Cash Prizes For Marathon Races

I really don’t post results of International Marathons in this blog except for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ Marathon Results which serve as my personal references. As I read the latest news about the results of the 2008 ING New York City Marathon this morning in the race’s website, I found out that the “old & usual” winners won in the said race who did not even perform well in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and other past Olympic Games, as well.

So, I made some research in the Internet on the Prize Money of the so-called, “World Marathon Majors” which include Boston, Flora London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City Marathons. And these are now their prevailing cash prizes for each of the Men & Women Overall Category Champions:

Boston Marathon—$150,000

London Marathon—$55,000

Berlin Marathon—50,000 Euros ($79,000)

Chicago Marathon—$125,000

New York Marathon—$130,000 + Toyota Prius (worth $23,000+)

Some of these Marathon Races also offer an additional cash prize for Time Bonuses (breaking the course record) in the amount of $75,000.

In the Berlin Marathon, an additional cash prize of 80,000 Euros ($126,000) was given to Haile Gebrselassie for breaking the Marathon’s World Record.

The highest purse money for the winners in a marathon race is presently offered by the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon with a cash prize of $250,000 each for the men’s & women’s overall category.

To top it all, the top elite runners (men & women) who will win all the 5 marathon races or will get the highest points in the “World Marathon Majors” in a year will also get $500,000 each as cash prize.

So, tell me what motivates the elite athlete to join such prestigious marathon races—is it for the glory of his/her country or is it for the money?

9 thoughts on “Cash Prizes For Marathon Races

  1. markfb

    I think this was covered live over at Eurosport ch. 81 on Destiny Cable. Saw the last 40 minutes, great finish for the men’s race. Paula did great, blasted the competition early on.

    Hard to say BR. The olympics gives each athlete (and country) extra stress and pressure that you only get in the best sporting event of man. You could either shine or lose it all. The cash and prices in the non olympic events surely are factors to be considered. These athletes train and are professionally doing it. Its only right to be compensated when victory comes.


  2. olvis06

    hi BR

    I agree with the comment above.
    I think marathon winners deserves to be compensated as F1 drivers are, just imagine a car and a driver all in one with bursting engine running for two hrs (F1 i think dont last this long). And the engine is not replaced every other race.

    happy running…


  3. kingofpots

    mark & olvis, is it possible that these elite athletes perform better because these “world marathon majors” do not impose anti-doping checks to them? i know that most of the countries offer cash rewards to olympic gold/silver/bronze medalists plus possible income for product endorsements but somehow these elite athletes perform not so good during the olympics. just a thought to ponder…


  4. markfb

    That’s very possible BR. Did you see the come from behind victory of in the men’s race? When Paula finished the race, she didnt even look exhausted compared to 2 and 3 who are also strong runners. I was really surprised to see this. Its as if 42km was just nothing. Its very interesting to know what did Paula did to prepare for this race.


  5. markfb


    Erase your email add already, susceptible yan for spam. I got it, will send you the files. I would have ran today, dapat 20km easy but my meeting extended a little past 6pm. Hay, bawi na lang tomorrow. I’m leaving my mobile number, just message me what else you need.



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