Back At The Libingan

9:12 AM 26 May 2008 @ The Libingan ng mga Bayani

It was a day after the 2008 Doc Fit “Takbo Para Sa Puso” at the UP Campus and I was supposed to have a rest day but with my slower run during this race, I decided to have a short run at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The sky was cloudy that morning that I finally decided to run after taking my breakfast. I left my quarters inside Fort Bonifacio at 9:00 AM and slowly jogged towards the Libingan Road. Once I crossed the road, I started to run at my 75% effort along the measured 2-mile distance loop towards the Gate of the Libingan ng mga Bayani and was able to register the following data from my GF 305:

Distance—3.20 kms               Time—17:43 mims

Average Pace—5:32 mins/km         Average Speed—10.8 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—13.2 kms/hr      Total Calories—233 cal

Average HR—146 bpm                    Maximum HR—159 bpm

Total Ascent—106 meters              Total Descent—97 meters

Split Times:

Km 1—5:53 mins    Km 2—5:18 mins     Km 3—5:25 mins   203 meters—1:05 mins

After 5 seconds of slow jog, I started another  round of the 2-mile distance loop with a faster pace which is about 95% of my effort. The following data registered in my GF 305:

Distance—3.21 kms                Time—15:39 mins

Average Pace—4:52 mins/km         Average Speed—12.3 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.3 kms/hr      Total Calories—236 cal

Average HR—206 bpm                    Maximum HR—239 bpm

Total Ascent—127 meters              Total Descent—125 meters

Split Times:

Km 1—4:46 mins   Km 2—4:42 mins   Km 3—5:11 mins   211 meters—1:00 min

From the starting point, I slowly jogged for another 800 meters until I reached my quarters. It was a nice calculated tempo run for the day and after finishing a 10K run a day before.

I could had made another round at a faster pace but the sun’s light was already breaking the clouds and I felt the heat of the sun to my body.

Surprisingly, my heart rate overshoot my usual 168-172 beat per minute range to an Average HR of 206 bpm to a Maximum HR of 239  bpm for the second run. However, I did not feel any difficulty in breathing or heaviness on my chest after the said run. I can still make another run but I decided not to force myself and I was satisfied already with the results of my run. This latest data that I got from my GF Heart Rate Monitor indicate that I am not utilizing my “turbo power” to its fullest! My body is now adjusting to the stress & physical activities brought about by my aerobic & anaerobic exercises for the past weeks.

Next time, I will try to have my tempo runs at the Headquarters Philippine Army Grandstand and Parade Grounds which was improved lately with lights and two drinking fountains with filtered water along the 980-meter jogging lane. The place is relatively flat. The jogging lane is open to anybody at 5:00 AM till 10:00 PM and has a secured Parking Area fronting the Officer’s Clubhouse or on the right side of the Grandstand.


5 thoughts on “Back At The Libingan

  1. markfb


    Im jealous that you ran. I’ve just been paddling and going to the gym since sunday. I still have to get a 40km weekly total and its friday already! 😮 With regards to that high heart rate, were you wearing a dry fit or nylon top at that time?

    Garmin HR monitors are known to cause spikes in its readings when the user wears tops (polyester) that rub against it. To get the best readings, some swear by applying the gel used in ultrasound procedures. I’ve read these high hr readings in the past. Have you updated the firmware and software of your garmin?

    For more info, go here


  2. kingofpots

    mark, i think i got the spikes from the dangling crucifix with my necklace which touches the front portion of the straps. i was using a cotton singlet that time and i think those planes passing at the Libingan would not affect the HR monitor strap. thanks for the info.


  3. runmd

    Hi BR. Can one jog inside Libingan ng mga Bayani during early mornings? Have you measured the distance of the loop inside it? It was my first time to go there during the Mizuno Run.


  4. kingofpots

    runmd, you can run inside the Libingan but you must park your car outside the gate or along the sides of the street before the gate. start from the office of AFPOVAI-to the gate-turn right at the first road going right-then follow the outer road-exit from the gate-finish at the AFPOVAI-you have an approx distance of 3.10 kms. expect slight uphill at Km 2. good luck.


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