Update…received a pair of New Balance 1061s today from a customer. They’re spanking new but the shoe may be shelf-wise a year old. Though I haven’t reached DelQ’s magic yet, I now have two. I’ll check the shipping rate and either get it to you soon or when I see you in LA in May (yes, I registered this week!). Take care and good luck to you and Team Baldrunner this weekend!


  3. quicksilverrunner

    Hi BR,

    This is a very inspiring post. Thanks to DelQ for spurring me to make plans to support your great goals. I think in my own way I can be helpful too.

    Kudos to SFrunner as well! Good job to everyone who has pledged and also made good on their promises to help out.



  4. kingofpots

    wayne, delq’s initiative was a heaven’s sent to our runners here and in time for the x’mas season. thanks also for those shoes you have collected so far. team bald runner’s top runners will be running this weekend’s milo national finals marathon. this will be a big day for runners as the cash prize means a lot to them.

    qs, thanks! i’ve seen your latest post in your blog and you made the right decision where the less-fortunate will be happy to receive your donations.

    smith, it will be timely to display these shoes at the milo national finals marathon as more less-fortunate runners will be there. see you this sunday.

    amado, thanks! delq really made his promise fulfilled and by reading this post, he knows that our less-fortunate runners will benefit these shoes. thanks also for being a donor to this project, too! god bless!


  5. kingofpots

    jerry, thanks. you are right! it will be chaos at the booth if my staff will not be able to control the runners who are in need of better and still reliable “used” shoes. see you this sunday.


  6. kingofpots

    philip, yes, there is a session tonight. you have to attend tonight’s session so that capt espejo could give you your “personalized” target times & workouts. see you at the ULTRA.


  7. itsmysocalledlife

    wow! sir jovie, that’s so encouraging. those 28 pairs of shoes will truly be a blessing for those runner who really needs it.

    your Project Donate a Shoe must be commended. keep up the good work sir. saludo ako sa iyo sir. 🙂


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