154 Days: Sunday’s Run (“Runabout” #3)

I did my 3rd “runabout” in Metro Manila yesterday morning and I was able to cover a distance of exactly 32 kilometers (20 miles) with a time of 3:40:27 hours and an average pace of 7:00 mins/km. I had my “pit stop” at the Canteen at Hole # 1 Tee Mound of the Philippine Army Golf Course along Bayani Road. I spent P90.00 for two bottles of Gatorade; two boiled bananas; and one hard-boiled egg. Bought and drank two bottles of Propel at the Mini-Stop Store near Paul Calvin’s Deli Resto for P40.00 while running around The Fort area.

I saw a lot of runners along the way—Fort Striders were at the BHS area; Roselle from Happy Feet at Lawton Avenue approaching Essensa; and a couple of runners at Bayani Road near the Philippine Army Gym. I know these runners are preparing for next Sunday’s VSO Run and for the New Balance Road Races on the middle of this month. As for me, I had my easy long run in preparation for the Milo Marathon Finals on the 30th of this month.

It was cloudy in the early morning when I started at 6:15 AM but the sun started to appear at 10:00 AM but I was almost done with my target distance for the day. I was carrying my TNF Hydration Backpack with water and I saw to it that I had to hydrate myself every 4-5 kilometers and I almost consumed my water before finishing my run. My “pit stops” at Bayani Road and Mini-Stop Store saved most of my water.

It was a good sign that I did not feel any soreness or “muscle cramps” with my leg muscles during the run. I am confident that I will be able to improve my finish time for the Milo Marathon Finals as part of my preparation for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race on 05 April 2009.

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